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My New Neighbor!

This took place awhile ago when I worked as an escort…

Gosh, it was hard work moving all the furniture and fittings up those stairs to my new apartment. Fortunately, I met my new next-door neighbor early on and he kindly offered to help me move my furniture about in the apartment. And as luck would have it, he was also gorgeous. He may only be a shy twenty-something accountant, but its clear that he likes to work up a sweat in the gym after work. Seeing those bulging biceps certainly turned me on—he even let me have a squeeze of them. God, I’m such a flirt!

Afterwards, I offered to pay him for his time but being a true gentleman he refused. He did however, accept my invitation of a drink round my place in the evening. I was already having dirty thoughts as I led him to the front door. He had already confirmed that he was single and that he hadn’t had a girlfriend in years. Maybe this was an invitation? Either way, his presence had me feeling horny all day long. Also, I knew that I wouldn’t be seeing any clients for another couple of days, I decided that I had to have him that evening.

A few hours later, my doorbell rang. I had already had a nice soapy bath, waxed my tight little pussy so that it was nice and smooth. I was wearing plenty of lipstick to accentuate my fleshy blowjob lips, my sexy new heels, a short skirt and a low cut top that showed of my huge boobs. Yeah, I looked like a bit of a slut, but I wanted to make sure that my neighbor would have a boner the moment I opened the door. I slowly opened the door and there he stood. He had taken his glasses off and now looked so much more of a hunk in his tight t-shirt and jeans.

We sat on the sofa drinking wine, flirting with one other. He was clearly too much of a gentleman and perhaps a little too shy to make the first move; I knew that I would have to. I lent forward towards him and placed my hand upon his, whilst kissing his neck. “Oh yes” he said, “I so want you now.” I laughed and told him that I’d been wanting to bounce up and down on his cock all day long! He couldn’t believe his luck. He had told me that his favourite celebrities were Pamela Anderson and Jenna Jameson. And here I was; a fit young big-boobed, round-assed, blonde-haired Barbie girl with the prettiest face, ready to give him a real treat.

He lay back on the sofa whilst I straddled him; we continued to French kiss passionately as I pulled off my top revealing my sexiest black bra and a huge cleavage. He told me that he was a real boob man so I pulled one of my massive soft breasts out for him to play with. Mmm I so loved it as he sucked and gently bit my sensitive nipples, I could feel my pussy getting all wet. I was soon aware of something incredible happening underneath me—something very large was stirring in this young man’s jeans! I just had to see it. I popped my breast back into my bra and slowly sank onto the floor in front of him.

He lay back on the sofa as I parted his legs and moved towards him on my knees. I could see that he had a massive erection that was ready to tear through his jeans. My God! It looked like he was hiding a cucumber! I couldn’t wait any longer. I quickly undid his belt and buttons and pulled his jeans and boxers down. Out sprung the biggest dick I have ever seen in my life, and I’ve seen a lot of dicks!

It must have been 12 inches long. I remember thinking to myself that we were both in for a treat tonight. I immediately grabbed his beautifully shaven monster cock, his bell-end already glistening with pre-cum, and smeared it all over my face before feeding it slowly into my cock-hungry mouth. I wasn’t even close to taking the whole thing—it was just way too thick and long. It tasted good though and as my head bobbed up and down, I managed to massage his lovely shaved balls which made him moan.

I looked up at him and asked him what he would like the most. He took one look at my huge cleavage and spluttered out, “tit fuck, please!” I lowered my bra straps and revealed my big soft 34E boobs. My neighbor just sat there staring. I could tell he loved what he saw. I leant forward with my big breasts easily enveloping his huge cock. His cock was already well lubed with my saliva and his pre-cum and it slid easily into my cleavage. I held my tits together clamping his beautiful cock and began to slide up and down.

My neighbor began to moan with delight. Mmmmmmm! I love fucking a big cock with my huge tits. It gives me just as much pleasure. Up and down I went, faster and faster. I could see from his face that he was really enjoying it too. My neighbor grabbed my arm, and shouted that he was going to cum. I suddenly felt his whole muscular body shudder, and as I leant back I grabbed his large slab of meat with both hands. As I slowly wanked his hard shaft, he let out a cry and a huge great spurt of cum shot up into my face. I pointed his cock in the direction of my face and chest as he continued to ejaculate hard all over me. I couldn’t believe how much cum there was. My face and tits were absolutely covered. Mmmmmmmmm.

Soon I was cleaned up, and we were both lying on my big bed holding one another. My neighbor lay on his back whilst I massaged his big cock and balls. He had just cum buckets but he was clearly keen to give me some pleasure too, as his dick began to swell up to its gigantic full size once more. His head went down towards my legs and he began to kiss my inner thighs. It wasn’t long before my sexy undies were off — I spread my legs and used my fingers to part my pussy lips so that he could lick my clit.

Mmmmm! it felt so good as his tongue licked and flicked my clit. He continued for a while when I felt his finger sliding slowly in and out of my tight little snatch. He licked another finger and thrust both fingers in and continued to slide them in and out, quicker each time. By now my pussy was absolutely soaking and with a whimper, I climaxed. I felt my whole body tingle, my pussy contracted and went into spasm as I orgasmed. It was amazing!

I could already see that my horny neighbor, turned on by seeing me cum, wanted his turn again as he knelt beside me wanking on his huge hard cock. I couldn’t wait for it either, and as I lay on my back with my legs apart, I begged him like a little slut, to lie on top of me with his full weight and fuck me hard with his giant cock.

I looked down towards my pussy as his monster cock came into view and pressed at the opening to my snatch. I was slightly nervous at the large thing, but too turned on to care.

He gently got the enormous head in and already I felt amazing. The fat ridge pushed open my tight lips causing a moan from the both of us. I begged him to go deeper and he continued thrusting and gaining ground each stroke. A powerful climax ripped through my body and caught me by surprise. My pussy walls must’ve crushed his dick because he stopped until I was done.

I hooked my legs around his ass and told him I love the stretch from his giant cock and I need it deeper. He tried going faster but I kept yelling deeper.

Finally, he came down on top of me with his full weight, and in doing so he rammed his huge dick into my tight little pussy. I can only say I winced as the walls of my vagina stretched around his big fat one. Never before had I taken anything so large. He went straight into it, fucking me harder and harder. He was fucking me like an animal, and I was loving every minute of it! His big heavy muscular body on top of me felt so good, and I held on to his firm ass as his big dick punished my naughty little pussy.

It wasn’t long before my body began to writhe as I orgasmed once more. As I came, he pulled his massive prick out of my snatch and shot his hot sticky load all over my stomach and chest. Mmmmmmmm, it felt so good.

What a great fuck my neighbor was.

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