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Mike stood in the kitchen with his girlfriend Lauren. They had both finished school early, and they had planned on going back to his house and spending time together, alone.

The young couple had started having sex just two weeks ago. They had experimented, and tried most things in most different positions, but one thing Mike had been asking Lauren to try was anal. Mike wanted to push his dick deep into Lauren’s ass every time he fucked her from behind, but Lauren wouldn’t let him.

“I’ll go on up to your room!” Lauren told Mike as she turned and walked out of the kitchen.

Mike put the bottle of cola away and followed her up a few seconds later. By the time he had got to his bedroom door and pushed it open Lauren was lying on his bed waiting for him.

“I’m not thirsty yet” Lauren spoke softly “but I think I might be soon” she smiled.

Mike admired his sexy girlfriend, lying on her side on his bed wearing just her bra and panties. Her bra was pink, and she wore pink panties with little red hearts over them. Mike loved how sexy Lauren could look when she tried, she was a very sexy girl, but when she was fully clothed and acting herself around people, she came across more as cute and innocent than sexy.

“Put the drinks down!” Lauren told him.

Mike put down the drinks and then took off his top and undid his jeans. He stripped down to his boxers and stood there with his semi erect cock.

“Come and get me big boy!” Lauren giggled as she rolled onto her back.

Mike got on the bed next to her sexy body. He gently ran his hands over her stomach. He made his way up and down her stomach, getting higher and lower each time. Then Lauren turned her head to the side and they began to kiss.

Mike ran his hand over Lauren’s tits as they kissed. He squeezed them gently and rubbed his fingers over her nipples through her bra. Then when he felt her nipples harden, he ran his hand down her chest, over her stomach and slipped it under her panties.

Lauren let out a moan feeling Mike’s hand cup her shaved pussy. Then she let out another moan when he placed one of his fingers between her pussy lips. She could feel she was wet down there; she had been waiting for sex all day.

Mike began to gently run his hand around, all over Lauren’s pussy, and his finger between her pussy lips was circling around her wet pussy hole.

“Mmmmm, that’s nice!” Lauren whispered

Mike and Lauren kissed passionately as he continued to rub her pussy.

“Go in me,” Lauren whispered, “put it inside.”

Mike circled his finger around her pussy hole a few more times before he pushed it inside. Lauren let out a moan when she felt it slip in; she loved feeling Mike’s finger moving around deep inside her pussy.

Mike’s cock was fully erect now, when Lauren felt it push against her leg, she reached down with one hand, got into his boxers and began t rub it. She played with his hard cock as he fingered her wet pussy.

The two teenagers played with each other for around five minutes. Lauren was moaning softly into Mike’s ear, still rubbing his hard cock up and down. Lauren could feel her hand wet, his pre-come all over the palm of her hand and fingers.

“I’m going to cum!” Lauren told him “Go faster! Make me cum!”

Mike pushed his hand a bit harder against Lauren’s pussy and began to move it around faster, as well as moving his finger in and out of Lauren’s pussy hole.

“Oh God! Yes! I’m cumming, Mike! Yesss!” Lauren moaned as she pushed her head back into the pillow behind her

Mike kissed her beautiful neck as her back arched and she moaned. He loved making Lauren come, and he loved watching her and doing it to her.

Lauren opened her eyes and rested her body from the arched position she had taken during her orgasm. She looked at Mike, and then she kissed him and took her hand out of his boxers.

“I’m glad you didn’t cum!” She smiled, “now you can make love to me!”

Lauren wiped the pre-come of her hand into her bra, and then she sat up and took it off. Mike watched her expose her beautiful, smooth tits to him. He loved Lauren’s tits, they were the perfect size, and she had amazing nipples that he loved licking and kissing.

Mike sat up and kissed Lauren’s tits. Lauren held her tits, holding the one by Mike’s face, pushing it closer to him to kiss. She moved her tit up and down, rubbing her hard nipple across Mike’s lips.

“Come on then, let’s have sex!” Lauren giggled.

“I’m not making love to you Lauren!” Mike told her.

