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Naked, Nudist, Naturist Chapter Nine

The real life stories of a social naturist

Size and the Male Species

“There are men with a larger penis than average who are ashamed about their size, and there are men with a smaller than average size in whom size is not an issue.”

Source: Women’s Health, Fitness

Biometry [baɪˈɒmɪtrɪ], biometrics [ˌbaɪəˈmɛtrɪks] can be defined as the analysis of biological data using mathematical and statistical methods. It would be a biometerist’s nightmare to arrive at a mathematical equitable equation, based on field work statistics relating to the male of the human species. If X =Y then P (length) = Z inches where X could be the male foot or nose size, Y is inches and P is the measured erect penis length. Any naturist, male or particularly female, would adamantly repute any biometerist’s claims to have successfully arrived at the above equation. A man’s height, size of his feet, or length of his nose does not necessarily relate to what’s hanging between his legs. It’s an elusive ratio, as one can see a tall man with a short penis and the inverse, a short man with a long penis.

All red blooded men, from boyhood days, enjoy being in the nude, without clothing, letting it all hang free. That is if you are well endowed and have something that you would be proud to display in front of other men and woman. The exception to the above are the locker room shower shy men and boys who are not so well endowed. I fall into this category having a very small penis as defined by white (Caucasian) norms as >4.26 inches when erect compared to an average erect size among white men as 5 to 6.6 inches. Now only 2.3% of white males have very small penises, 13.7% small 4.26 to 5 inches, the majority 67.6% average, and at the other end of the spectrum big 6.6 to 7.4 inches 14.1% and the remaining very big > 7.4 inches 2.3%. In butchery terms this can easily be classified as chipolata, sausage and salami, and in any naturist situation one will find the whole range of meat products on display. Now the other problem with an uncut penis, such as mine, is that when flaccid or cold it crumples into a wreath of foreskin sitting atop the testes without much projecting. “So why be a naturist if you have such a small penis? Are you in it for the humiliation trip? Is your wife putting you on display advertising the fact that she is actively looking for something bigger?” you may well ask. Reading up on the physcological issue referred to as the Small Penis Syndrome (SPS) some of the recommended remedies suggested are: talking about the small problem; writing about it; and the suggestion to become a naturist, to let “it” all hang out and proudly compare with other men and get female reaction. This has worked for me for although I have not gained in size, I have benefitted from the naturist quality of life and gained in stature and self confidence.

At every naturist occasion, I dare my wife to find one as small or smaller than mine. She hasn’t succeeded as yet, jokingly saying that even some of the pubescent boys have larger (longer or thicker) than mine. She says that if I was clean shaven in the pubic area I could easily be mistaken for a pre teen boy. We laugh about it. It is also caused many a giggle or smirk as I, a six foot three inch tall man, walk about in a naturist environment. There were two young couples in their 30’s walking towards my wife and I in a Croatian Nudist resort, both woman pointed and giggled at my lack of endowment. We did not understand what they were saying but we certainly got the gist of their amusement ….”Such a big man… such a small penis… My wife takes delight in pointing out (not literally) well hung men saying “That’s one for the Guinness Book of Records!” There are good, bad and damn side ugly penises hanging out there. My wife will often say “Now there’s a handsome one.”

One of the most natural concerns of the first time male naturist, especially younger men, is the arousal potential and embarrassment of getting an erection in public. Our first naturist experience was on Little Palm Beach on the Island of Wahikiki off Auckland, New Zealand. It was easy enough for my wife and I to strip down on the sandy beach and go into the clear, cold waters of the Pacific Ocean. We spent a long time in the sea enjoying our new found freedom of the cool waters washing about our naked bodies. As cold water does to a man it contracted both testes into a tight ball and penis into a non-entity. Then there was the daunting task of having to walk out of the cold sea, emerge naked from the surf in front of all the others on the beach. All eyes seem to be nonchantly, discreetly looking the other way, but you can be assured that they are observing this new comer couple coming from the surf. That’s when one is totally aware of a small endowment, diminished by the cold sea waters.

We lay on our towels and sun dried, lying on my back with my wife lying to the right of me. I must have fallen asleep in the warming sun for my wife nudged me awake saying “Turn over you have an erection and everyone is staring at you.” “Not much to stare at” I thought. But anyway I turned onto my left side, still erect. What I did not know was that while asleep a single young male had spread out quiet close to me on my left side. He smiled and was amused by my predicament. This close encounter quickly deflated more than my ego.

We were told at Empire Haven Nudist Resort, upper New York State, about a beach volley ball game, consisting mainly of naturist college girls who were short one player. They asked a young sixteen year old boy to make up the side, which he gladly did, pleased to participate with these beautiful young naked girls. He was not aware of the natural consequences. As the action started, the sight and motion of his team mates and opponents across the net, all around him, bumping and making contact with his naked body caused him to get an erection. To his credit, the story goes, he continued to play with dedication and determination despite the cheering from the spectators. The college girls had noticed his predicament but to their credit did not say or do anything. During a break in the game he went off the court, still erect, turned his back on his female team members and spectators and took his member in hand. He returned to play the second half of the game in a flaccid condition. At the party after the game he was nominated “Man of the Match” by the girls with many of them saying “If you were older, with your endurance, I would give you my mobile number for a date.” No one was concerned or upset by the natural reaction of the young boy among the girls. He never lost his dignity or was embarrassed, in fact he has become a nameless legend at Empire Haven. It goes to show the accommodating spirit of comradeship among naturists.

My last erection story refers to a young black male on the Costa Natura beach, Spain. Now one does not often see many black male naturists, it was a first for me. This tall athletically built 30 year old some male was accompanying an attractive white blonde female who was much older. They sat down on the beach next to us and he was visibly aroused, his semi erect black penis sticking out horizontally in front of him. She suggested that he went and take a cold shower at the shower located some 200m down the beach. He could just as easily gone into the cool sea just in front of us. Without covering himself with a towel he casually strolled down the beach to take the shower as instructed. You can be assured that this contrasting black among white naturist turned heads as he walked to the shower. You could see the thoughts going through both the male and female beach goers minds. “Yes it’s true that black men are better endowed.” Here’s another penis factoid: The average erect size of black men is 8 inches compared to white men six and half inches and Asian men 4 inches. The shower did not remedy the problem, much to the contained amusement of beach goers as he strolled back with his black “creosted transmission pole” jutting out in front of him to his blond partner. She blushed pink and told him to put some clothes on. To our amusement he was content to put on a tee shirt still having his well endowed manhood on fully erect display. She gave him a towel to wrap around his waist and they left the beach, she humiliated and he unperturbed. We never saw them on the beach again. A sad ending.


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