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My First Sleepover

First some background, I’m J.P. and this story is about my second orgasm ever from a female back in junior high. I was always a good kid, not the smartest, but not dumb for sure. I was blessed with an early growth spurt, and always played sports at a competitive level. I was the kid that was tall and looked a little older, and my parents had to bring my birth certificate to all my basketball and soccer games til I got to high school. Puberty was a quick and an early process for me. I was 6’1″ when I was 13, and a year later I was 6’3″ and I’m still the same height to this day.

My story happened when I was in 8th grade at Tiffany Gonzalez’s sleepover when her parents were out of town. After my soccer game and lunch, I took a shower, packed my backpack with clothes, and rode my bike to Tiffany’s where everyone was just getting out of the pool when I arrived.

Fast forward to after walking back from In-N-Out for dinner, I think there were 13 of us friends and we all change into our pj’s and laid out our sleeping bags. We were innocent kids, by no means was this going to become an orgy, but it was the first time I was going to sleep in a room with girls there and no adults. I tried to act cool, but it was the first time I was seeing girls in tank tops with no bras and hard nipples. I was having the time of my life!

By that time Tiffany’s 2nd oldest sister, Nicole or Nikki, joined our party. She was the cool high schooler with big boobs and who smoked. I had meet her before in passing, so this was the first time really hanging out with her, and I used every chance to peek down her cleavage or when her tits squeezed together in her tank.

After a round of “Have I Ever” and Truth or Dare we all gathered around the tv and Tiffany put on a movie that we rented and turned off the lights. It was one of the “Friday the 13th’s,” I cant remember which, but I remember the scene where Jason kills the couple having sex in the tent. I remember it vividly, it was gruesome.

Most people were on the floor, or sitting against the couch, and I was sitting on the right arm of the couch with Tiffany on my lap and Nikki two feet away sitting on the left arm. We had always been friends, and I always thought she was cute, but at 5’1 and skinny I thought Tiffany was too small for me, but thanks to the Truth or Dare sessions we made out for the first time, then she never left me alone that night.

During the movie, Tiffany’s ass pressed against my lap and of course my dick. I’ve had girls sit on my lap before, but this was the first time where I was wearing thin boxers under my thin flannel pj pants (most likely from Old Navy) and she was wearing that super soft cotton sweatpants that kinda feels like the inside of a workout sweater.

My dick got rock hard. It wanted to press straight out of my pj’s but her buttcrack held me in place. I’m assuming she was pleasantly surprised. She began to grind her ass against my dick. Our friends were into the movie, screaming at every point of horror, but for Tiffany and I it was an after thought.

After a slow start, her grinding movements went from shy and hesitant to deep, forceful, and obvious. By halfway through the movie she essentially was giving me a lapdance next to her sister. Yes! Tiffany masterfully was pressing her pussy along my shaft. Thinking back now, I dont know how I didn’t cum right then, but I enjoyed every second and having Nikki eyeing me at the same time made me feel older than I ever have.

Maybe after 15 more minutes, Nikki tells Tiffany “let’s make more popcorn” and they both stand together and walk to the kitchen. I have to hide my tent thats standing at full mast. I have no clue where we are in the movie.

My dick is soft by the time Nikki and Tiffany comeback with two bowls of popcorn that they hand out to the people on the floor. When they come back to the couch though, its Nikki who sits on my lap with no warning.

She whispers in my ear, “my turn now,” as she sits her ass on my lap, as Tiffany takes her place opposite side of the couch. Now I’m in sensory overload. The hot older sister with the big tits, who I’ve been fantasizing for 3 years since I first saw her, is on my lap and presses her fat ass up on me.

Nikki is not like her petite sister. She’s 5’6, long wavy black hair, slim but not rib skinny like Tiffany, and D cups. I don’t know what shampoo she used but her hair smelled so good and girly. Nikki was wearing flannel pants like me, but hers were loose and she rolled the ribbing down.

I was rock hard again in two minutes. Nikki went for it. The way she rolled her ass on me back and forth, she was no virgin.

“Fuck its big…” Nikki said under her breath, with no regard for the movie. She paused her grinding and slid her right hand behind her and onto my hard-on over my pjs. Nikki squeezed the length of my shaft, squeezing and releasing down my length to my tip.

“Oh my god you’re huge,” she said to me as she turned towards to face me so she could glance down at her hand and my outlined bulge. I was speechless, Nikki was in total control. She coyly whispered, “can I touch it?”

