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Mr. Inchcock

It was a well known secret in school that the sports teacher Mr. Inchcock had a massive prick but nobody had actually seen it despite the rumours. I was determined to get a glimpse as the guy was a fucking hot piece of eye candy, particularly in his bulging shorts which did much to support the rumours. One afternoon after a strenuous football match which resulted in a very painful hamstring injury I was taken back into the school by Mr.Inchcock (or twelve-inch-cock as he was known) . He had kindly offered to drive me to the local medical centre to get my leg checked but first he had to clean up himself as he had participated in the match and was covered in mud. I was eased onto a bench with my leg up toward the back of the shower room out of the way of all the other guys cleaning up. Though this prevented me eyeing up all my teammates dicks it gave me a birds eye view of the staff showers which were sectioned away from the main cubicles. Normally staff showered away from prying eyes but because of the urgency of my injury Mr.Inchcock hit the showers immediately and began washing off the caked mud from his glorious body.

I could not take my eyes off his magnificent cock as he soaped the beast lovingly. It was almost like he was caressing it as he soaped the knob and balls and I was loving every minute of it. My cock was straining against my shorts and I would have loved to have leapt in the shower with him and soaped it up myself. Suddenly he looked up and saw that I was watching, I covered my obvious erection but I knew he’d seen it. Rather than stop what he was doing he gave me a proper show soaping his cock back and forth as it erected in front of me. His other hand reached under his legs and he pulled his balls back towards his arse as he wanked his prick into a massive erection. My mouth was dry my heart was beating like a sledgehammer and I found myself stroking the front of my shorts for some relief. The rest of the class had now left and I was alone with Mr.Inchcock, a fact that he was well aware of. He came out of the showers his cock bobbing up and down as he walked over to the door to lock it. He turned to me with a big smile on his face. His cock was an absolute beauty, it must have been nine inches with a beautiful suckable knob and heavy hung balls. My stomach was a flutter with butterflies as he walked towards me and the pain in my leg was forgotten as he pushed his knob against my lips.I couldn’t believe hat was happening but my mouth opened on cue and his stiff cock slid to the back of my throat and I began to suck. He didn’t say anything but his groans and moans spurred on my sucking to a level of frantic cum lust. I wanted to suck the guy right off, that would be something to tell my mates and boast about and I was just about to finish him off when he withdrew from my throat and knelt before me easing my stiff cock from my shorts and swallowing it straight down. I’d never been sucked like it, my mate and I often 69’d but this was different it was sucking at a high level and Mr.Inchcock’s tongue was a master of licking. He lapped my knob he lapped at my balls taking them both into his mouth at the same time before delving down on my cock again. His hand wanked my shaft expertly, he twisted it this way and that as he choked on the knob and I was ready to explode. He knew I was ready to cum and held his handsome face against my prick as I splattered it with cream. His tongue did not stop licking out at my prick and he caught a hefty dollop straight into his mouth. He was grinning like a cheshire cat licking at my cream with delight. At last he stood up and began wanking his own mighty tool towards my face. I opened my mouth wide, I had to taste him too. I didn’t have to wait long, a stream of hot jizz coated my tongue and throat followed by six more jolts of heaven as he covered my face with his spunk. I took his cock back into my mouth to feel the last pulsing droplets ooze from the tip.Neither of us spoke for what seemed like ages and then he suddenly ducked down and kissed me full on the lips diving his cum slick tongue around my mouth. I responded to him gripping the cheeks of his heavenly arse, I wanted to finger him I wanted to fuck him and I knew he wanted to fuck me too as he slid a finger up my arse as he kissed me. We’d both cum a bucket load and yet we were both still fuckng randy . He pulled away from me at last and returned to the showers to wash down again.

"I want to fuck you really bad" he said "but I have to get you to the medical centre".

I struggled out of my shorts and opened my legs wide so that he could see my tight little hole.

"Fuck the leg" I said "Fuck me!"

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