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Party For Two-Revised Version By Dayvid Flint

Party For Two Copyright by Dayvid Flint

It was dark when he pulled into the drive for the mansion. It was well lit and there were signs all over that the masquerade party he has been invited to was being attended by many. Parked at the door,he checked the rear view mirror to make sure his mask was in place and straight,then he got out and left the car in the valet’s hands. He walked in and saw signs of fun everywhere. Everyone wore a mask. He looked around to see if anyone caught his eye.A well rounded ass moving sexily as a woman walked by. A nice full pair of tits on someone else. Perhaps the party was not yet going strong enough to suit him for he saw nothing that caught his eye presently.There were costumes of all types being worn,kings,queens,jokers,pirates. He had chosen a pirate in case he found a wench who needed to be sent off the plank. When he didn’t find anyone who caught his eye,he searched for the bar. Once found,he sat on a stool and ordered his favorite drink. Drink in hand,he continued scanning the area for anything that struck his fancy.

She arrived at the party seeing the activity of people enjoying themselves. She had been approached by a friend of the host asking if she was interested in the kink that would be present. She thought,’This could be fun. I wouldn’t know anyone. Sex with a stranger was always potentially thrilling. Would they be gentle? Would they enjoy what she enjoys? Or would it be a complete learning experience? She had learned some time ago that she was not plain,average,ordinary. Once when a lover had scraped his teeth on her nipple,she had found herself enjoying the friction.The slight pain was enjoyable. She wondered what else she might enjoy. When a one night stand had slapped her ass HARD once,she felt a little jolt of electricity as her body again enjoyed the pain. And then there was that ONE time. She had been picked up in a bar by someone experienced in doling out erotic pain. Her pussy had felt ALIVE when she was fucked and spanked. She had gotten interested in finding out how much pain was enjoyable,how much was simply pain. Turned out,she enjoyed a LOT of pain. It intensified the pleasure she enjoyed while fucking. She began frequenting the BDSM bars to enjoy the eroticism of pain. And that led to other things. Like enjoying being dominated. It was like a primal need for her. And it was like an aphrodisiac. So here she was,while party guests were dressed in costume,she among others were wearing clothing exposing her tits,the sign that she was available for adult fun to anyone who was interested.

Nursing his drink,he finally saw the someone he sought down about 20 feet on the bar looking at him. She was gorgeous with lush red lips and her costume only had a bottom leaving her beautiful full tits exposed for all to enjoy the looking. In addition to the topless dress,she finished off the outfit with a pair of ‘FUCK ME’ pumps. Black stilettos with four inch heels. Each time she moved,her tits jiggled. She winked at him and he decided to move closer. As he approached,the stool next to her was cleared and he filled it himself. He had been around before. He had been with a strong woman before who slapped him during her foreplay. It had caught him by surprise but had aroused him. He had ventured out to check out the world of people who enjoyed a spicier sex life. People who weren’t interested in simply laying there and letting someone fuck them,or to just fuck someone laying there. The act of dominating one had been intoxicating. The taking control,the power of looking into the eyes of one who was asking him to take them to a higher plane one that brought on higher pleasures,deeper orgasms. It wasn’t just intoxicating,it was addictive. The first time he took a woman by her hair and jerked her head back,he saw the look of apprehension in her eyes but also the trust that he wouldn’t cross a line. He became good at bringing on the pain,the spice,the more intense pleasures that spiked the mind and the body’s need for more,MUCH more. ??

She looked at hm directly in the eye as he took the seat next to her. She looked in his eyes and saw what she longed to see. He wouldn’t be gentle. He looked at her with a primal gaze. .Where they were sitting ,the bar had few lights and part of her face was shrouded in a shadow. Her eyes were clearly highlighted in the light that was available. “How are you doing?” he said .

