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Mickey: Part 1

The orb immediately realized that the something had gone horribly wrong in the space jump. Instantaneously it calculated its location and realized it had been flung clear across to the other side of the galaxy to a remote region in the outer spiral arm of the galaxy. It immediately accessed that it was far beyond rescue or return and it would never achieve its primary mission of bestowing its gift of power on the chosen race and its ruler.

The orb was an artificial intelligence designed by an advanced species with one purpose—to end the eons of conflict that plagued countless sentient races throughout the galaxy. In order to achieve this noble end, its creators had tirelessly sought to reconstitute the omega particle. This elusive particle was the very subatomic particle that existed at the moment the universe was created. From this particle, the universe was created during the big bang and was distributed evenly throughout the cosmos. Through a technology beyond the orbs concerns, its creators had brought it back into existence. Its nature beyond the physics of this universe, singular, and all powerful was placed inside the tiny white orb which was only about the size of a child's marble.

The orb itself was to be transported to a planet containing the chosen sentient race. Once there it was to locate one suitable individual within the race and fuse the omega particle to its physical body. The result of this integration with the omega particle would transform the individual into a supreme being. The creators foresaw that the resulting individual would so transcend all other sentient beings in glory and power that even the most egocentric species would be rendered into a state of voluntary submission to this new supreme being. However, the hopes of universal peace and order were not as simple as creating a vastly superior being to lord over all intelligent beings. The existence of a supreme being would make other beings realize their meaninglessness and paralyze the many civilizations the creators hoped to protect.

In order to prevent this outcome, the orb was instructed to alter the chosen individual to create a new social order that would promote both peace and progress. The orb was directed to examine the chosen individual and its host species and fashion a series of desirable behaviors in them both to nurture and grow the power of the Supreme Being. While the details could vary greatly based on the host species, there were key elements.

One, while the Supreme Being would be relatively all powerful to other beings, it would be able to confer inconsequential levels of its power to others by direct physical contact, thus making an elite class of minor powerful being who would in turn rule over lesser beings. Second, the nature of the elite class must be such that they would collectively sacrifice everything for more physical contact and power, so that the Supreme Being would have absolute control over them. Third, the Supreme Being must possess a character that would only allow itself to share contact with the most devoted members of the elite class. And finally, the power of the omega particle would only reach its full potential when the Supreme Being maximized its dominance completely over its species.

The species the orb was intend to visit had all the right characteristics to nurture a Supreme Being, however the orb had now found itself 1000's of light years away for its destination. With some instantaneous logic routines, it concluded that it would be unable to complete its primary mission due to fact that its omega containment field would deteriorate long before it completed a fraction of the journey back across the galaxy. Accordingly, it assumed its secondary objective — too find an alternative species that could achieve its primary mission. While a nearly impossible task, the orb remarkably located electronic transmissions from a planet from a nearby solar system. As orb interpreted the multi streams of electronic data and discovered a highly sentient race of beings that were located on the 3rd planet from the nearby sun. While the race was still primitive compared to its creator's civilization, it remarkably possessed all the drives and instincts required to host and nurture a supreme being.

The inhabitants of this little planet called themselves humans or mankind and they were biologically driven into hierarchical societies of great variety, which fostered submission to various forms of authority, and were dedicated to the worship of an array of local supreme beings in the form of god’s, monetary currency, and charismatic leaders. Even more impressive was the species natural instincts for survival which drove them irrationally towards the acquisition of primitive displays of power in the form of wealth, status, and influence. The species greed for power was not limited to individual survival and comfort but a deep seated need to pass on the individual's DNA for reproduction, an instinct for reproductive survival, which required physical contact between members of the species.

Within a nanosecond, the orb assessed and determined not only that this race would host the supreme being but every detail of the new social order, the members of the elite, the gender of the supreme being, and the significance of the sex organ in relation to the omega particle. A short time later it descended into the planet atmosphere and found a candidate for the omega particle transfer, a 18 year old boy named Mickey. Three weeks later …

Mickey was still freaked out three days after the bizarre incident with Brad in the gym locker room. Ever since Brad started dating his knock out step sister, Tina, Brad had made Mickey’s life a living hell. While he did not particularly like Brad, Brad's reaction to his newly transformed penis was beyond his comprehension. Somehow his cock had tripled in size in a matter of days, and totally fucked up Brad's mind. Since then the high school star quarterback had not showed up for school or practice, and his step sister was bitching that he had not called her either.

