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Outdone By Black Neighbor’s Son

My wife and I [Emily] moved into this new 1 floor apartment in this really affordable suburb. The neighborhood has a big black community and less white families, but there is never any racial tension and as far as I saw it is a great place to raise kids. We have no problems with our neighbors either, we have a married Asian couple on the left side of our house who we don’t see often, and on the right we have a slightly older black family, who’s teenage son named Jordan was 18 at the time. Emily and I would always joke around about how much of a player Jordan was and how many different girls in the neighborhood we saw him walking around with. He was really quiet, not shy, instead more confident, a silent confidence.

We’re just a boring newly wed couple. I was working a 10 to 6 at a small local business doing mostly paperwork to help the managers, and she was trying to do freelance graphic design at home. I think this time apart during the day works well for her, who at the time really enjoyed having her space. She was not so successful with freelancing, but I’m always going to be totally fine supporting her.

Our sex lives have declined over the years because we were both trying to start our careers and had busy lives. Especially me where I was much more focused on work than her needs at one point. Even though I’m at a much better position the constant fatigue after work hasn’t stopped. She has never said anything, but sometimes I feel like I’m not big enough in the size department either which stops her from trying to jump my bones.

On Sunday she was taking a shower (without me), and I was laying around bored so I decided to check my emails for work to see if my managers needed anything prepared for start of the work week tomorrow. I heard Emily’s phone vibrate and I look over and see she got a text from Jordan. “That’s strange,” I thought to myself. “The only Jordan we know is the one next door, but why on earth would they be texting each other?” My curiosity got the best of me and I decided to take a quick peep, harmless right? Wrong. Jordan’s text read: “cant wait to see you tomorrow morning”.

Denial instantly hit me, “there’s no way he’s talking about what I think he’s talking about, he’s just some 18 year old. No, there’s no way.” Then I start thinking of all the times I would see this kid walking around with woman that looked older than him, like out-of-college girls. I felt my head getting lighter and a pit in my stomach.

Suddenly the shower turned off and I hit the snooze button on the phone and set it back on the table and quickly turned back to my laptop. I wasn’t checking my emails though I was thinking of an excuse to go into work late tomorrow so I can see what’s going on between these two. “Doctors office, that’s it, classic!” I said to myself, and then quickly typed up an email saying I’m going to be a little late tomorrow. The full plan was to leave at my normal time and make Emily think I’m going to work, but really I’m just going to get breakfast and circle around and watch the house while I’m parked a little down the street.

It was the next day and was doing my usual morning routine, but that morning was different, that morning I was supposed to catch my wife sleeping with the next-door neighbor’s son. I skipped my breakfast at home and got something down the street, my wife was still asleep in bed.

I circled back to the house about an hour later and I ended up camping down the street for about a half hour. “This is crazy” I thought, “I’m camping outside my own house trying to catch a teenager sleeping with my wife? Emily would never do that with me.” I grabbed the keys I threw on the passengers seat and put them into the ignition. Jordan’s door flew open and I saw him walk down his stoop and in the direction of my house. I ducked down but I still saw him walk up my steps and then opened the door without knocking and walked right in. I took my hand off the keys in the ignition and dipped lower and smiled “good thing I didn’t leave.” Then quickly realizing he shouldn’t be getting any joy out of this and snapped out of it.

I waited a couple minutes and then got out of the car and walked across and up the street around the back of my house. Luckily there’s a window from my backyard into the bedroom so I would be able to see if anything was going on. While I was walking around the back of my house I couldn’t believe I actually had the balls to do something like this, it was so out of character of me. I got to the window and there was a small little crack in the blinds for me to peak through.