“Good.” came her response.She watched him”You?” His response was similar to hers. She enjoyed his watching of her. He had trouble keeping his eyes off her tits and she was undressing him with her eyes. He knew that as she was topless,she was part of the entertainment that the people who threw these kinds of parties hired to keep the partygoers happy. And as he watched her,still each move she made caused her tits to sway invitingly. She smiled at him ,wetting her lips as she watched him. Looking for any sign that he knew how to take control and take her to euphoria.He decided he’d spent enough time at the bar. He felt like he couldn’t wait any longer. He needed to experience the softness of her skin. The warmth of her flesh. The smell of her perfume. The sound she would make as his tongue flitted across her clit. He needed to hear her moans change as she enjoyed the change from gentle lovemaking to the intensity of hard fucking. The deeper,harder orgasms that would come from taking charge. It was time to enjoy her. His way.

“Would you like to go somewhere? Somewhere more private?” He asked her.

“That depends. I mean,I don;t know you. I don’t know what you’re like. What YOU like” She said with a sly smile .”Why should I be interested in going someplace more private?HMMM?…Do you know how to give me what I like?” He considered the question. Did he know how to give her what she likes.

“What do you like?” He asked. She looked him in the eyes without blinking.”I like to be spanked. I’ve enjoyed a crop before. I’ve cum hard from a whipping Do you promise to hurt me?” The words echoed in his ears. Did he promise to hurt her? This one enjoys being hurt? She wants to feel the intensity of erotic pain?

His way. He thought about the meaning of his way. He enjoyed the sound of leather striking skin. The sound of a crop slapping skin makes his cock twitch. Her words resonated in his ears. Do you promise to hurt me? Yes,he knew how to hurt her,and he could deliver on a promise to hurt her. He heard it over and over again. He heard it to a full orchestra! Finally came his response.

“With extreme prejudice” he said. She smiled. She enjoyed pain,it made her pussy wet and her orgasms harder. She would soak bed linens with her orgasm from being hurt. And he promised to hurt her with aggressive execution. If she had any luck,he’d know how to make her feel absolutely delicious. She smiled at him”Let’s go,remember,you promised.”??

He took her with his arm around her waist and spying a flight of stairs started for a higher level. She smiled at him and he led the way to the second floor and hoping for an empty play room they could use for him to hurt her.As they took each step,she felt herself getting warmer,wetter.With each step,HE felt his blood starting to flow,starting to move things. He stopped at each door and opened gently to see if it was occupied, this would be last part of the night that would be gentle. With the fourth door he tried,he found success. They entered and headed for the narrow bed at the other side of the room,his trousers getting tighter with each step. . In this type of party,you didn’t lock the door. you simply depended on others to adhere to proper etiquette. Check quietly to see if in use,if it was,keep moving. He led her to the other side of the bed and left her there while he checked the drawers of the nearby dresser. He didn’t have to go far to find what he was looking for. Rope,gags,a belt(he carried his own)a riding crop. All the tools for pleasure. The type of pleasure that came from intense pain. The kind that she liked. She smiled as he brought the items to the bed. She looked at him with a demure face. Demure on the outside,inside she was beginning to get excited at the sight of the ropes. The bed was narrow with large knobs on top of the corner posts. He set the items on the bed next to her and took her in his arms.He pulled her head back by grabbing her hair and yanking rudely. His lips met hers.Her tongue met his. She was beginning to melt with anticipation. As he kissed her passionately,he fondled both her tits roughly.The fondling hurt her and made her lust with anticipation of the intensity of the pain she would receive. With each move,each touch he made,her pussy got wetter,hotter,her fever started to rise. He broke the kiss and holding her mouth open ,he spit into her mouth.

“Swallow that!” He commanded. She did as told and smiled at him sweetly. He removed her skirt leaving her naked except her shoes. 4 inch stilettos to definitely make her ass stand out.

