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PART – 02


It has become my routine that I was not missing any chance to see my parents involved in sexual activities. Generally they were doing this three/four time in a week. I used to masturbate after seeing them. I have seen them different positions which can be seen in any blue film. My dad was and is a very good fucker and knows very well how to satisfy a woman. My mother, a good looking lady with very sexy figure takes active part in every activity with my dad. The most important thing is that neither my dad nor my mom was and is having sexual relationship with other then them. My mom keeps her pussy clean shave all the time. Once I have seen my dad shaving her pussy. My father’s dick is about 7.5″ long, thick enough and very hard. He also used to keep his cock clean shave.

I have seen them in all the position but never seen him fucking ass of my mother. Maybe they do not like it. This was always an advantage to me that they like to keep light on during sex and I am able to see everything very clearly. They might be thinking that their little girl Julee is in deep sleep in next bedroom and because of that they did not bother to lock bathroom door from their side as they were doing this after midnight only.

So many years have passed and but I could not stop myself to see them fucking even today. I try some time to see them but most of the time I found the bathroom door locked from their side. But some time, when they forget to lock the door, I enjoy their sexual act.

My father and my uncle are the only two sons to my grandparents. Both the brothers love each other very much. My dad being elder brother, always get respect from my uncle. My uncle is still unmarried because he does not want to marry. He is very handsome like my dad. My uncle’s bedroom is just opposite to my bedroom. We have total 4 bedrooms on first floor of our house. Another two bedrooms we have on the second floor. Drawing room, kitchen and a small office is on ground floor. The computer is in the office and we all share it.

Now, coming back to the real matter, once night, I was enjoying seeing my mom giving her mouth service to my dad’s dick and my dad was enjoying my mom’s pussy licking it. They were in 69 positions that time and I think, I was enjoying more than them. My hand was already under my panty and my fingers were playing with my pussy lips and clits. My pussy was leaking like anything and my fingers got wet with my pussy juices.

When my parents finished the blow job to each other, I have closed their bathroom door carefully and returned to my bedroom by locking bathroom door from inside of my bedroom. I was so excited and I wanted to reach climax by rubbing my pussy and clits on urgent basis. I turned after locking the bathroom door and I was shocked to see my uncle was sitting on a chair in my bedroom near my bed. My mouth gone open in shock and surprise and I could not understand what to do; I understood that my uncle must have seen me enjoying my parents sexual act. I could not speak anything. My legs were refused to move further. I raised my head slowly. I was thinking about the reply or the explanation which I should give to my uncle.

My uncle was looking at me with a lot of questions in his mind. Suddenly my uncle stood up putting his finger on his lips with silent sign and holds my hand. He took me to his bedroom opposite my bedroom and locked it from inside.

Uncle: I do not want that Bhai and Bhabi hear our talking, that is why we are here. Now tell me, what were you doing?

Me: nothing uncle! I just returned from bathroom.

Uncle: don’t try to fool me. I have seen all.

Me: all? What all? I was doing nothing.

Uncle: you were watching your parents in their bedroom. The light of your parents’ bedroom was coming up to your bedroom thru bathroom and you were standing behind their bathroom door slightly opened thru which the light was coming. I have seen you clearly.

I did not speak anything. I understood that my secret is not a secret now for my uncle. He knows everything and now my uncle may inform this to my parents. We were sitting on the bed facing each other. My eyes started floating water and my uncle was watching me. My head was down.

Uncle: Hey! Look at me. Don’t cry.

He raised his hand and wiped out my tears.

Uncle: Answer me clearly. Do you wish that I should bring this in knowledge of your parents?

Me: no uncle! Please!! Don’t do that. Please!!!

I hold my uncles hands.

Uncle: OK! I will not inform this to them but tell me, since how much time you were doing this.

Me: Since six months!

Uncle: oh! Since quite a long time. Do you understand what they are doing and what you are watching?

Me: yes!

Uncle: say clearly. Don’t hide anything from me. Do not shy as I know it. You are my little baby and I will keep the things up to me only.

Me: they are making love.

Uncle: Do you understand the details, what they do?

Me: yes uncle! They are doing sex.

Uncle: good! But you are a little baby. From where do you know all this?

I thought that I must not involve my friend Angelina in this matter. I must save her as she is my good friend.

Me: One night, I went for loo. Their bathroom door was open and light coming up to bathroom. Also some voices coming and I wanted to know, what is going on at this time in the night. I have seen them doing sex and since then, it is regular, two/three times in a week.

Uncle: Alright! But how you got yourself educated about sex? How you know exactly what they are doing? You are a little baby and I am surprised that you know this entire thing.

Me: Accidentally, once I watched a blue film and I understood the things.

Uncle: Blue film? Where you have seen that? At your friend’s place?

Me: No. At our house only. I was searching for movie cassette and I found that in mom’s ward rob.