Lauren looked at him, she didn’t know what to say, wasn’t sure if she had done something wrong.

Mike grabbed Lauren’s wrists and forced her back. He held her hands down on the bed and got on top of her.

“I’m going to fuck you” Mike kissed her.

A smile appeared on Lauren’s face. Her naughty side was coming out.

“Go on then! Fuck me!” Lauren teased.

Lauren opened up her legs and Mike moved between them. He let go of Lauren’s wrists and pulled off her panties. He looked at the wetness on them before he tossed them to the floor and started to remove his boxers.

Lauren watched his cock spring out from his boxers. Lauren loved Mike’s cock; it was so sexy, so big when it got hard. She hadn’t seen many penises in her life, but his was by far the largest, even comparing to actual porn stars. The first time they had sex it took around a half hour just for her pussy to accept half its length. They still had to go slow with sex, and she started to fear she was turning into a total size queen.

She loved giving her boyfriend blowjobs. He was too large to fit in her tiny mouth but not while it was still somewhat flaccid. When it was completely hard she would use her tongue or suck around the head. Lauren was tempted to sit up right then and take it in her mouth, but her pussy wanted to be fucked, she need to feel him inside her pussy, not her mouth.

Mike came back down on top of Lauren, resting his hands on hers again, holding her there. He pushed his knees up to keep Lauren’s legs apart.

“You want me to fuck you?” Mike asked her.

“Yes!” Lauren said smiling.

“How bad do you want it?” Mike teased her.

“Bad! I need it” Lauren begged a little.

“You really need it? You need it bad enough to let me fuck your ass?” Mike asked.

Lauren didn’t know what to say, she wanted to cum so badly, but she had never been turned on by the thought of anal. Not only that, but Mike had a monster cock that she wasn’t even sure it would fit in her ass! Lauren took a moment to think.

“Well? How bad to you want me to fuck your pussy, Lauren?”
“Okay, if you make me cum without you cumming, I’ll let you fuck my ass!”

Mike couldn’t believe it; he had always made Lauren come over and over again during sex before he did. All he had to do was make her come and he could fuck her tight asshole.

“It’s a deal!” Mike kissed Lauren and pushed the head of his cock against her pussy lips.

Lauren felt Mike pushing his cock against her pussy. He wasn’t trying to get in her hole though; he was rubbing it all over, up around her clit and everywhere. He was moving his hips around to move his cock and using his hands to hold Lauren’s.

Lauren was moaning softly, she knew he was teasing her, and she loved it.

“Fuck me Mike!”

“Beg for it!” Mike told her, still rubbing his cock all over her pussy.

“Mmmm, please! Please fuck me! I need that big dick inside me!” Lauren began to beg “I want it sooo bad Mike! I want to cum all over your cock! Then feel it in my little tight ass!”

Lauren knew that would get him going. Part of her was hoping to get him to cum so she didn’t have to get that big thing in her butt. Then she felt the head if Mike’s cock in her pussy hole. The young lovers had never used a condom, they were each others first, and Lauren was taking the pill, so they felt safe.

“OH! There it is!” Lauren giggled.

They smiled at each other and then began to kiss. Mike slowly pushed more of the big trouser snake into Lauren, and then slowly took it out again. She moaned, shifting her body with pleasure underneath him. Lauren closed her eyes and opened her mouth as she moaned, then she began to bite down on her lip gently.

Mike was still pushing his cock in and taking it out of her pussy. Each time he was going further in, poking deeper inside her hot tunnel. He always had to go slow at the start because of the larger size of his dick before he could finally go balls deep. Mike loved the feeling of her tight wet pussy around his cock, but he couldn’t wait to feel it in her ass.

Mike was now thrusting his cock all the way into his girlfriends wet pussy, and taking it all the way out before thrusting again. He knew this drove Lauren wild, but he also loved doing it, it turned them both on, and he had to be careful not to cum quickly

“Shiiiit, oh shiiit!” Lauren spoke to herself.

“What? You’re going to cum aren’t you?” Mike asked with a smile on his face.