For the last three days, Mickey had rushed home after football practice fearful that someone else might get fucked up looking at his now enormous cock. His stepmother and sisters usually got in late during the week, and he was able to sneak his way into the upstairs bathroom to take a shower. Removing his shirt again, he was still amazed by the development of his body. He measured himself again this morning and realized he has grown taller by another ¼ inch, and he could clearly see that his muscles on his arms and chest were becoming bigger and more defined.

Everything about his physique was transforming into some kind of superman, and he was becoming bigger … stronger… something more than human. Mickey liked the new look very much, even if he was scared by the rapid growth that didn't seem to be letting up. But what freak him out the most was the one muscle on this body that seemed to have grown so out of portioned with the rest of him. Removing his football pants, the monstrous cock flopped out and hung to his knees soft.

The damn thing looked like a miniature body builder's arm. The thing not only had giant veins which seemed to supply it with enormous quantity of blood, but it literally looked like muscle under the taunt skin. In fact, Mickey discovered that his penis now possessed a network of iron hard chords of actual muscle mass that allowed him to maintain an immovable erection at will. Despite his fear, Mickey was in awe of his amazing new cock muscle. Looking in the mirror, he willed himself hard. Instantly, his cock rose from his knees from about 15 inches flaccid to 19 inches rock hard and perpendicular to his new 6 pack abs. As his new chords of muscle in his cock fixed itself in its immovable position, great quantities of blood pump in to thicken the girth of his cock to size of a litter bottle of soda. As Mickey felt a wave of sexual arousal, he flexed the mighty organ again and experienced a profound sense of power, and not just physical power manifest by the inhumanly strong chords of flexing muscles in his cock, but a deep metaphysical power.

He could feel the enormous sex organ discharging energy, pure unadulterated power, and Mickey experienced another strange vision that had become common since the start of his transformation. He could feel the power of his cock exerting itself on the mass of humanity. Before his mighty cock stood a countless sea of naked and faceless individuals, both male and female, in awe and in submission to his cock. As his organ flexed, its power reached out like an invisible hand to them and firmly pressed against the nape of their necks, pushing them downwards, lower and lower, until the entire body of humanity was prostrate before his cock. The force or power that moved them was both unstoppable and yet gentle. As Mickey came out of the vision, he had a distinct feeling that humanity was grateful to bow before him which caused him to recall the freaky experience with Brad in the gym lock room.

Three days earlier, Mickey hoping to avoid his teammates waited an hour after the rest of the football team to shower before taking his own shower. Unfortunately, Brad had for some reason returned to the locker room to discover that Mickey was in the shower and decided to sneak into the shower and assault him. However, the moment Brad laid eyes on Mickey’s enormous cock something broke inside him. Mickey remembered the look of despair in Brad eyes as he dropped to his knees and kissed the cold tiles at his feet. He could still hear his profession of worthlessness squeaking below him as Mickey unleashed his urine on the most popular kid at his high school. He was both an exhilarating and frightening experience to Mickey.

Mickey understood that whatever was happening to him was doing so with a purpose. He was changing both physically and mentally, and his cock was at the center of this dramatic transformation. It seemed so right to have Brad prostrated himself before his new massive cock in abject inferiority.

While Mickey was a virgin, he was no stranger to arousal and masturbation. With the incident with Brad, he felt no sexual arousal, just a sublime sense of order in the relationship between him and Brad. But his sexual desire had been growing daily with the size of his cock. At first, he attempted to quell the burning need by hand play, but as it grew bigger and stronger, Mickey found himself repulsed by the idea of touching himself. He found he could not even stomach the idea of holding himself to piss.

He experienced another strange day dream vision as he positioned the giant cock over the toilet to relieve himself. With his hands on his hips and not touching himself, he saw gorgeous women holding his cock muscle for him while he released himself. Breaking himself from the day dream, he jumped into the shower, as he continued to worry about what might happen if some else looked at his freakishly big cock. As fate would have it, he was about to find out shortly.

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