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Mike and Beth

Beth was excited about the coming week, she was off on a trip, combining a conference then a few days break in a lovely hotel in the borders. She was so looking forward to relaxing in the hotel spa, and being pampered, never before going away on her own for a holiday. Her workload for the last few months had been hectic, so she thought that she needed a break, and never having visited that part of Scotland before she got on the net, found herself a hotel that had all the facilities that she required and booked herself in for a 4 day visit, intending to thoroughly spoil and pamper herself, and most of all relax. So today was the start of her week away, and she was happy as she set off for the conference, the last piece of work to be done in the coming week.

Mike too was busy organising himself at work, getting everything that needed to be completed before the end of the day, he was having the coming week off, going to visit with family and friends, take in a few days of relaxation, and catching up with everyone. He worked very hard, long hours, doing more than his fair share recently at the bank he had been employed at since leaving school some 20 odd years ago, he needed this break as he had been working flat out, so today was going to be the end of work, come tonight he would be packing and setting off on his trip. His first port of call was an overnight stay at his parents home, where he had grown up and still thought of it as home, his family were there, childhood friends and his beloved golf club. Life was going to be pretty sweet in the coming days, and he had a spring in his step as he approached work, a smile on his face, feeling happy and content, just wanting this day to be over and his holiday to start.

Having given you an insight into the two main characters in the story, how they came to end up in the same hotel, at the same time in their lives when they both felt that a change was necessary for them to unwind. This was to be the start of an incredible journey for both of them, although they did not know it, each would make a mark on the other on so many different levels, that it would be hard for them to stop the circle of events that took place that week.

Beth arrived late on in the evening at her hotel, was greeted by the owner, this was a family run hotel, very nicely situated in it’s own grounds and recently refurbished to encompass the new spa and gym facilities that guests so often looked for in hotels these days. She was shown to her very pretty and comfortable room, with it’s ensuite bath and shower, a tray of fruit and fresh flowers in the room were a welcome surprise, she was delighted with her choice, immediately making use of the shower, and dressed for her first meal in the hotel dining room, she was going to enjoy this, but was a little nervous as to how she would feel eating her meal all on her own, the first time she had ever done anything like this. The dining room was very comfortable, the food delicious and she was soon put at ease by the very friendly staff, so much so that she decided to have a nightcap in the bar, before turning in for the evening, she sat enjoying her brandy, planning the day ahead tomorrow. Waking early the next morning she dressed in sweat pants, and top and headed down to the gym where she undertook a 20 minute workout on the equipment there, and then into the swimming pool for a bit of a swim and then to relax in the sauna, before making her way upstairs to the dining room for breakfast. The day ahead was to be spent exploring the surrounding countryside perhaps stopping off for lunch along the way. She set of in her car, happy, content and looking forward to her day, she must have somehow took a wrong turning as she ended up in the car park of a private golf club, but got out to stretch her legs, and try to work out where she had gone wrong. Her attention was taken up by the sight of this tall, well built man on the practise range, she watch for awhile fascinated by the contours of his body as he practised his swing, and found herself daydreaming about him in a very vivid and sexual manner. She gave herself a talking to and got back in the car, and left to continue her day of sight seeing.

Mike was unaware that he had been observed that morning, as he practised on the range, hoping that this week would see some pretty good rounds of golf coming his way, He was also looking forward to visiting his brother and family in their hotel that evening, going for a meal with them and catching up on their news. The hotel had recently been renovated and this was the first opportunity he had to go and see the finished work, so all in all it was going to be a very pleasant day. He played a round or two of golf, then had lunch in the clubroom and set off on his journey to his brother’s hotel, arriving in the car park at the same time as Beth who had returned from her day out, and was looking forward to a nice long soak in the bath upstairs before going down for dinner. Beth recognised him from the golf course that morning, wondering if he was a guest at the hotel, if he was like her on his own, or was he with his family, She collected her key from the reception desk, made her way upstairs to her room and discarded her clothes. She loved to be totally naked, always delighting in the feeling it gave her, as she sorted out the bath, and her evening clothes, she was a biggish girl, with breasts that although were large were quite firm, and her nipples stood out like two buds as soon as the cool air hit them. Her long dark hair cascaded around them, and she loved that sensation, she got into the bubble bath she had prepared for herself and indulged herself, she pinched her nipples, run her hand over body and down to the fine downy hair on her pussy, she had often wondered what it would feel like to shave the hair off completely but had never gotten round to it. She sensed the stirrings in her, as she run her index finger over her clit, found herself starting to have the fantasy that always aroused her, the unknown lover, who would come and take her on a trip of extreme pleasure and pain, and to who she always submitted to willingly, doing things that she would never have thought to do by herself. He never had a face, her lover, only the most powerful body, and amazing cock, and she always managed to give herself an orgasm when she thought of him, but now as she got into the mood by pinching her clit, and fingering her hole, he took on the face and body of the guy on the golf range this morning, and she began to fantasies about becoming his slave.

