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My ex-husband came over and fucked me hard

I was home alone one evening having a nice hot bubble bath washing my body when I heard a knock at my door.

I got out of my bath dripping wet and without thinking of wrapping a towel around my naked body I went to my door and opened it to find my ex husband at my door, he looks me up and down and raised his eyebrow as if to say “can I come in?” I opened the door wider and let him brush past my wet erect nipples and walk into the living room, I then lock the door behind him putting the slip chain on so we cannot be interrupted.

I follow him into the living room, body and hair still dripping wet and dripping all across the front of my body going over my breasts and down to my pussy.

I find him in the living room unbuttoning his trousers and slowing taking his shirt off revealing his tanned 6 pack and bulging biceps.

I walk over to him to give him a hand and slowly lower his trousers to reveal his massive throbbing wet cock finding out he’s no pants on under his trousers. He was a lot bigger than I remembered and then men after him. I forgot how much of a size queen I can be.

He starts touching my huge breasts and making me feel all hot and horny so my hand slowly makes its way down to his cock rubbing it up and down brushing my fingers along his balls.

He then starts to lick my breasts and lowers one hand down to my pussy rubbing it and making me extremely wet and wanting him but he tells me to “WAIT” turning me on so much knowing that he’s in charge and the boss and I have to do as I’m told.

He then tells me to “get on my knees and worship his manhood” so I do as my “boss” tells me and gets on my hands and knees and starts sucking and licking his hard wet cock pulling back his foreskin to lick the rim off his cock clean and it makes him shiver and pull my hair in pleasure.

I carry on sucking and going deeper and deeper and licking his balls and putting them in my mouth and all the while he’s rubbing my tits and turing me on more and more, he then pulls me up by my hair and starts kissing me and rubbing my wet pussy then lifts me up against the wall and lines up his huge cock, I could already feel the heat from it.

“Go slow, ok? You’re bigger than I remember…”

Without saying a word I feel his massive head push into me. I couldn’t help but groan. After I got more used to his length and girth he picked me up with his strong arms and put my back against the wall.

What happened next had me yelping like very few guys could provide. His powerful hips pushed me against the wall as he inserted his entire monster into me. He pulled me close so we were chest to chest as I was screaming into his ear. What have I gotten myself into?

He starts fucking me hard against the wall with my legs wrapped around his body. I can’t stop moaning in pleasure as he continues fucking me.

After some time of fucking me like this he then pulls me over the the kitchen table and bends me over it inserting his cock into my very wet pussy while holding my tits he starts fucking me again harder, grinding his hips against mine each time he goes balls deep.

He’s now ready to cum and I’m climaxing in delight he pulls his cock out turns me round and shoots his load all over my breasts and then when he’s empty he tells me to lick it all off so I do as I am told and start to lick his warm cum off my tits paying special attention to my nipples.

When I’ve finished licking the cm off my nipples he gets dressed and says “that was great, nice to see you” and leaves.

I stand in my living room shocked as to what just happened and wondering when he will appear next time…


If you liked that true story then you will love the rest of my true stories.

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