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Max’s Surprise

Max was feeling confident about tonight, he was going over to his friend Chris's place after they had gone to the movies with Chris's girlfriend, Chris was a natural lady killer, he had gone through a string of beautiful girlfriends, and his current one was no exception, with blonde hair, a size 6 figure and large c cup breasts which were going on d cups she was beautiful. At 14 years of age Chris was 5 foot 11, tanned and very muscular from rowing for his school, it also helped that he ran 100 m in 11 seconds flat. He also loved wearing speedos, as they showed off his impressive package not leaving an inch for imagination. Max on the other hand was the exact opposite to Chris, around 5 foot 5, who had a slight bit of fat on him (but nothing unhealthy!) he also always wore board shorts whenever swimming which lead to many rumors of him not having a great sized package, unfortunately that rumor had got around to all the girls as well and he had no luck with them at all.

However Max was tired of the comments and remarks he got at school occasionally about his package so when he arrived he asked Chris of they could jump onto his computer and look at some porn. Chris always one to show off his cock was happy to and pulled out his 5 inch soft cock after around 1 min of porn it grew to an impressive 7.5 inches, Max had decided earlier that day that he would finally let his closest friend see his penis. Chris heard Max undo his zipper and was surprised saying “about time man, I know your cock can't be that small.” As Max pulled down his boxers he flopped out his 6 inch soft cock.

“Shit man, that's wider than my hard on” Chris exclaimed. Max's cock slowly rose and as Chris pulled out a ruler Max got rock hard. It measured to a massive 10 inches.

Then Chris's Girlfriend walked in.

Thanks i’ll get on to it

“Oh my gosh” she squealed and she turned her back and ran out, Max sat there with a huge grin on his face, and Chris just stared unbelievingly at him. They sat there for a few minutes silently until Max muttered, “you've had sex with your girlfriend right?” Chris stared at him before replying “Yeah everyone knows I have,why?” Max just stared at him until he replied, “ I've never had sex before, and I’m packing and so are you, why don’t we get your girl back in here, and try some stuff .”

Chris didn’t even have to get up befor the door opened again and his girlfreind Kate walked in, it was obvious she had been listening in at the door. "Oh my god Max thats huge, I can’t believe that. Chris was the biggest guy i’ve ever seen. before you. How big is it?" Before I could say anything chris spoke in a transfixed tone" It’s ten inches baby"

Before Max could say anything Kate started to crwal onto his lap still staring at his rigid penis " Take me Max" she sighed. Max didn’t have to say anything he just needed and she started to lower herself onto his pole. "Oh My God, its massive I don;t think I can fit it she cried out all the whil Chris sat there not doing or saying anything. Inch by inch Max fitted his massive cock into her as she cried out in pleasure and in pain.

" I know it hurts Kate but you have to be loosened up if you ever want to take me." When he had around 10 inches in he finally stopped as she gasped as the sheer waves of pleasure coursing through her body. He suddenly started to thrust up wards forcing his shaft in and out of her at an unimaginable rate.

"Holy Shit i’m cumming Max, I’m coming!" she squeled as her juices flowed down max’s shaft and onto Chris’s office desk. As she dismounted him exhausted from the act. Chris just stared at both his friend and his girlfriend shocked at what he had just seen. " I never made her cum before man" he exclaimed in a shocked but aroused tone.

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