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“Jay… I need you home now! I shouted into the phone. Someone has been on our property… and I think they’re stalking Azariah!” I was frantic. Yesterday after, we discovered the picture, I tried to reach him, but couldn’t get through. I was a little pissed because he didn’t call me at all yesterday, and now he was telling me he had to fly out to London for a Business meeting.

“Sasha… Babe… don’t overreact… no one is stalking Zar… Are you sure you didn’t save one of his pictures, I mean it could have gotten mixed up in your things from the move”. He said nonchalantly.

“Did you say the move… We moved damn near 7 years ago… Jay! Why the Hell would I still have pictures of Alonzo surfacing around… Do you know what it said on the back of it… Mommy and Daddy! I never wrote that!”I said in aggravation. I was getting peeved. I wish I could have punched him through the phone.

“You need to calm down,” he said, “I will be home on Monday we can discuss this then, but if you will feel more safe… Get a privacy fence but around the backyard… we need one anyway”

“Monday… you’re not coming back until Monday?” I said sadly.“You do realize that Mother’s Day is Sunday… We are always together as a family on holidays… What am I supposed to do with you not here?”

Jay took a deep breath. “Sash… look I have to close this deal… it’s important… very important that I handle this… I’ll make it up to you on Monday… Now look I have to go, I’ll call and talk to the kids tomorrow… I love you.”

“I love you too” I responded. Then he hung up the phone. I still had the phone to my ear and began to cry softly. I couldn’t believe he wasn’t coming home. We needed him here, and he was leaving us hanging. I wiped my eyes and grabbed the phone book.


Service was beautiful today. After church, the kids wanted to go over to Mom Duncans for the Mother’s Day Dinner. I really didn’t fee like going, but I went anyway. Everyone from the church was there having a good time. I took the babies in the house because it was extremely hot outside. I watched the kids through the window, they were having a ball.

I called my sisters and wished them a Happy mother’s day. Of course no one was home. Jehaida went on a cruise and her oldest was home with the kids. I told her happy mother’s day in advance. She was pregnant with her 1st child. She was due at the end of August, right before she starts her senior year in high school. I hung up and made a mental note to curse Jehaida out when she came home. I couldn’t believe she would leave 5 kids home with her 18 yr. old pregnant daughter. . For all of that she could have sent them to me.

Around six in the evening, I gathered the kids and said our goodbyes. On the way out Mom Duncan, told me she would keep the kids for me. I told her I was fine, but she insisted. I told her I would bring the formula back for the babies, I had given up on breastfeeding, they were tearing me up!She told me to relax she had everything here already. I kissed the children goodbye and drove home. I felt bad about leaving 4 children on my mother in-law but she insisted. Plus a member from the church was living with her now, she would help out.

When I pulled up into my driveway… I thought this would have been a great time for Jay to be home. They could have had a little fun. I got the out car and grabbed my plate. I would finally be able to eat in peace. As I headed to the door I noticed a large Box sitting in front of the door. I checked it out and it was addressed to Mrs. Sasha Hayward-Duncan. I found it odd, because I didn’t use the name Hayward

much. I picked it up and took it in the house. Once I was in I set my alarm. I took my food in the kitchen and heated it up in the microwave. I went back to retrieve the package, I left in the hallway. I sat it on my lap and began to open it. Inside was a gift box from Build a Bear Workshop.

There was also a card enclosed. I opened the card and it had a hand written message: <em>Even though we are far apart… My love for you has grown greater and we’ll be back together… soon… sooner than you could imagine… Our love is eternal. Happy Mother’s Day</em>

There was no signature. It brought a warm smile to my face. I sat the box down and ran upstairs to my room. I busted through the door expecting to see Jay, but he wasn’t there. I checked throughout the whole house. No Jay. The microwave was beeping. I took the food out and sat it on the counter. I was no longer interested in the food.

I went back to the box, and checked for a another clue. “Maybe he’s at a hotel or something,” I thought.

I opened the build a bear box and it contained a bear with the words Honey Brown stitched on the t-shirt. My heart began to pound rapidly. I turned the bear around, to see if anything was attached. Nothing. I looked at the bear again Honey Brown… I said aloud. That’s what Alonzo used to call me. I threw the bear across the room.

I ran to the phone and dialed Starla’s number. She answered on the 3rd Ring.

“Happy Mommies Day, she sang… I was about to call you but, I got caught up on a few things”

“Starla… where’s your mother? Did you ever figure out where she is?” I asked. She could hear the panic in my voice.