“Yeah,” I said and I unbuttoned and parted my pj fly. With Tiffany jealously watching us, Nikki slid her hand through my fly and her fingers crawled through the opening of my boxers til she found the skin of my thickness. My cock twitched harder when her soft hand squeezed for the first time.

“Its so hard and warm” Nikki said as she stroked me. Nikki was sitting on me but now sideways and down the long side of the sofa. Nikki rested her head on my shoulder and pressed her round tits into my chest. I stared down her cleavage as she jacked me off with a half dick grip.

“Jeez your dick is so fat and thick,” Nikki complimented again. Probably no more than 3 mins passed and Tiffany nudged her sister to stop, and Nikki released my dick and switched seats with her sister. Tiffany climbed back on top of me and immediately kissed me. Her tongue was much more aggressive compared to the kissing during Truth or Dare.

After the movie ended and we all hung around the living room til we all eventually crashed and Tiffany slept next to me on the floor. I fell asleep feeling like a million bucks, and I didn’t even cum!

Sometime in the early morning, before the sun was up, I feel a hand shaking my shoulders, and I wake up to Nikki standing over me.

“Hey, shhhhh…” as she makes the quiet signal with her finger to her lips, and grabs my hand. I stand up as she leads me out of the room and up the stairs. “Don’t tell my sister,” she says as she kisses me before we get to the top step.

“Okay, I won’t,” I answer.

“My boyfriend can’t find out too,” Nikki warns as she leads me into her bedroom. I didn’t know she had a boyfriend either. She closes the door behind her and we stand in the middle of the room as she pulled my head down to kiss me deep. Nikki just kissed like a woman or to what I imagined a woman kissed like.

Nikki’s hands went straight down my boxers for my dick. It was soft when she grabbed it, but another minute of kissing that sexy latina, plus her hands stroking me, I was full size quickly. I stood there a tall developed 8th grader, shy and just going along with the ride, reacting to whatever Nikki wanted.

Because my dick pressed down by my clothes, Nikki pushed my pjs and boxers down my leg. My dick sprang up and out into her to stomach. Nikki grabbed and stroked my dick with her two hands.

“Fuck you’re so big. You’re like twice as big as my boyfriend,” Nikki told as her eyes stared on my dick.

“Really?” I said, as my growing confidence was an all time high.

“Did my sister make you cum?” said Nikki.

“No.” I answered.

“What’s the most you have done with a girl?” Nikki asks.

“Kissing and jacked off once.” I answered too honestly. Nikki pushes me backward to sit on the bed and my clothes fall to my ankles. She stands over me and we kiss again, I finally gain the courage to touch her and my hands hold her at the hips. Nikki breaks the kiss and lifts her tank off over her head freeing her large round tits. She pressed her breasts into my face, smothering me with her hands behind my head.

Oh I was in heaven. Her tits were cold pillows of flesh against my face. I opened my mouth and allowed her to run each breast and nipple over my lips as I kissed, sucked, and bit. She rocked her head back in pleasure every time I did something right. Even more so when I brought my hands to cup her tits and squeeze.

“Ya like that…” Nikki would moan and encourage me.

My cock stayed rock hard throughout my first breast play experience. Nikki reached down for my dick and stroked it with her right hand, then she got on her knees! “Tonight’s your lucky night.” Nikki said.

Then she took my cockhead into her mouth for a sensation I’ll never forget as she sucked with pressure. Wow! Her head bobbed back and forth as her mouth glided down more of my shaft. It felt amazing!

After a minute she withdrew her mouth and gasped for air, “You’re too big, I’m not used to it. Does it feel good?”

“It feels really good.” I answer. After a few breaths and hand strokes, Nikki continued to suck me.

The ecstasy plus the sight of her pretty face and big tits, I can’t imagine I lasted five minutes before I cam in her mouth, more accurately exploded in her mouth. It was all completely new sensations to me so I gave her no warning.

Nikki pulled back as I filled her mouth with cum and gagged her. As she swallowed the first mouthful, I sprayed some on her chin and neck, before she continued to suck me again where I didn’t have much cum left.

Nikki wiped her mouth and the cum off of her with her bath towel that was on her chair. She gave me one more soft kiss on the lips and ordered me, “okay go back downstairs, if someone asks where you were, say you were in the bathroom.”

I went down and found my spot and found it hard to sleep as I lay my head down from all that excitement, but the drunk orgasm feeling succumbed over me.

I woke up a new man that morning. I had many more secret rendezvous’ the next couple of years with Nikki before she left for college and before I hit my stride in high school.

Sorry for the length of this story, I didn’t intend for it to be this long, but it just came out of me as I started to remember all the details.

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