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Naked, Nudist, Naturist Chapter Eight

The real life stories of a social naturist

All Shapes and Sizes

“What spirit is so empty and blind, that it cannot grasp the fact that a human foot is more noble than the shoe and the human skin more beautiful than the garment with which it is clothed.” —Michelangelo

Yes it takes courage to disrobe, to be totally naked, especially in the presence of others and then walk among other fellow naturists. When you do, you have come out of the clothes closet. This is entering the world of social naturism. Here you are not judged on body perfect but purely the spirit and courage to participate in the lifestyle of naturism. Very few of us have perfect bodies. The most important thing is The 3C’s, to be Content, Comfortable, and Confident with your body irrespective of shape or size.

We have seen a spectrum of both male and female body shapes and sizes ranging from almost anorexic to obese with the middle of the range being filled by a few Barbie and Ken types. Irrespective of your current body form, enjoy the freedom of walking free without the encumbrance of clothing, enjoy the beach, the pool, hot tub, volley ball court or other naturist activity. Would these same people be as comfortable and content squeezed into swimming suits, no it would be far more embarrassing than going a la naturel. A most obese young woman and her husband/partner came and set down their towels on the beach next to us. They both stripped down. What impressed everyone was the most perfect tan that this woman had. Uniform and olive all over, it must have taken hours lying naked in the sun to achieve. Despite her size she confidently walked into the surf and swam beautifully, obviously training. She earned every beach goer’s respect and all preconceptions about her obesity were overlooked.

It takes courage for a man without legs to wheel his wheelchair to the pool and participate in the nude with other naturists. As a naturist he is an equal despite his disabilities. On the Costa Natura beach in Spain we saw a young man who had been earlier in his life badly burnt in the pelvic area with burn blemishes on buttocks, thighs and genitals, yet every day he was proudly on the beach enjoying the sun, a walk and a swim. Now that takes guts, yet he was openly accepted and greeted all.

In a hot tub at a naturist resort in Oregon there was a cheerful elderly woman who had had a double masectomony, yet this did not deter her as she chatted and joked to other naturists in the hot tub. At the same resort (we will call her Maisie) celebrated her 85 birthday in the nude, had been a naturist for 40 odd years. She invited all to her cabin to share her birthday cake. Strangers instantly became friends as we naturists sung happy birthday to Maisie and shared her piece of cake. My first naked birthday party.

The golden rule of naturism says look everyone in the eye. But let’s get real here, it’s only human nature for the eye to take in everything. Rest assured, you in your nakedness will be checked out, just as you will check out others. Why just yesterday I was walking down the concrete ramp with my wife to the naturist beach when a ca 13 year old naked girl was coming up the ramp from the beach and she certainly gave us both the once over not being shy to gaze into our pubic areas. All part of educating young naturists I suppose.

Men check out men, with no gay undertones and women check out women. My wife will often say to me “Look at that woman, she has a classic figure” or “Look she has magnificent legs, breasts, nipples, tan, whatever.” All complimentary.

There is a story of a very obese naturist man sitting Buddha like on his towel on the sand. A flap of stomach fat hung like an apron, covering his genitals. A young boy walking with his father said “Look dad that man does not have a pee pee.”

My wife has, in my opinion, a magnificent pair of cup 38C sized breasts which are very well preserved and uniformly olive tanned. I am very proud of her unadulterated assets. Among naturists one will see women with breasts of all shapes and sizes, pointing downwards, skywards and sideways. It is understood that some women are as self conscientious of their small breasts as some men are of their small penises, and yet naturism prevails and conquers and they are literally all out there.

There are discreet nipple piercings that are not offensive or in your face. Small horizontal bars look attractive, but take those same bars and have them vertically pierced and they look bizarre. We saw nipples pieced and hung with large brass rings that could have been worn as hoop earrings. This does not go well with the concept of natural, outdoors and naturism. The same hoop earing nipple pierced woman came to the beach the following day wearing long brass tassels as nipple piercings which probably were more correct if worn to a nightclub or go-go bar. We wondered if she had a whole collection, a Monday through Sunday set. All navel piercings that we have seen have been unobtrusive, adorning and cute. Then there are exceptions. A young girl had a very long navel piercing not going through the navel at all but starting and ending about one inch on either side of the navel. This looked more like a war souvenir than an adornment for a young girl. Now nipple and navel piercings are one thing while out and about in a naturist environment but female genital piercings should be reserved for the privacy of the bedroom. The worst we have seen is a clean shaven woman with a little silver padlock pierced from labia to labia providing a form of chastity protection. Can you imagine in the heat of passion searching for the padlock key!

Tattoos are another thing I abhor, whether on nude or textile skin canvas. This is just the mutilation of the given body. Tattoos increased by 27% among people of the United States of America in 2012, rising from 14% of the population to 15% . In numbers with a population of 314 million people in 2012 tattooed persons increased from 44 million to 47 million. American women now exceed American men with tattoos. Have you seen an American woman with an Ace of Spades or Queen of Spades tattoo? Do you know what those tattoos signify? It means that they have slept with a black man, would like to sleep with a black man or only have sex with black men. There were two dusky Arab naturist girls on the beach with us in Spain. Firstly, it was unusual to see Middle Eastern naturist woman in the nude. Secondly they were both heavily tattooed, both behind the left shoulders filling almost a quarter of their backs. One had a thin line of tattooed writing running from the base of her neck diagonally to over her ear disappearing into her hairline. The other had large letter tattoo from the top of her vagina running diagonally over her thigh. They more or less “set up tent” next to us on the beach every day but despite smiles of hello and good morning there was a vast language barrier, as I would have liked to talk to them about their tattoos, what they meant, what they said and their significance. If the over indulgence in tattooing was not enough the younger of the girls with a very slight build had had silicone breasts implants in her petite breasts. It did not enhance but looked like two grapefruit had been forcefully implanted making her slender body look totally top heavy and out of proportion. Why had she destroyed and spoiled such a beautiful young body?

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