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Motherly Love (my first Story)

On a cool, sunny day, deep within the heart of the jungle, a very special snail was born… however this is not a story about a snail… for a snail is far too slow for the pace of our tale… Our tale follows the adventures of a young tigress named Amila. Now… our fuzzy protagonist never really knew her father… he left shortly after she was born, her mother, Eelane, is the only family she has and the to grew very close together over the years, through hunting, forging, and playing Amila became very affectionate of her mother… with this growing affection, a curious nature, an adventurous spirt, and a newly forming “Heat” Cycle… it wouldn’t take long for the young tigress noticing her mother in ways she never imaged… her curvy hips, her ample breast, but the large, soft paws that support her stunning visage…

Amila blushed deeply every time she thought of her mother like this, and Eelane knew something was up… She would catch glimpses, and sneak peaks from the girl, Eelane found it rather charming, especially when she had to get the girls attention off her breast… this little charade went on for years, eventually the young tigress grew hotter and hotter with every passing second she stared at her mother… her beauty was just stunning… and she wanted it… the young tigress’s growing lust, overpowered her shyness, over powered her rational thought, over powered her fear of being denied by her mother, and with all that being gone the young tigress gracefully leapt into the air, pouncing on her mother, attempting to pin her down. A small struggle took place in the jungle, the leaves rustling with the rolling of the two tigresses, but when it had all had died down.

The only sounds that could be heard was the faint purring of the two females… however, it was Amila who was underneath her mother… she winced, expecting to be punished, but Eelane had different plans… her paw slowly crept towards her daughters virgin lips, teasing the folds with her soft fur, another paw gently taking the girls small breast and giving it a squeeze, before pulling her head up just the tiniest bit, Eelane’s lips meeting her daughters in a long passionate kiss… there tongues, preforming a dance of lust and passion… Amila was stunned… she couldn’t believe what was happening let alone how fast it all came, she began to moan in pleasure, her tail swaying side to side underneath her, happily as her paws would stay idle no longer, slowly running down her mother’s curvy hips, and onto to her plump rump, she gave it a gentle squeeze.

This earned her a moan from her mother, Eelane began to use to fingers rubbing her daughter’s pussy lips, her thumb, tracing Amila’s clit slowly, occasionally “rolling “over it. Amila began to pant into the kiss… unable to keep focus, her breast was rising and fall rapidly with every breath she took, her paws griped her mother’s plush ass roughly, her toes began to curl, Eelane began to slide her tail in-between her daughters fuzzy butt cheeks. Amila was drawing close, the pleasure assaulting her mind, a finger slowly found its way into her, pussy, prodding the tigresses hymen, until she could take it no longer, crying out noisily, she bucked her hips as wave after wave of tigress juice began to squirt out of her, coating her mother’s hand… before she softly drifted away to sleep.

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