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My Fun at Daytime Swinging Club with 2 Sexy Guys!

Wow! I just literally got home and sat down after another awesome day at Kestrels!

I have been speaking to “J” for a while now about meeting with him and although we had a missed 1 to 1 meet previously he had contacted me before his holiday to say he would love to meet me when he got back for a meet a kestrel with another friend of his for some mmf fun!

They approached my car in the carpark and I thought “mmm now these 2 guys are fit, yummy, what fun am I going to have today” and briefly we said hi and headed to kestrel reception. Of course the staff looked happy but not surprised to see me back and yet again they were as friendly as ever.

First of all I showed them all around to all the facilities and the mood softened as I am fairly sure they sensed how laid back I was.

Then we sat and chilled in the hottub; there was no wind and no rain this time and I flirted with them sitting on “j’s” lap whilst I wanked “a” and it was only a short amount of time before it was too hot in the hottub and we were all gagging for some action. We walked down to the playrooms and they helped me put on the new harness I bought and we went into the dungeon.

Inside the dungeon, I kissed them both whilst they played with my pussy and ass and “j” made me gush first really hard whilst I sucked “a’s” lovely big hard cock! and then “j” fucked me… I gushed again.. the floor beneath us was soaked as they swapped positions and we seemed to have an audience of 1 or 2 guys and swapping positions again after making me gush yet again and each of them fingered my bum whilst fucking my soaking wet pussy and it felt so good… next we moved on to the sex swing.

They helped me get into a comfortable position and the first one to fuck me was “j” and we had quite an audience at this point, my bum was tilted towards him as he slid his big hard cock in and thrust with quite some force, telling me how wet and tight I felt I asked him to fuck me harder and faster and as he did I came and came over again and again gushing… I am sure our audience could see floods of waterfalls of cum spirting out below me as I gushed with quite some force… and it felt sooo amazing I couldn’t help but moan and scream in ecstasy and then “a” took over and did the exact same yet again fucking my needy pussy hitting my g spot everytime and making me cum in waves and floods of pleasure, it was the best feeling I have ever experienced. I could also tell by the approving noises and words of encouragement from “a” and “j” that they were really enjoying it too… they certainly were a good match in stamina for myself as I have quite a bit myself.

Next it was time to get refreshments and pick up the babyoil before going to the room where there was a one way mirror and it was rather horny knowing that people would be coming to watch and we couldn’t see them.

Taking turns in kissing me and pulling me towards each of them using my harness “a” pulled me down to the bed and I sucked him really deep as “j” fingered my pussy until yet again I gushed my cum allover the bed and then he poured baby oil over my ass rubbing it in and fingering my bum whilst he fucked my pussy again until I begged him to fuck my ass… as it slid in it felt so good, he pulled at the harness and pulled my back up to straighten up against him and fucked my bum really hard until my pussy gushed and he reached out to feel it and “a” told him I had gushed… then they swapped positions and “a” fucked my pussy before sliding his cock in my ass whilst I sucked “j’s” cock which felt so hard and throbbing in my mouth I asked him if we could dp and after getting ‘something’ on… he slid down and slid his cock inside my already soaking pussy… I had 2 cocks inside me and it felt incredible and we fucked like that for a while, it felt amazing and I came so hard… feeling them both thrusting deep into both my holes felt great and I could feel there were people watching, I bet they enjoyed the view and I hope they did!

Finally, I decided it was high time I allowed these gorgeous fit guys empty their cum, so I laid back on the bed and opened my mouth as they took turns wanking and shooting there yummy cum into my mouth and over my face… it actually tasted soo good and they came so much!

After we were all cleaned up and satisfied we went for a dip in the pool and those gorgeous sexy guys both gave me lovely sweet cuddles in the pool before it was time to go!

Thank you guys, you know who you are (aged 30 and just under 29: but didn’t look it, looked younger and very fit!;-)) these guys were absolutely gorgeous and in addition so sweet and considerate, I am so lucky to yet again this week have had such a good meet with such horny naughty guys who are also complete gents! lucky me!

Hope you enjoy the read!

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