“No, shit!” Lauren’s eyes were shut tight, her teeth sunk into her bottom lip.

Mike thrust faster, deeper into her pussy. Lauren wrapped her legs around Mike’s body.

“Cum! Cum all over my cock Lauren!” Mike talked dirty to her, “I want to fuck your wet pussy!”

“Shit! OH FUCK!” Lauren nearly screamed

Mike felt Lauren’s tight wet pussy clamp around his cock as she came. Her body arched again as she threw her head back and moaned through her teeth.

Mike stopped thrusting his cock; he just left it inside her pussy that was still contracting around it.

Lauren calmed down after her amazing orgasm and opened her eyes. She moved her head and looked up at Mike.

“It’s time for that ass of yours to get a fucking!” Mike said.

Lauren wasn’t exactly excited by the idea, but she had promised him. She moved around on the bed, taking her legs from either side of him and getting into the doggy position.

Mike stood at the edge of his bed on the floor; he put his hands on Lauren’s hips and moved her back towards him. He loved watching Lauren shuffle her body back, bringing her tight asshole closer to a fucking.

Lauren was on all fours, she looked back over her shoulder at Mike. She watched him smile looking at her ass; she watched his smile grow more as she felt him spread her ass cheeks with his hands.

“Be gentle!” Lauren said.

“I will, baby!” Mike leaned down and kissed Lauren’s back.

Mike began to rub his hands up and down Lauren’s legs and ass cheeks while he kissed her back. He started kissing her back around the middle, but slowly made his way down, towards her ass. Eventually, after a few slow kisses, Mike came to Lauren’s ass crack. He could smell Lauren’s pussy, as well as Lauren’s ass, which didn’t smell bad at all. Mike kissed his way down her ass crack.

“You’re not going to kiss it are you?” Lauren asked, she didn’t understand why he liked it.

“I’m going to do more than kiss it!” Mike told her.

Mike kissed between Lauren’s ass cheeks again, and then kissed her asshole. He felt Lauren’s ass cheeks and asshole tense. Then he poked out his tongue, he placed his tongue on Lauren’s pussy. He heard Lauren let out a little moan, and then he ran his tongue from her wet pussy, up over her asshole to the top of her ass crack.

“Fuck!” Lauren’s body shivered.

“You like that?” Mike asked.

“That felt amazing!” Lauren admitted.

Mike placed his tongue on Lauren’s pussy again, and ran it straight up through her ass cheeks again. He did this a few times, leaving Lauren’s ass crack wet.

“You ready baby?” Mike asked

“Yes! Get it in!” Lauren said “Please go slow thought! And you don’t come in there!”

Mike nodded and placed the head of his cock up to Lauren’s asshole. He felt her asshole tense up again.

“You have to relax it!” Mike told her.

Lauren tried to relax; she put her head down on the bed and closed her eyes. She pushed her ass out a little more.

Mike pushed on Lauren’s asshole; his wet cock began to slip in. The pre-come from his dick and the licking he had given her ass helped.

Mike held Lauren’s hips with his hands; he rubbed them slightly as he edged his hard cock further into her asshole.

“Oooh!” Lauren said.

Mike wasn’t sure if she was in pain or moaning with pleasure.

“Are you okay?” he asked, still pushing.

“Yeah, I am! Your dick is so huge. Just keep it slow!” Lauren reminded him.

Mike had half his cock inside Lauren’s asshole now; he was beginning to fuck her now, moving his cock in and out slightly. Her asshole was so tight, he couldn’t believe his cock was finally in there, it felt amazing and it turned him on. He didn’t think he was going to last long; the thought of fucking his girlfriend’s ass was just too much.

“How does it feel?” Mike asked.

“God! Did I say your dick was fucking huge and fat yet?” Lauren grinned, what a trooper. “Can you rub me? My pussy.”

Mike reached around and rubbed his hand over Lauren’s pussy, he was still pushing his cock into her asshole slowly. He began to finger fuck Lauren as he pushed his cock all the way into her ass. He had his cock as deep as he could get it into Lauren’s asshole.

