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Own Back

Me and my husband James got married when we were 21, we are now 26. We were both really in love when we met, and I have never had sex with anyone else. My first experience with a man was on my wedding night with James. I am told I’m very pretty with big eyes and always got a lot of attention from guys. I am 5’5 and thin, but curves in the right places! My husband is 5’10 and had a very athletic build, which always turned me on.

It happened about a year ago. Me and my husband where at a low point in our marriage we hadn’t had sex for about 3 months and we found out he couldn’t have children. I loved my husband very much, but he had never been able to fully satisfy my needs. Even worse, over that last few years he had put on a lot of weight and I slowly started to find him less and less attractive. One day when my hubby came home from work he suggested that we should try to spice up or sex lives and if I would be interested in having a threesome with in another women.

“Are you mad?!” I screamed at him. I was really hurt that would suggest such a thing. He always knew that I was a jealous of other women and that I get furious if he even looks at another woman.

“Sorry, sorry!” he said apologetically, “I only want to try and get out of this rut we’ve been having!”

“I know” I said. “If that’s the sort of ideas that you’re having why can’t we have a threesome with another guy?” I was always interested in getting my husband to watch me with another man. But he reacted as strongly as I did. He simply glared at me and walked out of the room, slamming the front door behind him. I heard the car back out of the drive. I knew it would annoy him, but he had brought it up about having a threesome with another woman.

A few weeks later I arrived home from work before my hubby. I walked into the kitchen and found James’s iPhone on the floor beside the coat stand. It must have dropped out of his coat pocket. I slowly picked it off the ground and unlocked it to see if he missed any important calls. There was a pin protection, “that’s new” I thought. I simply typed “1, 2, 3, 4.” It worked! There was a new message from John, whoever he was. When I checked to have look at what the message said I was completely shocked.

“John: Thanks for the great night. My pussy is still swollen from your cock mmm. C you soon xxx”

I was so angry, so hurt. How could he do this to me? That was it, I was going to get my own back! He thought he could trick me by changing the name and putting up pin protection on his phone. He always was stupid.

He came back that night in good form with a box of chocolates and flowers. “He must be feeling guilty” I said to myself. The few hours before he came home I had been thinking about how I would get my own back and now he is feeling guilty he might be more willing to listen.

“Yes, dear?”
“I’ve been thinking. I really want to spice things up. Why don’t we try… having sex in public?”
“You know, go to a wood in the car and let people watch us have sex?”
“I think that’s great!”

I thought I would have to persuade him a bit more. This was too easy. We agreed to do it over the weekend on a Friday night after a meal out. My plan was to invite someone who I said could have a threesome with us and then watch as my husband gets annoyed and try to start a fight with him. I suppose it wasn’t as bad as what he did but I didn’t want to cheat on my husband, just punish him a bit, maybe get him into a fight.

I didn’t know who to ask to play the other part so I tried online. There where tons of guys on some of the adult dating sites. I got into a conversation with a guy online who sent me a photo and some of his stats. He was really muscular, blond and rather handsome. He said he was 6’4 and 19 stone, just the sort of guy that would make the hubby really jealous… Big mistake!

I told him where to meet us and said that it would be oral only. James had no idea.

Friday finally came, it was the only thing that kept me from trying to strangle my husband after what he did. We firstly went for a nice meal, I dressed for the occasion in my very tight, black, silk cocktail dress. Underneath I was wearing very sexy light pink lace bra, panties and stockings. I felt so sexy and hubby seemed to notice as the entire meal he was feeling my leg. For some reason I was getting excited, I could feel my pussy start to moisten and my nipples harden, but it was not because of my husband, it had been months since he made me feel like that, it was the fact that someone else thought I was going to have sex with them that very hour.

We finished our meal and left to get to the car. It was a Range Rover with lovely leather seats and lots of room, as the seats in the back where able to fold down flat. We had laid out a couple of thick blankets to make it more comfortable. We took an exit from the main road to a small country road, we drove for some time then took another exit down a very narrow lane which seem to last a long time. We seen no one as we drove, only high trees either side of us. It was the height if summer and the sun has still not set.

