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Naked, Nudist, Naturist Chapter Eleven and Twelve

The real life stories of a social naturist

The Age of Naturists

By “The Age of Naturists” I am not inferring or implying it to be the dawning of the age of Aquarius but naturism is beyond dawn, now at about midday and one of the fastest growing tourist sectors in civilized societies. No, in this chapter I want to explore, share and invite your input and experiences as to the perceived average age of naturists. Is it getting older (a declining sign) or is the average age getting younger (a encouraging sign)? Our travels, visits and exposures give us a guesstimate as to the average age of naturists being about 55 years old. We would say mostly retired couples in their 60’s who have the time and opportunity to practice this lifestyle. There are diehard committed naturists well into their 80’s. Some couples that we have met have had the privilege to live the naturist lifestyle for 30 years, bringing up their children in this natural uninhibited culture. We recently witnessed this with a German couple on holiday with their beautiful blonde 28 year old daughter, who as she had always been on holiday from a small girl with her naturist parents, was totally at ease being naked with her parents. There were no inhibitions or constraints between parents and daughter. She was quiet unperturbed when asked by another naturist if he could take pictures of her. She said “Go ahead take as many as you like,” and her parents were proud of their daughter being photographed by a stranger/naturist new found friend. Remember to always ask permission before taking pictures . My thoughts regarding the above German naturist girl is what happens when the boyfriend comes along? Will he have to conform to, or convert to naturism?

With the sixties plus naturist population accounted for there is a distinct void to new parents with toddler and young school children enjoying the freedom of a clothes free relaxing holiday. So we have the married 30 plus parents with their 0 – 12 year old naturist children.

A question often asked by both other naturists and naturist associations and clubs is where are 13-30 year old naturists, conspicuous by their absence. We have seen very few teen naturists probably out of body development self conscious. We did watch a group of early teenage boys and girls at a game farm naturist resort in South Africa who played and joked, clothed on the lawns around the swimming pool. Eventually the heat of the day and the temptation of the pool beckoned. The rules of the resort stipulated clothes free in the swimming pool. The teen boys quickly disrobed, the girls however shyly removed their clothes, threatening the boys with their lives if they watched. Once all in the pool the nakedness was forgotten and they continued to play and cavort with bare abandon as only teenagers can. They were totally unconcerned about being naked in public eye being seen by their teen peers and adult naturists. They were the naturists of the future.

 Chapter Twelve: Miscellaneous Stories

The beach in Spain was crowded with elderly (or should I say mature?) naturist bodies enjoying the end of the summer sun. It was routine to take a constitutional stroll with ones partner along the beach to the absolute limits of the clothing optional beach (well marked by no naked men and women signs) before retiring to your chosen towel position, getting some sun then venturing into the sea for a swim. This was the established daily routine. It was a continuous passing parade of mature naturist bodies with all the defaults of age but all happy and enjoying themselves.

A tall statuesque sun tanned girl with long dark hair suddenly appeared and walked with model like confidence along the beach. She was definitely a 10 out of 10, no tan lines, a perfect olive tan, obviously a regular naturist. She was accompanied by her boyfriend whose body had never seen the sun, a nightclub tan. He was embarrassed having to walk with her and to make matters worse he was wearing not a swim suit but checked boxer underpants making a spectacle of himself among all the other totally nude beach goers. All eyes were on this odd young couple. The question going through everyone’s mind was how did she get a boyfriend like him? Did she have the body and looks and he had the money? Was he too shy to remove his ridiculous boxer shorts because 1.) he may have/get an erection, 2.) he was not well endowed?

A German family came to the beach everyday with their young teen daughter who was always clad in a bikini. The parents and six year old son were true naturists and enjoyed being in the nude. The children played as children but every day the young girl baited and annoyed her brother. This normally ended in the boy chasing the girl around the beach with much screaming. They would soon be playing again either on the sand or water games in the sea. The young teen girl played the role of a child often to the utter annoyance of her brother, father and mother. One day we noticed that the teen daughter had come to the beach on her own for some quality time alone away from the rest of he family. What a transformation! She had on sunglasses, carried a beach bag with her towel and Hello magazine. However, she still had on her bikini. She spread her towel near us applied sunblock and proceeded to read her magazine as she sun bathed on this clothes free beach just as the adults do. After a while she went for a swim in the sea and returned to her towel investigating with teen interest all the naked male and females bodies sprawled on the beach. The amount of close up interest she showed indicated that she was going to write an anatomy project paper. Having checked out all the body parts of male and female in her immediate area she took her towel and set up further down the beach. Again the sunblock was applied, the magazine read, a swim in the sea then the inspection of a fresh set of naked bodies. She did have courage to be so bold which she would never been allowed to do in the presence of her parents or younger brother. On her third move she decided it was time to remove her bikini top and apply sun block to her budding teen breasts. So the butterfly was evolving into a confident young naturist.

The Valata naturist camp in Istria, Croatia offers FKK sightseeing trips by boat to the historic town of Porec. One can board the old fishing boat naked and travel for an hour on the sea trip naked. As the boat approaches the busy downtown dock in the town of Porec all naturist passengers get dressed to go ashore and site see for the two hour allocated period. Due to the internationality of the twenty odd passengers the captain of the boat held up a sign with the departure time written in numerals. We all then knew that the boat was departing at 2:30. We went ashore and tried to see as many oft he historic town sites in the limited time, going up the tower and wandering the narrow lanes. By 2:15 we were back at the dock and climbed down into the boat to take our seats for the return trip. Come 2:30 we were short of one large blonde mother and her 14 year old daughter. The captain blew his horn and threatened to leave when we saw the obese mother come running along the dock with her daughter having just bought ice cream cones. While these last two passengers were getting settled in the dock was full of other tourists walking about in the harbour area. The boat was still tied up when we noticed that one of the passengers, a woman of about 80, had already removed all her clothes and folded them neatly on the bench next to her. This to the muted amusement of fellow passengers and the astonishment of passersby on the dock. Once the boat was out of the confines of the harbour we all stripped down to enjoy the afternoon sun on the return voyage. It became obvious that the late, large, blonde woman had been imbibing while ashore and was very much in a party mood on the return trip. She kept sending her nude teen daughter to the captain to buy wine to sustain her party mood. Half way back to Valata she suggested with a smirk that the captain stop the boat and we all go for a naughty skinny dip. Hello! We were all already naked. The captain was not amused by this suggestion and he continued the trip back refusing to serve her or her daughter any more wine.

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