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My size from kid to now and the stories to go with it

Growing up I was always the tall skinny kid that was always asked “you play basketball?”. In elementary school I was always thought to be the biggest guy in the class in more than one way. To bad for me being tall did not translate into a bigger dick. I started jacking off while in the pretty early in my youth. For years I thought my size was normal then came the senior year encounter with my first cock contest. Me and Eric went back many years from living next to each other he asked me one day “do you think you got a bigger dick than me?” I said yes since I was atleast a head taller than him. So I whipped out my softie all 2 inches of it. Eric just stared at it in amazement I was thinking to myself I got him so beat. I got it hard to its full size of 4×5 measured it with my mom’s fabric tape measure. Eric then told me he was sorry for what was about to happen he dropped his pants and there under his whitey-tighties was a bulge that I couldn't believe, I said “Eric are you ok?” I was scarred since I've never seen anything like that Eric said “Yeah but you might get hurt”. He turned around and took off his underwear, even though Eric was all of 5' tall when he turned around the size of his man dick scarred me. He said he wasn't even excited yet and already he was more than twice my length soft. He took the tape from me and measured 5×6 soft I instantly got soft to embarrassed by the recent turn of events, Eric sensing that he was in control said watch this. He began to get hard by stroking it slowly. Being so thick his hand couldn't even wrap all the way around it he said “Just give me a couple of minuets and I'll show you what I can do”. I watched as this little tank of a guy got hard in my bedroom. He said “ok I'm big now” measuring the girth first he was still 6” but the measurment of his length was unimaginable 8.5 fucking inches. He was 18 years old I was 19 years old and taller how in the hell could he be that much bigger than me. From that point on I knew I might have a problem in the size department.

Since that day when Eric showed me what type of man he was I became self-conscious. Being stuck with a dick 4×5 was not a big deal until I noticed other guys during gym had a lot more packed into their boxers and briefs than I did. It was now senior year of high school hormones were raging, I started shaving this year and had tons of hair in the pits and around my stalled cock. You see I still was waiting for that cock growth spurt. I was now 6'4” a height I retail till this day but my endowment never seemed to catch up. I found myself staying away from girls since I now knew I was going to be made fun of if they found out I was packing like a fith grader. This continued through all high school staying away from dances keeping to myself all because of my cock. Senior year arrived and I noticed something different after a couple months I could see my cock sticking out the side of my hand while I was spanking it, followed by a noticeable lower hanging set of balls that really made me happy watching them swing was awesome. By the time I was ready to graduate I had grown 2 inches in about 8 months bring me to 6×5. I had more confidence and it was only going to get better from there for the next couple years.

I hit a plateau in my growth when I hit 7.5×5.5 my current size to this day being 22 now. I joined this site in hopes of finding some support for my past and I did, apparently there were things called “late-bloomers”. Well now a month ago my younger sister calls me asking for guidance saying she just had sex for the first time. Being a senior in high school I told her that she made a mistake and I was here for her but then the conversation turned to the guy. He was the same age as her. So I was running through my head a kid eight years my junior was having sex before I did. She said she thinks she can’t handle being with a guy like him. I said “what he hurt you” thinking he was abusive towards her the response I got was anything but what I was expecting. She said “he was just so big” she was amazed so much that she got our moms measuring tape (same one I used years ago). She said that while he was hard she measured his length and he was just over 9 inches long and 7 wide. I was shocked, scared again; how the fuck can another guy be so much bigger than me and younger. In a lapse of mental judgement I said “fuck hes bigger than me” I got a long pause on the other size followed by a giggle one of my sister and another I didn't reconize. Then there was a guys voice on the phone it was the kid fucking my sister he said “how big or should I say small are you man?” I knew right then I was done no use lying the word was out I told him what I was packing. He said to me he felt sorry for me that he was my size 3 years ago. My sister took the phone back and said he was wearing my underwear and that they were not touching his waist at all along the front of his body and that it was evident that I was not hung at all. The guy yelled into the phone “wait untill we meet I'm going to show you up.”

We make no attempt to shy away from what is about to happen the 7 of us from ages 22 to 14 are about to be naked in my parents basement letting cum fly. I ask Eric who these two girls and guys are they had been keeping to themselves the entire time, Eric said " they’re my boyfriends girl and her friend". Holy fuck Eric was gay and not only did he have a guy but the guy had a girl a regular love triangle that I wanted to make a 4 person. I motion my sister over that what ever happens tonight she says "fuck yeah this is going to so out of control its crazy, oh yeah sorry about the small cock brother". Great my sister still talks about my cock I think to myself. Ross comes over to me shirtless six pack abs showing and says "alright little boy watch a mans cock work". I tell Ross not so fast why not let me see what it feels like first I grab his crotch so fast it scares him. Ross seems to like the idea of me going first on his pole. I slowly drop my jeans and expose my rock hard 7.5" dick to the whole room Ross and Eric both look at me and give the "poor helpless kid" look to each other. Ross tells me to stand up and stand back he drops his jeans and exposes his young hairless teen cock to me only semi hard it’s already fatter and a bit longer than my full hard-on. I pick it up and place it next to mine for a good comparison and tell the horse hung fucker that he’s a big man and I’m very impressed. I tell him though his might be nice but that I know for a fact his brother is a real mega hung superstar. I look over at Eric and he has this deer in the headlights look on his face. I thought to myself he’s gotta be bigger he was 8.5" in the 10th grade yeah his brother is bigger than that now but he’s older. Well as it turns out Eric was an early bloomer and that was about it he stayed at 8.5 while is younger brother kept growing. So not only did this fucker beat me in the size he beat his own brother by a good inch.

I couldn’t resist anymore I started to stoke my dick and the boys just sat back and watched the smallest dick on the biggest guy go to work. I glance around the room nothing but went panties and tented boxers. "what the fuck guys lets see some fucking". As much as it pains me to say it my sister was a real animal after that point taking her fuck partners cock balls deep and deep throating like a pro. I yell for Eric to suck his little bros cock while I get with one of these girls he says " just like when Ross passed me in length 4 years ago". What the fuck Ross was 8.5" when he was 10? Holy shit this kid is going to be a porn star someday. I grab the blond away from the corner and tell her that I might be small but this fucker lasts all night the next thing I know I’m getting sucked while the other guy whose name I forgot and didn’t care fucked her as my sister and Ross are going at it 69 on the pool table. The smells of sex where everywhere.

"I’m GONNA CUM" I shout Ross and Eric leave there fuck partners to see how much I can actually blow out of my nuts. I tell Eric to get on his knees it’s my fuckin turn to get him dirty. I give it a couple of strokes and I let loose firing 4 shots over his head onto my sister’s naked body the following dribbles run all over Eric’s face, it just keeps running I was so happy that my biggest cum shot was happening. I finish and tell Ross "ok pony boy your turn". He procedes to fuck like a mad man pulls out and says eat this up you old son-of-a-bitch. 6 shots fire across the pool table, another 5 or so on my sister’s body and a few streams that fall to the floor the kid turns with a demonic look in his eyes and says I got one more shot and it’s for you fucktard looking at his brother. I watch as Eric’s ass gets assaulted for a quick two thrusts followed my another 5 shots of thick cum that Eric greedily licks up. Me and my sister just watch as our friends fuck each other and we say to each other we’re so going to get in trouble for this.

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