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My First Fuck

I am lying in bed naked entangled around my partners body like ivy. It is eight thirty at night on a dark, cold, November evening. In bed as we kiss my hot breath appears visible in the air around us like misty clouds. I feel my breasts start to harden and nipples stand upright as my pussy starts to get wetter. I feel a feeling inside me you get when you are on a roller coaster followed by a throbbing, pulsating feeling in my pussy and I suddenly realize: I want him now… I want him sooo much… I want my first fuck.

I find myself needing and wanting, my body throbbing hard and pulsing as my heartbeat quickens. This is feels naughty, it feels right.

My partner rolls me on top of his muscular, hard body. We kiss passionately until I feel his hard big cock against my thighs. I’ve never seen it before until now, and it was incredibly big. I’ve seen porn before, but he looked a lot larger. I begin to wonder if this will work, could my virgin pussy take that massive thing. My thought was cut off when my partner says soft into my ear, “I love you.”

Our body’s cold, wrapped under the duvet turns me on. I feel my wet pussy dribble on his stomach as I am straddling over his body, I’ve never felt this soaked before. Slowly he inserts a finger inside me and I feel my body instantly buck forward and backwards to feel the finger going deeper.

Satisfying my needs but not satisfying enough. My partner takes out his finger and slowly sucks it and then gives it to me to suck. I taste my sweet, salty taste. It’s very sexy. I am so wet at this point my partner flips me over so he is on top of my petite cold body.

As I lay down my legs are parted wide apart and then pushed up, knees apart.“Be quiet, baby,” he whispers slowly and sexy into my ear. This sent shivers right down my spine. As I was lying down, I suddenly feel warm wet lips on my clit. The sensation is amazing! Nothing like I have ever felt before.

I arch my back up and crave more touch, more attention. Finding it hard to be quiet I bite at the pillow next to me. I then feel his tongue circling around my clit as he inserts a couple of fingers into my throbbing soaking wet pussy. I almost start to want to come. Then he stops. My breathing is hard and needing.

My partner slowly kisses my neck as he slowly inserts his big hard, thick cock into my throbbing pussy. I let out a big moan. This feels reaaally large. It hurts at first, but then the pleasure grew and grew. I then feel him go in deeper and deeper.

“You are sooo fucking tight baby,” he lets out a gasp. “I can’t believe how much you’ve taken!” He calls out trying hard not to cum.

After a few thrusts he is in deep and I dripping wet. This feels like nothing I have ever felt before. Our bodies start to get hot and under the sticky duvet covers, the window has all steamed up with condensation and the room has an aroma of our sex.

Soon our bodies become a steady pulsing rhythm we both have connecting. I then feel a head fuzz sensation and as he gets faster and deeper, I cry out, “harder, I need you now.”

Then I felt his pelvis finally come in contact with mine, I managed to take the entire thing! With a few more deep fast pulsing thrusts I feel myself let go. The room going fuzzy, my head hot, my stomach doing a million somersaults and my heart beating so fast I almost think it is going to stop. I cum all around his hard cock. Within seconds I feel another pulsating feeling followed by a gush of fluid.

My partner began cumming almost instantly of me climaxing. The full feeling of spunk inside me was amazing. We lay still for a few minutes kissing passionately. As we rolled over we realized that the whole bed was covered in our messy sex. Cum, my bodily fluids, spit, it was kind of a turn on.

This was my first fuck. It was amazing and something I will never ever forget.

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