As I peaked through the window they were just walking into the room, and I saw Jordan push Emily onto the bed and lay on top of her and they started making out. I was about to confront them until I saw Jordan role over onto his back and I saw the huge tent he was sporting in his basketball shorts. I saw this long shape in his shorts hanging close to his knee. Emily was begging him to whip it out, but first he groped her tits and sucked on them over her shirt. He then grabbed her shoulder and flipped her over onto her stomach as he straddled her behind her perfect plump butt. He grabbed handfuls of her ass as he massaged it, while his monster in his basketball shorts was poking between her legs under her butt. In one move he grabbed the top of her pants and ripped them down, panties and all (or maybe she wasn’t even wearing underwear). She tried to get on her elbows but he pushed her down with 1 hand while he pulled down his shorts.

That’s when it happened. While he was pulling down his shorts I saw him reach down into them and pull out by its head, the most massive cock I have ever seen. He dropped it on her back and the head of the half flaccid cock came down with a heavy “THWACK” like hammer. Jordan’s penis has a very bulbous round head with a very big ridge around the tip that looks like it was built to give woman orgasms. When he dropped it on Emily’s back I saw just how big and far this dick would go in her.

“How could she possibly take that thing?” I thought to myself.

Emily started wiggling her butt underneath the massive cock that was on top of her while begging Jordan to push it in. He slowly pushed his pelvis forward so his balls were against her pussy and asshole, and then he slowly pulled back so she could feel just how long his stroke is. He pulled all the way back slowly until his cock fell between her butt cheeks and was targeted right at her pussy. She tried pushing herself back while Jordan still had her hand on her back, but he moved both hands to her ass so he could control her.

I saw Emily turn her head around and it looked like she was begging for Jordan to push it in her already, when she was mid sentence he shoved his bulbous head in her.

“OH MY” and as his dick head settled in she stretched out the word “gaawwwwhhhd”.

She spread out her upper body on the bed almost like she could finally relax now with that huge cock in her. He put his chest to her back and wrapped one arm around her stomach as the other stayed on her ass. As he leaned down more of his member was inching into her pussy slowly. He hiked his butt up very slightly and then pushed his dick in slightly. He kept doing these small slow micro-pumps into my wife’s pussy until she was moving her head back and forth — I could tell this was driving her crazy. She kept trying to hump back more but Jordan was still in full control of this situation.

He used his legs to push her legs closer together and he rose up off her back. He moved his hand that was on her stomach back to her ass. He leaned over and grabbed some lube that was on the table next to the bed and then held his dick like a foot long hot dog while squirting ketchup on it. Except this wasn’t ketchup, this was lube so he could shove that monster black dick deeper into my wife.

It seemed like Emily said a joke because they both laughed, probably saying that they were going to need a lot of lube.

Jordan positioned his massive dick head back at Emily’s pussy and then squirted even more lube; he then threw the lube behind him and put both hands on my wife’s ass. Then he pushed one third of his cock in really fast causing her to spike up. He slapped her ass right after and laughed, I heard her yell “Owww oohhh” and turned back and smiled at him. She was in big black cock heaven.

He leaned over her, and put his fists near her shoulders on the bed. He brought his hips back so his head popped out right at the ridge, and then he moved it slowly back over his head and pushed a little more than a third back in. She put her hands on his, and he picked his up and put them over her hands, tightly holding them.

Jordan slowly kept working his way cock slowly into Emily one deep stroke at a time. “There’s just no way I can compete with his long stroke” I thought. “It looks longer than mine and he’s only a little more than a third in!” I felt one of my hands leaving the windowsill and going to the font of my khakis, I was rock hard. Without looking I unbuttoned and freed my small friend into hand and slowly played with myself while watching this teenager give more pleasure to my wife than I ever have or could.

I was having a sensation overload from witnessing my wife take this monster, and I felt a huge load coming up from my balls. I winced my eyes shut and I was in shock of how much this was turning me on and that I was actually jacking off to my wife fucking a hung black teenager.

I finally felt my orgasm hit and I was soaking the wall below my window with a huge amount of cum. In my orgasmic haze I moaned “oohh shiiit!” loudly. I quickly wake up and see both my wife and Jordan staring at the window. I didn’t know what to do so I just quickly hiked up my pants and ran away from my own house down the street to my car and b-lined it to my workplace.

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