He pushed her down on the bed hard enough to make her head bounce off the linens and taking one arm,he took one of the looped ropes and put her wrist through it then walking around the end of the bed slipped the other end around the corner post and pulled it tight. He then walked around to the other side of the bed and taking her other arm,put one end of the rope around her wrist pulled her tight and slipped the other end around the corner post and made it tight. She now had her arms stretched out. She began to breathe faster,her tits rising with her breathing in anticipation of his next move. He came back around to her side of the bed and kneeling down with another rope,he lifted her leg,pulled the looped end around and then pulled her tight to the closest corner post. The bed had been modified to allow for hooks and rings to allow for bondage activities. He pulled her leg tight to the post with no regard to her personal comfort level. What they were about to enjoy had nothing to do with comfort, cushioned pillows,blankets ,anything else soft or delicate.This wasn’t about making love,this was about hardcore fucking,and the resulting hardcore orgasm. Then with her other leg finally secured to the last corner post,he pulled the ropes attached to each one leaving her spread eagled leaning over on the bed,her legs tight to the point her heels were off the floor,only her toes supporting her lower body. She started feeling the burn immediately in her calves.Not so hard at first,just mild discomfort,but it would get better. It would be part of the hurt she asked for. Her toes started to ache. Her breathing became labored. This is what she was hoping for when she got there. And the eroticism of the pain would only rise from this point.

She turned her head to see him removing his clothes. When he was naked and sporting an erect cock pointing straight up,she watched him remove the thick black belt that supposedly had been holding his trousers up. Since he wasn’t wearing the trousers anymore,the belt would serve another purpose now. One she was looking forward to. He walked to the other side of the bed with his cock in front of her face and doubling the belt,cracked it several times. She pretended to be scared. She thought “Hopefully now this party was going to start”. And with that thought,he brought the belt down on her back.THWACK! She yelped in pretend agony and jumped as much as she could with her being securely tied down on the bed..He brought the belt down again.THWACK! With each strike of the belt,her discomfort in her legs,her toes started to intensify The belt found its mark three more times,THWACK! THWACK!THWACK!,.each time,she cried out.The discomfort in her calves from being forced on her toes intensified her nerves screaming from the belt strikes. He stood with his cock close to her mouth and commanded .

“Suck my cock!” She reached out with her tongue and licked briefly along the bottom of his head.

He ROARED “Is that what you call sucking my cock? Who told you to suck cock like that?” THWACK! The belt came down. her nerves starting protesting mightily! THWACK! THWACK! Twice more the belt came down.Twice more she felt her back turning to fire with its contact. The belt kept finding its mark on her back and ass. Each time the belt was swinging she would reach out with her mouth open trying to catch the head of his cock and when the belt stuck her,she jerked and missed the target.

“I CAN’T BELIEVE HOW BADLY YOU SUCK AT THIS!” He bellowed. He swung the belt down with no mercy! THWACK! She again missed getting his cock in her mouth. THWACK! His cock jerked with his annoyance that it had been missed THWACK! came the belt.Each time.leaving a red strap mark on her back,her ass. THWACK! With each strike of the thick leather belt,her back and ass started to turn crimson. Her nerves were now screaming in the intense pain she craved. On one hand she wanted to taste his flesh.On the other hand,she prayed she would miss and her back,her ass would feel the exquisite pain. He seemed to be enraged that she couldn’t manage to get his cock in her mouth. THWACK! Her pain was now spreading like fire all across her back side. Her back had turned cherry red. YES, the party was now in full swing.Let the FUN begin. Her legs ached starting with agony in her toes and leading the way up her legs cascading in waves,starting anew with each strike of the belt and each wave bringing more pain than the one before as it journeyed up through her calves and heading up her legs culminating at her pussy making it tingle and causing sexual juices to run down her throbbing legs. He ceased the whipping only momentarily,standing once again in front of her tear soaked face looking at him through now unkempt strands of hair laying over her face like some feral wild woman.

“Now,…..we’ll try this again! Suck my cock!” He commanded. And just as she tried to stretch her neck to move her chin forward ever so slightly.THWACK! came the strike of the belt,the lick she intended to place on his cock shaft missed and went into the air. Fuming he raised his arm again.