We finally came to a very small car park which seemed to be only used for hikers going into the park. No one else was here. Hubby looked around almost disappointed by the fact that no one was going to watch us. We waited a few minutes but there was no sign of anyone so we decided that we would start anyway. We got out of the car and climbed into the boot leaving the boot door open.

James seemed to be really horny, he had a bulge coming out of his trousers. It would be the first time we had sex in months. He quickly undone his shirt buttons, then his trousers and finally ripped of his boxers. I sat and watched, it was my turn, James was sat naked with a hard on in the car I was just outside, I put my hand to take off my dress and slid the strap over my shoulder to reveal my sexy, toned body. My lacy under wear I could see were really turning my hubby on, his cock started to flex. I took a step closer to him when a force like a bull crashed into the back of me. I was pinned to the boot of the range rover looking in on my naked hubby.

“Scream if you want my dear. No one can hear you.” A deep, commanding voice whispered in my ear.

I was so scared, “what is he going to do with me?” I thought. My heart was hammering through my chest and I could only breathe through quick shallow breaths. I though whatever was going to happen if I switch off and try to force myself to think of something else. To my utmost surprise James did nothing. He simply looked horrified, staring at the situation his wife was in. The man seemed like a giant, he started to roughly massage my breasts and moved his other hand down to my pussy. It was still a bit wet from the thought that I would have sex in front of other people. I could feel what felt like a baton, bulging from his trousers pressed hard against my lower back.

He bent down to smell my hair. “Mmm, your wife smells great. I wonder what she tastes like?” He forcefully put his hand down my panties and plundered my womanhood with his large searching fingers. His hands felt massive against my body causing me to swoon slightly by how manly he was. I have a weird thing for masculine hands and forearms, and his were incredibly strong.

As soon as he started to rub my pussy I gave into the pleasure. My nipples hardened, my clit started to swell and my pussy got really wet. “you like that don’t you my dear?” He whispered to me. I felt one of his large fingers enter me, the pleasure was jaw dropping. I felt his huge bulge get even bigger as he began to grind it against my back. The heat of his He slipped his large finger in and out of my pussy, it must have been the same size as my husband’s very small cock.

He removed his hand and licked his fingers “you’re a lucky man, she tastes great!” He then quickly and forcefully ripped of my bra and threw me into the boot of the car face down, beside my husband. He leaned in and grabbed my inner thighs, pulled me towards him and turned me around. It was the first time I had seen him.

He was at least 6’4 and 20 stone of pure muscle, with a handsome face, he was truly terrifying. He ripped of my stockings and panties and went head first into my small, shaved, tight pussy. His tongue was amazing, it touched the right areas and got in so deep. I tried not to feel this awesome pleasure he was giving me. I felt my whole body tingle as I neared climax. He started to massage my breasts, it felt so good. The first wave of pleasure hit me like a tsunami, I started to writhe, pushing my groin closer to his mouth.

He got up and started to take off his cloths. I had to show James I wasn’t enjoying this so I quickly crawled back to the inside of the car. He quickly took of his t-shirt, his muscles were stupidly large and almost cartoonish. He then undid his belt and slid down his jeans, he wasn’t wearing any underwear. His shaved balls were like that of a prize bull and his cock was at least 12 inches and very thick, there was no way it was going to fit. I started to panic, “James! James! Help, please help!” finally he snapped back to reality. He got up and tried to tackle the beast that was about to rape his wife, but the giant was too quick. He bent down and pulled out a knife before my hubby got anywhere near him. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”

“No!” I cried, after all this was my fault and now I was here I didn’t want James to get hurt. “James, it’s okay… Let him.” As I said it, my pussy had a mind of its own. I was so wet now and I stated to crave his cock. I wanted to get back at James after what he had done. Making him watch as I had sex with another man with monster cock would be a fitting punishment.