Beth brought herself off to a shattering orgasm in the bath, as she remembered the body of the mystery golfer, bringing him alive in her fantasy, she always got so wet and turned on when she imagined being restrained by her lover, kept prisoner by him and made to do so many kinky things, like sucking his cock deep in her throat, or having her ass fucked by his wonderful big cock, she had never before brought someone into this that she had seen and wondered why him, but as the orgasm was so good she shrugged off her thoughts got out of the bath, dressed and went down to dinner.

Mike had been invited to stay over, as the hotel was quiet and there were some empty rooms, so he was now in the bath, thinking as he always did when naked about matters of a sexual nature, Mike was a highly sexual man, he shaved his balls and cock on a regular basis as the sensation was terrific when he wanked, he knew that if he was also lucky with a lady it would be equally good, he looked down at his impressive cock, standing upright and slowly began to wank, he loved the tension building up in his balls, and was quite content to just stroke for the time being, then all of a sudden the need grew, he wanked harder, and spunked, shooting the semen all the way up to his nipple.

Mike was horny, that was not going to go away so easily, but he had to dress and make his way to dinner, where the family would be waiting for him. He left his room the same time as Beth left hers, and the two of them meet in the lift, He being one floor above her. When the lift doors opened Mike found himself looking a the lady standing there, sizing her up, she was in her 40’s he was sure, she was not very tall, had long dark hair, and the biggest pair of boobs he had seen at close up range for quite some time, his little friend immediately stood up to attention, and Mike hoped that this lady would not notice. He looked at her face, clear of make-up, nice skin, big dark eyes and thought I would like to get to know her. All too soon the lift reached the ground floor and they both departed, Beth was in a bit of a fluster, she had less than half an hour ago imagined sucking this guy off, and here he was standing next to her in the lift, she did not know what to do with herself, she felt the familiar stirring in her pussy, and knew that being this close to him had made her want to cum

That was the last they saw of each other that evening, both went to have their meals in different places. Beth had a night-cap, went to bed feeling quite restless and horny, Mike stayed up talking with his brother then went back to his room, where he wanked himself off, before turning in for the night, thinking of the lady in the lift. Next morning, Beth got dressed and went downstairs to the gym for her workout, not knowing that today she would get more than she bargained for. Mike was already there, the two of them alone, so it seemed silly not to chat with each other as they exercised, he told her he lived and worked in Edinburgh, she told him about her job and life in the Fife area, and they seemed to get on well, next was the sauna, and here is where things began to heat up in more ways than one. It was not a big area for sitting and Mike had stretched himself out to his full body height pinning Beth into a corner, she could not really move, nor did she want, to admiring his body, and feeling decidedly wet in her cunt as she did so. His leg brushed against hers, it was like an electric current between them, he moved a little and she could breathe again, as before she was scared that it would scare him of if he realised how excited she was. Mike took the plunge and asked her back to his room for breakfast and she accepted, on the way back they barely touched, but once in his room it was a different story altogether, as their lips meet for the first time and they had the best snog ever
The next 24 hours went by in a blink, they were immersed in each other, Mike decided that he was unable to stay at the hotel, so he booked into another and Beth went to meet him there, it was the best night of her life, they were new to each other, it took awhile for them to explore each other’s bodies, they fucked, sucked licked and played with each other, only wanting more of the same. Beth opened up to Mike, told him of her fantasy of the lover whom she submitted to, and how and what he did in her fantasy, Mike was enthralled by the revelations, noticing that it instil in him a need to examine a side to himself that he had never noticed, so they decided to meet up the following week in Edinburgh to see where this would lead them. Beth was to come prepared to be his slave, Mike had to take her by force, restrain her, and make her do the most kinkiest things. She had to be punished, and receive pain, in the shape of spanking, nipple clamping, and much more, so the scene was set for a weekend of indulgence.

Beth brought with her nipple clamps that she sometimes used by herself, a dog collar, and some little playful whips, she had her rabbit vibrator, and cane too. She arrived at Mike’s flat, and was told to stand in the living room, strip off her clothes, put the collar around her neck and go and stand in the corner, whilst Mike prepared himself for the fun ahead. She was full of anticipation, and was already damp in her knickers before she even got there, and was glad that he would not see her embarrassments too much. Mike came over to where she was standing and from behind her he clamped her nipples, now she was his, to do with as he pleased, he took the belt from his trousers and slowly moved it up and down her body, now and again giving her a smack with the belt, teasing her, but not for the last time careful. He brought her near to orgasm time and time again, he forced his hard cock down her throat, till she gagged on it, then straight up her tight asshole, but the best moment for both of them was when he managed to fist her for the first time in her cunt then her ass, Beth screamed with pleasure, came very quickly on his face, and then some more, she told him all about the things she liked and he gave them and more. She was at first shocked when he pissed all over her, but felt even worse when he demanded that she drink it, as it did contain some of his spunk, but she grew to like it, and he grew to love mastering her over and over again.

They now meet up on a regular basis, and have an open friendship that includes sex. We may visit them again in the future, see how they have progressed.


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