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My Cheating Wife

It was bonfire night and yet again I was working. Evey year since 2007 I had been working every bonfire night, and it was starting to do my head in.

Me and the wife, Clare, had been having a few rows leading up to bonfire night. One of the main rows was because I was working late again, and we wouldn’t spend the night together. I explained I had to work late, but she didn’t listen and took off in a huff.

Great. not only am I working but the daft cow has stormed off on one, I’m well and truly in the doghouse when I get in.

i was on the shitty 2-10 shift and I was trying to ring clarea all night but she wouldn’t answer.

My mate Tony, said that I could get off a hour early and he would cover for me, which was great. I jumped in the car and stopped at the local Tesco on the way home for a bottle of wine.

i was thinking the cow hasn’t answered my calls all night I was going to get in and fuck her hard. with that in mind my cock was getting harder and harder by the mile.

Clare said last week that we don’t have sex as often due to me working all the fucking time and she thinks I’ve gone off her.

She was stood there in a silk nightdress, with her dark hair and slim figure crying. it’s because off promotion I said, Clare just told me to fuck off!.

with all this in mind, I wanted to make it up to Clare, and the only fireworks at our house tonight will be that in the bedroom!

i arrived home in record time, all the lights were out and I thought clare must of gone to her friends to watch a bonfire. how wrong I was!

my plan was to get in, have a shower and some wine and fuck my beautiful wife!

as I entered the living room, I could hear groaning from upstairs. I thought the dirty bitch is playing with herself again, a 12 inch vibrator a friend got her last year for xmas.

she was always fucking herself, 8-9 times a day. at this point I thought fuck it I’ll start to pour the wine and take my clothes off.

i could hear clare shouting- go on you dirty fucker, harder, fuck my pussy go on make me cum!

fucksake I thought-the neighbors will be knocking on in a minute!

i was listening at the bottom of the stairs-so this is what she does when I’m at work? no wonder she doesn’t answer the phone she can’t fucking hear it!

i made my way upstairs. carefully balancing the wine as my cock was hanging out, shaking and waving.

i got to the bedroom door and heard a man say- go on you slut, take it up ya asshole you slag!

i dropped the wine everything.

yeeessss harder up my ass you twat clare screamed and keep fucking me!

what the fuck? I looked in the room and the slag clare was riding one black guy while another was fucking her up the ass!

they were banging her hard and the headboard was banging even harder!

don’t stop don’t stop both of you cum up me cum CUUUMMM! she screamed!

i hid round the door-if I go in these guys will batter me what the fuck do I do?

i looked in again and clare was riding the guy this reverse cowgirl style, while sucking the others cock.

i couldn’t believe it. clare was a lying bitch she would deny everything, so I panicked and got by phone out to take a picture.

she seen me looking.

she just stared with angry at me while a guy cums all over her face.

she didn’t say a word.

then the other guy who she was riding jumped and sprayed all his juice on her face.

she was covered in cum I hadn’t seen so much before.

she finished herself off by fucking her vibe.

i ran downstairs and hid till the guys had gone.

i came out naked and clare was standing there, also naked but still covered in spunk.

you deserved that you bastard she said. I didn’t reply-i was in shock.

covered in spunk, she then said I bet you enjoyed seeing me getting fucked and started to suck me off.

i also cum all over her face and she told me to fuck off.

i didn’t know what to do. go mad? cry? what’s the point?

then I thought revenge is sweet…

watch this space…

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