“THAT” Down came the belt. “IS NOT” The belt found a red strap and raised the flesh “HOW ” The words were combined with strikes of the wide leather belt delivering on the promise to hurt her . “YOU” THWACK! “DO IT!” THWACK! The belt didn’t hit the same place twice so her back was covered in cherry red strips n her flesh. Each strike of the belt brought on a new cry of agony. She wept huge sobs of ecstasy each time the belt struck her,and her body jerked to the limit he had placed on her. She was soaking the sheets of the bed with sweat from her upper body,her lower body also making sweat dribbling down her legs and running into her heels. When she spied him at the bar.she had secretly hoped he had this skill set for this pleasure. HER kind of pleasure! Not only the rough fucking she SO enjoyed,but also the thrill of being dominated,the delight in being used for his enjoyment. This brought HER enjoyment! She looked at his cock through her tears as the intensity of the erotic pain had brought her nerves to an inferno. She was starting to lose herself in her ecstasy. GOD,she’d hoped someone like him would be at the party to delight in this fashion and he was JUST what the doctor had ordered. She felt all her muscles tensing up as the euphoria was beginning to transport to a higher level of enjoyment. Her mind was turning dizzy with the nerves screaming at the same time her pussy was getting drenched on its way to imminent release. She was one of the few who could enjoy the hard orgasm that came with the hard pain. He brought the belt down unceasingly. He brought it down mercilessly. He enjoyed the infliction of pain as much as she enjoyed receiving it. His cock waved in front of her face and through her sweaty hair,she just could see precum gathered at his tip. The belt came down as she managed to get his head in her mouth and sucked hard to remove the precum. The erotic pain along with the unbearable position he had placed her in was making her dizzily euphoric. She was no longer able to speak,her breath coming in gasping sobs as the tears ran down her face.Even wit the tears,her vision was blurring, But it was an false indicator of the true state she was in. Outwardly she appeared to be in agony,inwardly she is in ecstasy ,transported to a higher level of euphoria brought on by the release of the billions of endorphins causing her mind to drift to another plane..A higher plane as her body wracked while her orgasm traveled through her limbs,her muscles.

She has both a release of all her muscles as she came hard with a scream. Her legs were soaked with both sweat and the female cum streaming down both legs.

With her body in ecstacy and her mind dancing on a higher euphoric plane,she was barely aware of his moving around face her back side. The belt had been discarded.The riding crop was next to her. He would be repeating the intensity of the act on this side now. He could see her swollen pussy lips post orgasm and preorgasm at the same time.The action had moved behind her.She wouldn’t see anything.She would only feel.

“I can’t believe how badly you suck at this.” His cock at full mast from the erotic intensity of the act he placed his cock head against her soaking wet pussy.

“We’ll see if you can get this done any better.” He shoved his cock into the pussy until his balls,swinging from the force of his thrust ,slapped against her pussy lips. The orgasm made her pussy so slick,it offered zero resistance to his cock sliding in fully. . With his thrust he brought the crop down on her backside ,it making a wicked hiss as it sliced through the air. Finding its mark on her backside with an equally wicked SNAP!,she raised her head to the point she could and gasped in deep with the new type of pain introduced to her tortured body. She let out a new yelp as she felt the crop strike along with his cock moving in and out rapidly like a piston. Her kegle muscles griped it tightly with each strike of the evil crop delivering its own payload of pain. The crop made its own distinctive sound with each time it makes contact with her. He continue to whip her with the crop as rhythmically he fucked her pussy.. Each time he brought down the crop,it made its own distinctive sound announcing its own version of ecstacy,its own promise of euphoria to her pain raddled brain,already drunk with the higher level of intensified pleasure.

“I hope you realize you brought this on your self” he said as his cock continued its thrust after thrust after thrust.He brought the crop down on her back and ass,neither in any more position to offer protest. He leaned forward and taking a handful of sweat soaked hair,he jerked her head back and spit in her face.while feeling her kegle muscles again grip his cock as she orgasmed so hard it sprayed his ball sack and traveled its way down both their legs. . . Finally he dropped the crop and grabbing her ass cheeks,he came,unleashing a flood of hot cream splashing all through her pussy.