“Fuck! Slow!” Lauren was angry, probably in pain after he pushed his cock in.

“Sorry… you will get used to it!” Mike told her.

Mike began to fuck Lauren’s ass a bit faster now, he thought she would be used to having his cock inside her now. He listened to Lauren moaning as he fucked her ass and fingered her pussy.

“Wait! It’s hurting! I said go slow!” Lauren told him.

Mike slowed down the pace a little, he loved the feeling of being in her ass, but he wanted to fuck it not have to worry about going slow.

Mike felt his balls tightening, his dick muscles flexing inside Lauren’s asshole. He knew he didn’t have long before he would come. He didn’t want to pull out now; he didn’t want to come before he got to fuck her ass.

“You trust me don’t you Lauren!”
“Of course I do! Why?”
“Just trust me!”

Mike put his free arm on Lauren’s back and pushed down so she couldn’t get up. With his other arm he held the bottom of her body in place, still with his fingers inside her pussy.

Holding Lauren in this position, Mike began to fuck her asshole, hard. He pushed his cock inside her; he pushed it in as deep as he could before taking it out. Then he did it again. Mike was fucking her ass, really fucking her, hard and fast.

“Fuck! That feels amazing,” Lauren was shocked, but she loved feeling it.

“I’m going to come!” He told her, closing his eyes and pushing his cock into her hole.

“Please, don’t cum yet, keep fucking me!” Lauren begged.

“I’m so sorry Lauren!” Mike fucked her ass, still playing with her pussy. She had become soaked now and was clearly loving a huge dick in her backside.

Mike felt his cock tense up inside her ass; Lauren must have felt it too.

“Don’t! Don’t, you fucking dare cum!” Lauren said demanded.

Just that moment though, Mike couldn’t hold it and he started to cum. He shot his seed deep inside Lauren’s tight asshole. It was quite a load, Lauren could feel it shooting and throbbing inside her bowels causing her to have another orgasm. She felt like such a size queen slut, but it secretly turned her on.

“NOOO!” Lauren began to cry into the bed.

Mike held her body tight, still shooting his come into her ass, his cock still twitching inside her tight, pink hole.

When Mike had finished shooting the thick white goo, he slowly released the grip he had on Lauren, and he pulled his softening cock from her asshole. Even soft it was still very large and the exhausted girl shuddered when it the fat helmet popped out.

As his cock fell out he saw his cum run out, and run over her pussy. He watched some of it drip to his bed in chunky globs. He completely filled her asshole with cum to the brim and it continuously kept flowing out. Lauren moved, she got up off the bed and began to get dressed. Lauren didn’t look at Mike; she grabbed her panties and put them on, not even cleaning up her ass.

“Lauren?” Mike spoke softly, “Are you okay?”

Lauren got all her clothes on as fast as she could and made her way out of his room. Already there was a clear wet stain from all the cum leaking out her butt.

“Lauren? Wait, you can’t go out like that. Let’s talk.” He grabbed Lauren’s arm.

“FUCK OFF!” Lauren spun around and shouted “FUCK YOU!”

“Lauren, I’m sorry! Please!” Mike grabbed her arm again “I couldn’t help it”

“NO! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! YOU FUCKING CAME IN ME!” Lauren screamed and slapped Mike, “I TOLD YOU NOT TO!”

Mike grabbed and slipped on his boxers and chased Lauren down the stairs. He watched Lauren walk out of the front door and straight past his mother. His mother also clearly saw the stain on her backside but didn’t say anything.

“What have you done now?” Michelle asked.

“Nothing, she’s just being stupid!” Mike said, “I need a shower.”

Mike turned around and walked through the house. He opened the bathroom door and walked inside. He came to the mirror and looked at himself. He hoped that things between him and Lauren would be okay.

Later that night, Mike picked up his phone and read the text message off his best friend Andrew.

Party next Friday at Adams, Invite people.

“Kim, you okay in there?” Jessica called to her friend.

Mike heard Jessica knock the toilet door, checking on her friend that she had staying over. He turned off his bedroom light and climbed into bed.

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