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My Aquatic Adventure

I swim laps at the local outdoor pool at the high school. The fence is easy to climb over and sometimes I like to go alone at night. I especially like to swim in the rain. So one rainy day I went over there pretty sure I was going to be alone and decided to swim nude. My 8.5 inch cock felt so good, skinny dipping with a big cock is very sensuous. After several laps I was working up a little bit of a hard on but not enough to slow me down. Although it was night there was a full moon and I though I heard someone so I looked over to fence. There was someone so I thought I’d better find my Speedo. But when he came over it was Miguel who I knew from high school. He was our best diver and had a gorgeous body. Divers have to wear really skimpy Speedos for some reason and he had trouble getting his cock properly covered up and had to wear his cock up and to the side. I dreamed about him often but hadn’t seen him in years and never really knew him because he moved here from Mexico in his senior year. He asked is he could join me and jumped in nude. I thought maybe it was my lucky day.

Naturally I peeked at his cock and he had a fat 8 inch or so uncut cock. I could see him getting a little hard right away but I kept swimming. I could not help but get a little harder every time I passed him, and I saw that his was getting hard as well. Pretty soon I had a full on raging hard on and it was really slowing me down. Although it was very sensuous and sexy I finally had to stop at the side of the pool. Luckily Miguel stopped as well and went under the water and nibbled on my cock and I almost came right then. I sat up on the side of the pool and he went down on me for a few minutes but I really wanted to suck his uncut fat cock. So we traded places and I sucked him till he started to cum. I pulled his cock out of my mouth and let the jizz hit me in the face and go all over my chest. Once his orgasm stopped and his cock got soft he motioned for me to get out of the water and he returned the favor.

That was my blow job in the rain with my hot Mexican boy fantasy.

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