Both their lusts sated,he collapsed briefly other her own limp body. After resting for a few moments,more realized by him than her,he lifted himself up ,pulled slowly out of her pussy,her lips gurgling with the release of his flesh. He slowly went to corners of the bed and removed her restraints. First on her legs so he could lift her up on the bed and then to her arms. She had passed out from the journey her delirium had taken her on. She would sleep for hours waiting for her nerves to reawaken,her muscles to return to working. The marks would remain for some time. He gathered his clothes and getting some semblance of dressed,he made his way down to the front . With his car delivered by the valet,he slowly drove back home.

The next evening found her again at the bar chatting with one of the other girls hired for the evening. The host had seen to it that several girls would be on hand for any of the guests that wanted to take the partying to the next higher level. Each of the girls were recognizable by virtual of their being topless. The guests were wearing costumes ,the party girls were all topless. She was wearing a dress that allowed for the display of her tits,but with all the red marks on her backside,the dress had her covered there.

“So ,how was your night?” Her companion asked.

“OMG,the man who chose me.REALLY knew how to fuck. I couldn’t tell you how many orgasms I had. I woke up in the bed with aches and pains EVERYWHERE! ” Her companion’s eyes got big!

“YES!,I’m sore everywhere. He really knew how to deliver on his promises.” The companion just smiled and took another sip of her drink,the working girls were not allowed alcohol,hers was a glass of lemon water. She turned around to face the guests and let them she was available and true to what she had just said,every muscle ached. Ached GOOD!

He drove his car to the wide drive just as the night before. Tonight was the conclusion of the party. The host had arranged for a two night affair in case some invitees could only attend one of the nights. He didn’t truly hope to find another princess like he had last night. She had made the night MAGICAL! When he walked in, party girl met him with her beautiful tits available for the viewing pleasure holding a tray of champagne filled flutes. He took one and cupping one of her lovely tits,he gave it a playful squeeze while he bussed her on the cheek. As he walked further,he heard loud talking. He turned in the direction and saw a guest whose voice he recognized. His friend had already taken care of several drinks. He decided he would say hello later after checking the area near the bar despite his having a champagne flute. The party girls would be massed near the bar waiting for someone to be interested in taking them upstairs. Turning back again to spy the bar area,he was surprised to see her again.He smiled and expected she would have sat out the evening so soon after their fun. She did not see him as her back ,covered this evening, was to him. He smiled about the covering. Apparently, he did it right last night. She was still engaged in idle chat with her companion. He looked back at his friend who was still being loud and obnoxious and then reaching for her,took her by the arm and pulled her his direction. She lost her drink on the bar but then she wasn’t there to drink. She was pulled aggressively by him towards the other side of the room in the direction of the loud one. When she saw who had grabbed her,she smiled. She hadn’t expected anything but plain and ordinary this evening. She didn’t expect to get lucky two nights in a row.

When they reached the obnoxious guy,he was on his way to being a sloppy drunk,

“Come on Larry,we’ll be able to use this one” he said as they stood there briefly ,his alcohol muddled brain taking time to both recognize his friend under the mask and to acknowledge they were about to have a private party. She turned her head and smiled. She was glad to be used. He kept his grip on her,tight enough to make a bruise.Larry drunkenly staggered alongside,.They headed up the stairs with her slightly struggling wearing new 4 inch stilettos,nearly a trade mark for her. She hurt with each step but she was beaming with a smile about what she hoped would be even MORE enjoyable evening. They found a room that was empty and made it their own. Larry looked at her from one side of the bed being a little too wasted to truly appreciate her beauty,her erotic sexiness. He left her standing by the bed to get the tools of the act from a drawer in the dresser. He brought them back and set them beside her. Then he grabbed a handful of her hair,jerking her head back. He kissed her as he did the previous night. tasting her sweet lips,her sweeter tongue. Then as before,he pulled her chin down and spit in her mouth.