Uncle: Oh god! Tell me clearly! Do you have any kind of friendship or relationship with any boy?

Me: No uncle. I do not have any relationship with any boy.

Uncle: You are my little baby but since you know so much about sex, we should discuss it openly. After seeing your parents in sex, did you not feel that any boy should do this to you?

Me: I have not thought about any boy till now.

Uncle: Then how can you sleep after seeing all this?

Me: No uncle!! Pls don’t ask this. I am feeling shy.

Uncle: Don’t feel shy my baby. Tell all clearly. Don’t treat me your uncle from now onwards. Treat me like friend. Otherwise I will tell to your parents.

Me: I used to satisfy myself with help of my own finger.

Uncle: thank god. I am happy that you are not having any sexual relation with any boy.

Me: Uncle! Can I go to my room now?

Uncle: OK! You may go but I will wait for you tomorrow night. I shall have to talk to you more.

Me: Good night uncle!

My uncle stood up and hugged me. Kissed me on my cheeks and said… Good night my baby.

I felt pressure of some hard thing like a rod on my stomach when he hugged me and understood that it was my uncle’s dick. I was sure that he is not going to inform anybody. I came to my bedroom and trying to sleep. I could not sleep for a long time. I thought about masturbating but there was no mood because of all this happened.

Next day, I was not in mood. My mom asked me in the morning, what is wrong but I told that just I could not complete my sleep and everything is alright. I went to the school. I wanted to talk to Angelina about this. I met Angelina and informed all matter. She remains quite for some time and then told me… Julee! thanks that you did not mention my name. Now the things are open to your uncle and I think your uncle wants to make sexual relation with you. She told that there is no harm. The only thing is that you are only 14 and your uncle is a strong matured man. But I think he will take care and will not harm you.

I returned home after school and was thinking about sexual relation with my uncle. To be very frank, I was also feeling need of a male who can satisfy me and if it is uncle, the things remain in home only. It is better to lose virginity to own uncle then losing it to any other boy.

I have taken my dinner and was waiting my uncle to come to his bedroom. At 11.00 in the night, my parents went to their bedroom and after that I noticed that my uncle entered in his bedroom. I was thinking that whether to go there directly or I should wait for my uncle’s call. Suddenly, I saw my uncle opening door of my bedroom and whispered… hello baby. Are you in sleep? I got up from my bed and my uncle smiled to see me.

We went to my uncle’s bedroom and it was locked from inside by my uncle. I was thrilled that what is going to happen. We were sitting on the bed and my uncle took my hands in his hands and told… you know baby… I love you. I love you more after we talked yesterday. I was looked in to my uncle’s eyes with a lot of questions.

Uncle: Baby!! I am happy that you have become young. Now we will be good friends. we will keep each other’s secrets in our heart. Do you feel that somebody loves you like your dad loves your mom?

Me: Yes uncle! But I am a child now and I don’t want to do this anybody only for pleasure.

Uncle: when we are open to each other, what you think about me? I will go forward only if you agree. I don’t want you to feel bad about me. Don’t worry! I will keep your secret in my heart even you don’t allow me to love me.

Me: no uncle!! Nothing like that. I am sure that you will not do anything wrong with me but I am scared!!

Uncle: Scared? Scared about what?

Me: I am your little baby and you are a complete man. Is it possible?

Uncle: oh that!! Do you know why I did not try to do this yesterday? I tell you, because I love you and I don’t want to harm you. I know that you have to to learn a lot of things about sex and I will do it without any injury to you. You are virgin my baby and I will take care of this. It is very good that you are going to lose your cherry to your uncle. Yesterday I was not prepared. Today, I brought a jelly that will help us.

Me: jelly? What jelly?

He shown me a tube and said…. I know that it will be surely needed.

Me: oh!

I could not say anything more at that time.

My uncle took my face in his hands and put his lips on my lips. Oh my god!! That was the first kiss of my life. I hugged him and started to do the same thing to him in return what he was doing. He was licking my lower lip and I was licking his upper Lip. He got my tongue in his mouth and started stimulating it. I also did the same thing.

I noticed that my pussy is getting wet as always and I was thrilled that today I will be fucked. Lights of bedroom were on and we could see everything very clearly. We completed the kiss and he started to move his hands to all over my body. He unbuttoned my top and removed it. I was not wearing any bra and my small boobs like lemon were shining in light. He looked my lovely boobs and put both of his hands on both of my boobs and started massaging them gently.

Oh! That was the first touch of any male on my boobs and I was enjoying it. His hands moved down and he opened hook of my skirt and put his hands under it on my ass. He removed the skirt and pant and I was completely naked. Then he started to remove his cloths and soon he was also completely naked. His hairy and broad chest was in front of my eyes and I could see that his cock was like a hard pole. His cock was long and very thick. I compared his cock with my father’s cock and noticed that his was longer and thicker. I started to think that how it will go in to my small pussy.

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