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My Doctor

In July 2011 I called up my doctor to make an appointment for health check up, to be honest the only reason I made the appointment was to see my doctors sexy ass in her tight skirt. so she booked me for the following week, I couldn’t wait I was really excited.

It was appointment day, I was sitting in the waiting room waiting for my name to be called. I was so excited I was tapping my feet and fiddling with my fingers. then I heard her sexy voice “Mr. Mali I’m ready for you” I jumped up and rushed to her, we went to her room and I said “after you sexy, oops I mean Dr”. having said that she looked at me and then looked down in-between my legs as if she wanted to see what was in my trousers.

She said “take a seat for me” she asked “what is the purpose of your appointment today as you seem perfectly fine” I said “I came for a full body check up” she told me “go behind the curtains and strip your clothes off” I did and came out naked and she said “mmmm I mean lay on the bed for me sir” I layed on the bed and she started to listen to my heart beat then she felt my throat, she moved down to my chest, then to my stomach, then she moved down to my dick and said “I think I can see the trouble”.

At this time my dick was rock hard, and wishing I could shove it in her tight asshole. She told me “to stand up and bend over” then she spread my but cheeks and licked my ass and I said “uuuhhhhhh that feels good baby” she continued licking my ass, then she put a finger in my ass and with her other hand she started to milk my cock. I got so horny I stood up and started kissing her and ripping her clothes off.

I put her on the bed, spread her sexy long legs and started sucking her pussy, I put my finger in her pussy and sucked her clit. She was screaming and scratching my back. then I lifted her legs up and started licking her pussy, I was eating her pussy at the same time. She was screaming my name and her legs started to shake. then I put two fingers in her ass and sucked her clit till she cummed all over my face.

Now it was her turn to suck me off, she started sucking my cock and fingering my ass. She was so good she made me moan like I have never moaned before that felt so good. She took a condom out of her draw, put it on my dick and she sat on it and started to ride me.

I was sucking her sexy 32DD tits while she was bouncing on my cock. I then turned her over and started to take control I was fucking her really hard and rough just like she loves. Then I put my big black dick in her ass.

She was in the doggy position ass up face down my favorite position. I was fucking her ass so hard, and then when I was about to cum, she got on her knees and sucked it all out of me and swallowed. the best doctor I have ever had…

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