“Swallow” he commanded again .She did as told. This time ,there was no disrobing. He grabbed the back of her dress and ripped it down,revealing the marks left the previous night,the cherry red color not even beginning to fade. Then he grabbed her skirt and with a might tug,ripped it off showing her lacy panties. While one might not wear lacy panties to a bondage and whipping session,she didn’t know if she might encounter a ‘boring vanilla’ guy tonight. Someone who was simply interested in brief missionary fucking a blowing a wad after a few thrusts. He took the scissors from the pile of ‘tools’ and cut a piece of her panties to get the tearing started and ripped them the rest of the way. Larry had gone silent watching him work with a look of awe on his face.

Then he pushed her rudely down on the bed leaving her bent at the waist on the edge. She reached out her arms to volunteer.

“BITCH! DID ANYONE TELL YOU TO STRETCH OUT YOUR ARMS?” She retracted them. Larry was watching,forgetting about his drink,watching him treat her roughly. She hadn’t expected to see him tonight. She was sure this would be at LEAST as enjoyable as last night.

He pulled one arm to fullest length and tied it to the cornerpost. Then at the other end of the bed,he pulled the other arm out securing it. He looked at her and ordered her.

“Move” She pulled at each arm and found no movement allowed. He then came back behind her and kneeling down,pulled one leg out again with no regard to her comfort level,secured it to a corner post then the other leg. Again he ordered.

“Move” When she obeyed,there was some play in the ropes,he adjusted them so that she was tight and also again,her heels up in the air and supporting herself uncomfortably on her toes. She looked away from him and smiled ,already feeling the pain starting to sear,the muscles not having been recovered from the night before. He picked up the crop and handed it to Larry. He could see she was already wet. Little dribbles of moisture,sweat? sexual juices? BOTH? starting to make their way down a leg.

“Larry,we can’t fuck her with our clothes on so get undressed.” Larry almost looked like he was in a stupor but he started obeying just the same. Both men undressed and since she got yelled for volunteering her arms,she looked away from Larry as he stumbled out of his clothes. She couldn’t see the other man at all since he was behind. Once nude,Larry picked up the crop again from where he had dropped it when he started to take his clothes off. He was starting to lose his alcohol buzz,replacing it with a buzz of another kind. She was tied SO securely that any attempt to move any limb to provide any relief was completely in vain. Her muscles were already screaming at her,her pussy already getting wet enough to dampen the carpet below the bed.

He reached over the bed to her head and with a handful of hair snatched her to face Larry’s erect cock.

“Larry,use the crop on her while you fuck her mouth.”

“How do I use it” asked a befuddled Larry. Larry was a lightweight. Apparently unaccustomed in the way to properly fuck a woman. He reached out his hand to take the crop from Larry.

“Put your cock in her mouth!” He impatiently told Larry. She waited for Larry to open her mouth. He did it too gently for the master.

“ THIS!” He said with a strong grip on her face,her mouth was opened so hard and wide that she felt her jaw click. Larry inserted his cock to her waiting tongue. and he brought the crop down with the same wicked hiss it made the previous night. SNAP! She let out a shriek and almost choked on the cock. She started moving her mouth as much as the binds would allow. She licked Larry’s cock with everything she had,every skill she had ever learned about sucking cock. The hiss was heard again but only a nanosecond before the SNAP! was felt setting her back on the same fire as her mightily protesting legs. Every nerve in her body seemed to be screaming in protest and he didn’t care. That’s how she liked it. She was already beginning her journey from the here and now to the ecstasy she lusted for. The crop was handed back to Larry. Clumsily he brought it down and jerked as it snapped its contact with her skin. He wasn’t used to this. She felt the hot metal seem to tear at her flesh again and again as Larry brought it again.Sometimes convincingly,sometimes so drunkenly that she barely felt it. Her already red back starting to change to crimson.