“For that I’m going to make you watch as I fill your wife’s pussy full of my cum.” As he said it, a dark sadistic pleasure rose up within me. He quickly grabbed both my ankles, spread my legs and pulled them behind him so my pussy was touching his huge balls. His cock seemed to tower above me, the perfect shiny head I wanted in me. He let go of my ankles and with one hand he guided his cock, he started to tease my clit by rubbing it up and down allowing me to get so wet and horny that I would tell him to put it in me.

“You want it, don’t you?” The man teased.

“No…” I said breathlessly, I even thought it was unconvincing. I felt my heart pound and my cheeks go red, I couldn’t take my eyes off what I was about to receive. “It’s much bigger than your husband’s tiny prick, isn’t it?” He looked at my husband now smugly, “I’ll show your lady what a real man feels like.”

The giant cock slowly entered me, splitting my tight lips. Potentially ruining my pussy for my husband by stretching it out. I heard the moans of my husband but I didn’t pay them any attention, I hadn’t had sex in months and never with anything half this size. I imagine few women had a chance with something this large. The pleasure was unbearable, I tried to stifle it but I couldn’t help it, I loudly moaned “yes!”

“She’s enjoying it, aren’t you? You’re so tight” he said with a large grin. He started to go faster and deeper. I had never felt anything like it, the pleasure was overcoming me I writhed and moaned, I no longer cared about if my husband thought I was enjoying it or not. I was hit by wave after wave of pleasure. His large cock slid in and out of me faster and faster, while he massaged my breasts. My hands where now on my pussy, I stated to massage the top of it to maximize the pleasure.

“You’re so wet. You must really like big cock, huh slut?” He was taunting me in front of my husband, but we all knew it was true. “You might just end up taking the whole thing!”

I began blushing, not from embarrassment but from another orgasm causing me to wiggle and yelp. The man used that opportunity when my guard was down to shove his cock deeper. This only made my orgasm stronger, my eyes were practically rolling into the back of my head.

“Lookie here, hubby,” the stud pushed his cock as far as it would go, “she’s about to take my entire big cock.” I was screaming now as he held it there. He quickly covered my mouth with his manly hand to muffle the sound.

My husband just stared meekly. He was obviously close to cumming in his pants, which only served to remind me how inadequate he was. This stranger was making me realize how thrilling sex could be for a woman.

Just then he finally managed to get the entire massive dick inside of my pussy. I instantly started to climax again at the thought of fitting it all, I was such a big cock slut, he was right. All I did was buck my hips back in response, like the size queen I am.

“Ooohh fuuckk! Soooo deeeeep! Agghh! Yesss!” I was making sounds that I never made before from sex. I felt stuffed to the brim, but it felt amazing!

He pulled out the entire length and made sure my husband saw how much he put in his poor wife. “I don’t know if you will be able to feel her pussy after this, bro! I stretched her out a bit too much. Hope you don’t mind a loose pussy if she ever decides to fuck you again.” Before I could look over at my husband the stud shoved it all the way back in one thrust. Wow!

I climaxed, again, I felt my pussy contract around his cock and become even wetter. He started to go red in the face, his breath became shorter as he got faster and even deeper. I came again, this time even more. I was making so much noise, the orgasm was paralyzing, my whole body started to jerk and tingle with the waves of pleasure overcoming me.

My pussy griped his cock so tight and massaged it, he could hold it in no longer. He gave a large grunt and I felt a huge amount of hot liquid fill my swollen pussy come in several large bursts. He fell on top of me, we were both exhausted from the orgasms’. After a while he got up pulled on his things and ran into the wood as quickly as he came.

My husband shockingly started to apologize, he was practically grovelling. He said he was sorry for not doing anything to stop that man, almost pretending how clear it was that I didn’t want it to be stopped. I was just glad he didn’t get annoyed that I had enjoyed it so much.

The car journey home was great, I was in post-orgasm bliss and my pussy was so full of another man’s cum that it ran all over my legs. I had never had that many powerful orgasms in such a short amount of time. I couldn’t help but wipe the residue off with my hand and when my hubby wasn’t looking taste it.

I just hoped I would finally get pregnant… I began to rub my belly and felt a radiating warmth and I couldn’t stop smiling. The man was very handsome, and if we had a boy he would be adorable I imagined.

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