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Naked, nudist, Naturist Chapter Ten

The real life stories of a social naturist

The Colours of Naturism

“Naturism is colour blind.” INaked

All the naturist resorts, clubs, beaches, etc. that we have been to to date have been dominated by white (Caucasian) naturists. It is rare to see naturists of African descent (Black) or Asian (Indian, South East Asia or China) naturists. As mentioned previously a tall black athletic male was on a beach in Spain. The black/white contrast certainly draw attention to him, just as I suppose if I, a white male naturist were to appear on an all black or Asian naturist beach. Please, if anyone knows of such an opportunity please let me know. We had seen a good looking young black girl on a beach in Croatia. She was with a group of backpacker white girls. I had just said to my wife that we have never seen a mature (with due respect) black woman naturist when that afternoon on a Spanish beach a black woman accompanied by a white man spent a most pleasant time in the sun. She never attracted as much attention as the “outstanding” black male though. There was an elderly (Uncle Tom) black couple at the Valalata Naturist resort in Croatia. They were always immaculately dressed whenever we saw them. A permanent resident at Empire Haven nudist Park said that a black New York family had permanent residence, that they would visit but only the father would venture out clothes free. In the ‘70’s there was a saying “Black is beautiful” Now the saying goes “Bare-is-beautiful.”

We haven’t been to any Asian naturist resorts and haven’t seen any Asian naturists at other clothing optional resorts we have visited. Over the years we have travelled extensively in South East Asia and have always felt that the naturist opportunities abound, just waiting to be exploited. I understand that Thailand has now formed a Naturist Association Thailand Reading from their website:

Naturist Association Thailand Co., Ltd. (NAT) promotes a lifestyle for health and wellness people who enjoy clothing-optional, naturist or nudist recreation in Thailand. Our concept is based on the well-known positive effect of naturism on stress and tensions and its boosting effect on self respect and positive body image. Naturist Association Thailand promotes naturism in Thailand and organizes naturist health and wellness holidays and fitness weekends for members of all ages with or without children. We are always looking for new resorts to be member resorts that would enjoy the benefits of naturist tourism.

Non-Sexual Concept Our adherence to the fundamental non-sexual concept of naturism ensures that single women and families can relax in complete safety and experience the full enjoyment of social nakedness during their stay. Swingers need not apply, as you will be rejected.

Family Lifestyle Contrary to other therapies, naturism is a family inclusive lifestyle. We engage the strong and invigorating forces of naturism or nudism in boosting the recreational value our members’ quality time together with their children and other members in a relaxed atmosphere of body awareness and mutual acceptance.

Stress vs Well Being It is well known among naturists that even shorter periods of naturism creates a recreational wellness value matched otherwise only by much longer vacations Stress and everyday concerns are likely to vanish completely through the practicing of naturism as health, wellness and body-mind-spirit awareness improves.

The Secret The secret to the pleasure of naturism or nudism is the mindfulness and ultimate body awareness experience which is created by the feeling of the water flowing unhindered against your skin when swimming naked, the complete absorption of the sun on your whole body, the unrestrained caress of your skin by the evening breeze when strolling along a beach in the sunset.

But I don’t live in Thailand! That’s fine with us, just by being a member you also support the growth of naturism in Thailand as well as Southeast Asia. We also can see you when you come on your vacation to Thailand. Many international visitors join us because they enjoy coming to Thailand and want to enjoy the same things they do back home. And because we have such great weather. No matter where you live, it is always summer in Thailand.
I thought Naturism/Nudism was illegal in Thailand! Yes, public nudity is illegal in Thailand. We don’t go nude in public. We have private events at naturist member resorts or at very remote beach locations.

What Naturists stand for: A way of living in harmony with people and nature, expressed through social nudity, and shown by self-respect of people with different opinions, body types and cultures. Who Naturists are: Naturists come from all walks of life, cultures, and religions. They have an inner enthusiasm that calls to them; telling them being without clothes is a comfortable and has nothing to do with sex. They come from anywhere and everywhere, they can be politicians, bankers, corporate professionals, business owners, and laborers. Benefits of Naturism: 1. Self Respect: We build self-respect and a positive body image. Unlike the media’s narrow and unrealistic conception of beauty which builds a negative self image. 2. Equality: We are all human beings, living on the same planet, made up of the same parts, just trying to survive. 3. Feminism: Women have an equal right to be naked and not seen as a sexual objects. 4. Environmentalism: We are not a separate thing from nature. Human beings are highly evolved, highly intelligent animals, but animals nonetheless. 5. Health: Sunshine and fresh air are good for the whole body, and we promote outside activity, like swimming and hiking. And we all could take better care of our bodies. 6. Spirituality: There is something spiritually uplifting, wholesome, and awe-inspiring, when you’re naked in an environment untouched by civilization, without any textile fibers that connect you of time and place.

The above extract from their website seems to encapsulate the growing demand for naturist destinations. I am most encouraged at this development and will certainly join NAT to support their cause and look forward to visiting some of the listed naturist resorts.

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