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My Fantastic Freshman Experience part 2

Let me start out by saying that in the previous part of this story I did lie and swap Trevor and my own cock sizes. I’m really about 6 inches while he has 7.5 inches of fantastic cock.

So the first three-way between Ali, Trevor, and I:

So we had talked about how everything about the relationship between the three of us was going to work and we had decided that Trevor and I were dating in an open-to-Ali relationship while Ali could do as she pleased.

While talking about all this in Ali’s room, Trevor and I were sitting in boxers and a t-shirt while Ali was in panties and a t-shirt (no bra). Almost as soon as we had talking everything out, Ali go down on her hands and knees taking out Trevor’s cock. Seeing as I had already gotten to experience him, I pulled my cock out the fly off my boxers and got behind her.

I started out by pulling her panties down and eating her out while she was sucking on Trevor’s cock and fingering him. Once she was good and wet, I grabbed a condom out of the box under her bed and rolled it on then shoved my cock as deep into her vagina as I could. Trevor’s cock filling her throat muffled the moans that I had come to love making her let out while having sex. So we fucked like that for a while, then she told Trevor and I to switch places. While we swapped, she told me that she had cum three times in those few minutes (which was really hot cause I had never made her cum more than three times in any one sex session.). So then I was able to just relax on her couch while she sucked my cock and Trevor fucked her.

After a few more minutes, she told us that she wanted to suck both of our cocks while we made out on her bed. So Trevor and I laid down on her bed while she swapped in-between us always sucking one and jacking off the other.

After a while we separated and both fingered her while switching between sucking on her tits and making out with her.


Eventually I moved down and started to eat her out and jack Trevor off while Trevor made out with her. Then he got up, got behind me and ate me out, then started to fuck me. And let me tell you, I thought there was nothing that could possibly feel as good as getting fucked while eating a girl out (except possible getting fucked while giving a blowjob but I didn’t have experience with that at the time). However, about 3 minutes later I was proven wrong when Ali moaned that she needed a cock back in her so I stopped eating her out and started fucking her while Trevor fucked me. Later we switched and I started to fuck Trevor while he fucked her. And God the moaning that caused (both Ali and Trevor). I almost came at that point but I simply stopped to take a breather and watched my wonderful boyfriend fuck my best friend and I knew that this was going to be the best time of my life. Once I was ready to join back in, they stopped fucking long enough for Trevor to lay down, Ali to sit on his cock and lean over, and me to double penetrate her pussy. She started moaning so loudly that we actually had someone on in the next room over start banging on her wall and screaming for us to “hurry up and finish fucking and think about inviting [her] next time.” Amazingly, both Trevor and I came within a second of each other soon after that and we all feel on Ali’s bed and took about a 2 hour nap after that, cuddling in each other’s arms.


We never did end up inviting the girl next door due to our agreed upon arrangement but Ali did end up having her over occasionally for herself seeing as the girl was also bi.


Sadly this story ends with Ali graduating at the end of the school year along with Trevor transferring schools because he changed his major and another school had a much better program for it.

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