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My Cheating Girlfriend

My name is Robert. I am a 22 year old, very good looking white male I work in the city as a very successful stockbroker. The only thing I have ever been lacking is a decent sized penis. Mine is 7 skinny inches at its biggest.

I’d never had trouble attracting good looking women, it was holding on to them that I found difficult. They would either lose interest in me, or as I would later find out, cheat on me. I came to accept the fact that women preferred bigger cocks and later learned to fantasize about my girlfriends fucking other men. Even though I would talk to them during sex about it, up until I met Kate last year, I could never prove it.

I had only been with Kate for 9 months when I first caught her cheating on me. I met her through a friend of a friend through work and thought I was the luckiest man on earth. Kate was a 23 year old and absolutely stunning, with long dark hair, big green eyes, full thick rosy red lips and an hour glass figure. She had soft milky white skin, big full firm tits and what some would call a bubble butt. Hers was an extremely round pert ass that would stop traffic. She was a very confident woman and would always wear skimpy revealing clothes that accentuated her sexiness.

Throughout the course of our relationship our sex life had always been unfulfilling, and although she never complained, I had never been able to give her an orgasm. I had never seen her flirt with anyone until I introduced her to Devon at a work party.

Devon was a very tall muscular black man with model looks. He was well known around the office to be extremely well hung and therefore a big hit with the ladies in and out of work. He had only been with our firm for two months when word got around that he had already fucked 3 women at work. One of whom was married. Devon fucking Kate quickly became my main fantasy which I would masturbate to as often as possible.

At the party and after a few drinks, I finally got to introduce them. The attraction was instantly obvious. He immediately moved within inches of her. Kate would look intently in his eyes while he spoke and laugh at every joke he made. At one point during the conversation, she placed her hand on his shoulder and let her nails slowly drag down over his chest.

It was at this point they both turned to see if I noticed. Kate looked a little guilty as if to say “sorry darling” while Devon had a smirk on his face as if to say “I’m gonna fuck your girl and I have a huge cock and there’s nothing you can do small white boy.”

I quickly looked away and pretended not to notice. When we got home that evening after a few more drinks and some lines of cocaine (which she loved) she said that earlier that evening when she was chatting to a few of the girls from my work she had learned what a stud he was. I laughed “yes he is meant to be very well-hung.”

With that she said “shall we go upstairs to bed? I need to be fucked.” My little dick twitched at her talking so nasty. I followed her up the stairs all the while hypnotized by her amazing big ass.

As she got near the bed she lifted her dress up and knelt on the bed with her ass in the air, doggy style was her favorite. I took off my pants and was amazed at how wet she was. My small dick almost fell into her. I had known I couldn’t satisfy her with my cock since we first met but she would always let me have my two minutes until I came.

But this time she went to the bottom drawer of her bedside cabinet and pulled out a thick 8″ dildo. I was shocked but before I could speak, she said “put this in me baby.” She was behaving so badly that I nearly came there and then. Kate was usually silent when I fucked her but as I slipped the dildo inside her swollen pussy, she moaned as I had never heard her before.

I had never seen her act so slutty as I started to thrust it into her harder and faster. I looked at her pretty face and just knew she was thinking of Devon. So I said “I bet you’d like Devon’s big cock inside you right now wouldn’t you baby?” She quivered, let out a long moan and came in hot gushes which soaked the dildo and my hand. That was the first time I had seen her cum without me licking her pussy.

It seemed to me that our sex life had improved. Little did I know…

If I would talk nasty to her about Devon while fucking her with the dildo, she would orgasm. With me watching her act so slutty while she fantasized about him fucking her seemed to be a pleasurable thing for both of us.

Two weeks of those games went by. I left work early one day to get some documents I had left at home that morning, when I saw Devon’s car parked in my usual space. I knew what I was going to find. My heart was beating fast and the anticipation of what I might find was overpowering. I managed to quietly sneak in the house. There was music playing softly on the stereo.

From the staircase which led down to our rather spacious dining room I looked down to see Kate on her knees. Her head pulled back by the hair which was wrapped in Devon’s fist. Her big tits were swinging as she was following his order to push her big beautiful white ass back onto the biggest cock I had ever seen.

I could hear her pink shaved soaking pussy make squelching noises each time he eased his black meat in and out of my girlfriend’s cunt. Every now and again there would be a slapping sound as his hips would meet her ass cheeks, and she would make a guttural sound of pure animal lust.

At this point he roughly grabbed onto her slim waist with his massive black hands and started to pound her with a slow controlled motion. Kate met him with her own thrusts, gritting her teeth as her ass would wobble to each thrust of his body. She said with a loud moan “YES! Right there baby! Right t-there! P-please d-don’t stooop I’m gonna cuuuuuum!”

With that I watched my girlfriend twist buck and grind back on Devon’s massive cock with an explosive orgasm that seemed to last for ages. I’ll never forget the look of pure pleasure on her beautiful face as her orgasm gushed on this black studs bigger cock. This was his cue to fuck her harder and faster.

She was as helpless as a rag doll as his powerful black body kept on pounding my girlfriend with long deep hard strokes of his monster cock. Long strokes that I would never be able to match. He told her he was coming and she reached back, clawing at his thigh to pull him deeper into her as he unloaded his hot cum in her. She seemed to let out a moan for each jet of thick cum that was shot inside her.

After a minute he pulled his softening soaking black meat from her swollen cunt. Kate stayed where she was, her ass in the air breathing heavily. He slapped her ass hard, stood up and said “clean me now baby.” As she got up big globs of his cum fell out of her cunt down her legs and onto the carpet.

As she was about to take him in her mouth I was about to quickly and quietly make my exit until I heard my name mentioned.

“You’re just so much bigger than Robert! I can’t get over it. I’ve never cum so much in my life…”
“Oh yea, is that right?”
“Yea! Not only is it way longer, but Robert’s dick is just so thin. I can barely feel him enter sometimes. I can barely fit my hand around your dick though. Yours is funner to play with too.

I heard some giggling after that and then sucking noises followed by more big cock worship. I was easily defeated here by the bigger man. Also, now I had to worry about Kate becoming pregnant, because surely that big dick was big enough to reach her womb and then some.

Then I actually left and I parked my car a few streets away and waited for an hour with an erection realizing that I had just seen my fantasy unfold before my eyes.

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  1. victorsev says:

    Great story the envy of most men!  By the way a 7 inch dick is no means smal on a white boy!

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