“Sasha… I haven’t seen nor heard from her… I told you she called me the day she was released and that was it.” she said.

“Was she in her right mind when she left… Did she make a full recovery.” I asked.

“I believe so… they wouldn’t have released her back into society if she was still looney. The last conversation we had… she sounded like her old self. She told me she was getting the scars removed from her face and start her life over… then she was gone”. She explained. “ Anyway… why are you so concerned about Camille all of a sudden”. She asked.

I told her about the events that has taken place over the last week. She agreed that it sounded like something her mother would do in the past. But she didn’t think it was her. She said maybe it’s just a coincidence about the bear. Maybe Jay sent it. I agreed with her, and told her I would call her later in the week. Maybe Jay did send it to me. I picked the bear up and sat it on the table. I stared at it a few more times. It was giving me the creeps, so I threw it in the closet. I hadn’t heard from Jay at all today. Maybe he was somewhere around here ready to surprise me.

I went upstairs and took a long hot bath. I soaked for over an hour. That was the first time, I had been able to do that in months. I went over to my vanity, and selected Love Spell body butter to wear. Jay loved that. I rubbed it all over my body and put on one of my sexy nighties. I laid in the bed, and waited for him to come for me.

I ended up drifting off to sleep waiting for Jay. While I was sleep, I had a dream about Alonzo. It wasn’t a bad one. It was a good, hot one. I dreamt that he was his old self, and we were making love outside in the rain. It felt so real. I could taste the sweetness of his mouth, and I could feel all 11 inches of his hard pipe grinding all up in my walls. In my dream he was whispering how we were going to be a family again, and that he would never leave me. He was kissing on my breast.

He was so much bigger than Jay in the cock department. I never considered myself a size queen before Alonzo, but feeling that stretch makes me wet thinking about it.

I began to moan in my sleep. I could hear him tell me he was proud of the way I raised Azariah, and he would be back for us soon. He began to fade away… I tried to hold on to him and begged him not to leave me… The last thing I heard him say was I love you honeybear…

“I love you to… Alonzo…” I said. Then I heard Jay’s voice.

“What did you call me! He snapped. I opened my eyes and Jay was on top of me naked. He pulled his dick out of me. And got off the bed.

“Jay… huh,… what… are are you talking about… when … did you get here?” I darted up, I was baffled.

“Did you just call me … Alonzo?”

“No… No, why would I do that?” I lied and then thought to myself, “damn…” I was daydreaming about my dead husband while my current husband and I were having sex. I got off the bed, and wrapped my arms around his waist.

I began to kiss his chest… ”Baby… your… just… hearing… things. I love you and you only.”

I dropped down to my knees and began to give him pleasure. I deep throated him, and gave his balls some attention. Next thing you know we were on the floor getting it in. I tried to concentrate on Jay but Alonzo kept coming to my mind. It’s that damn bear… I thought. Jay was about to explode but, I could tell that we he was trying to wait for me to cum too. I tried to get into it, but it wasn’t working.

I got on all fours and told him to do it from the back. He was a little shocked, because I didn’t like doing it that way anymore. It reminded too much of Alonzo and Greg, that’s the way they loved it. They were about being in control. He asked me if I was sure. I told him yes. When he entered me, I closed my eyes and thought about Alonzo. I felt my pussy begin to throb like it used to back then, I began to throw my ass back on his dick, Jay tried to keep it together after a few strokes he came hard.

I acted as if I had an orgasm too. He climbed up in the bed and within a few minutes he was snoring. I went to the bathroom, to really get my thing off. I reminisced about the first time I ever had sex with Alonzo back in Greg’s office. I figured my pussy until I felt the wet stickiness flow out. I tried to hold in the moaned from my climax. I didn’t want to wake Jay. I went to the sink to wash my hands. I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror. I felt as if I had cheated on my husband.

The next morning, I woke up to breakfast in bed. Jay leaned over and kissed me softly on the lips. He told me that today was going to be all about me.

“So, what made you get the bear?” I asked while taking a bite of my eggs. He climbed in the bed next to me and took a bite of my toast. “What bear?”

I sat my fork down slowly, almost thinking he was playing with me. “The bear with ‘Honey Brown’ on the t-shirt.”

“Babe… I don’t know what your talking about… I didn’t get you a bear…” He looked me in the eyes like I was crazy, and maybe I was.

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