He knelt down behind her for his treat,his pleasure.while Larry was busy fucking her mouth. He took her ass cheeks and spread them wide apart ,then pressed his face against her asshole to start licking.As he enjoyed the taste of her ass,he could hear Larry seemingly keeping up on the crop as she sucked his cock eagerly,She acted like his cock was the first meal she ‘d had this month and she needed his cum to stay alive. Larry kept the crop coming down.With each contact,she let out a little squeal. The best she could considering she couldn’t move and her mouth was full of Larry’s cock. She felt his cock dig into her cheek. She really didn’t know what she was enjoying more,the flesh invading her mouth,the oral assault on her ass or the half-assed way Larry used the crop on her.And he didn’t even have his eyes open as he enjoyed her oral attention on his cock and she was having nearly an out of body experience as she was fucked in her mouth and her ass was being fucked by a tongue. A sharp wicked sounding squeal accompanied each slap of the crop. Her ass actually right now being the only thing that wasn’t confused about whether it hurt or not,was feeling magnificent. He was enjoying the nectar he found within her asshole,the slaps with the crop kept her muscle puckering so with one slap,he got his tongue inside. With the next slap the muscle tightened to forbade him access. Larry was nearing his orgasm and although he kept the crop coming. He seemed concerned for her well being. Larry WAS such a lightweight. With his tongue out of her ass and assessing the situation,he looked at Larry like he had just made a face from being told to eat a bug.

“What are you worried about? She’s getting paid to do this.” BULLSHIT she thought with the little thoughts she still possessed in the middle of the blow job and from,the ecstasy of the erotic pain. She thought about when she was approached to attend the party and the offer of payment,she thought “OH hell,why bother to get paid for something,when she might be going out to a bar to pick up a guy and bring her back home to do this anyway.” She felt her muscles tensing up as an orgasm began to make its journey out her body.And she thought,if she had known she would have met him,she would have paid the host for the privilege.Her brain was going dizzy quickly.Her vision was blurring again. She was being transported to a higher plane of euphoria with each slap of the crop. Then Larry unleashed a torrent in her mouth. Apparently Larry was a REAL novice at proper fucking that he got carried away and filled her mouth,she was too far gone to think about swallowing so some shot down her throat considering how excited Larry was,the third and fourth spurts just pooled up and dribbled out her mouth and ran down her chin..As she tasted the treat on her tongue,the orgasm she felt building exploded leaving a stream running down both legs,.Her muscles released and then her legs sending spasms of hot erotic pain cascading up and her spine starting tensing up again for the build up of another massive orgasm. Her legs were no longer supporting her. Her calves burned like a hot poker was running up and down each one. Only the tight grip of the ropes kept her from falling to the floor because she couldn’t see or or think. She was on that higher plane of ecstasy provided by the extreme pleasure of bondage torture that he was skilled so well at. And he was still eating her ass,just as her pussy was cumming in torrents now,her ass was secreting sexual juices that he was licking and slurping up.

He was enjoying his meal of her sexual juices when he realized he didn’t hear the crop anymore. He removed his tongue and looking up saw that Larry was gone. There was a pool of his cum below her lip and some dried cum on he chin. Her eyes were glazed over and he hadn’t even had his orgasm yet. He saw that there wasn’t any point of continuing on with the crop. Her eyes were seeing nothing. Her legs were convulsing on their own now. Her face was mostly covered by her hair laying in every direction about her. He stood up and shoved his own hard cock into her pussy with absolutely no resistance since her orgasms had been epic. He felt her back,running his hands over the raised welts brought on by the repeated slaps of the crop. He saw no point on trying to delay his orgasm. She responded very little now. He wondered if she would ever be willing to do this again. He went from running his hands gently over the red raised welts to down her sides to feel her beautiful tits. Thought the rest of her body was in another place,her tits were still soft and feeling wonderful. He allowed for his orgasm to surge and just like last night,sprayed the inside of her pussy like a geyser. She moaned. Along with the moan came the release of the recently building second gushing orgasm. She was still feeling enough and conscious enough to acknowledge the joy of feeling the orgasm in her pussy. He pulled out and did the same ritual of loosening her restraints so she would lay comfortably on the bed. Finally covered with a light sheet,the evening finally turned gentle. a simple smile on her face as he stroked and kissed her cheek.

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