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“Three and… a quarter inches by three… inches. Hmmm. It’s a bit bigger than last year.”

Maxwell Takagi wasn’t much as far as physical appearances were concerned. 18 years old and a scampy 4’11” tall, he was the smallest boy in his class, not to mention the least athletic and the one least likely to get laid at any given moment. Scrawny, a bit shy and none-too-strong, he was an easy target for bullies, both from his high school and from the grade school across the street.

Of course, he does have his redeeming qualities. He wasn’t exactly unpleasant to look at with his soft, asian-italian facial features, his perpetually unkempt brown hair and his bright grey eyes, hidden behind elegant horn-rimmed glasses. He was also extremely clever and very wise for his age, possessing a mind of such insight and creative brilliance that professors from universities all over the country offer to take him in for free during summer unfortunately, his ceiling-shattering grades in the humanities and the arts are pulled down by his barely-passing marks in mathematics and physical education, making actual acceleration an iffy subject).

“At this rate… I dunno. But it has grown… right?”

“Well, by a quarter inch. I guess that’s not bad. Maybe your just starting.”

“I hope so. I can see how having a body like this when I’m seventy might have its advantages but if it means giving up all hope of a sex life, I’d go with senility at thirty, thank-you-very-much”.

“Aw, c’mon Max. Tons of girls would love to be with a guy like you.”


“No! Geez, Max. Don’t do this to yourself. Here. Measure mine now.”

Jack Gleist, Max’s best friend of seven years, would be his physical antithesis so to speak. Three months younger than Max, Jack was struck by puberty early and grew leaps-and-bounds since then. At 10, the two fared pretty much the same although Jack had started puberty then. At age eighteen, Jack’s features were manly enough to have himself coaxed into bed by a 21 year old, his body already 5’7″ tall, leanly muscled and his penis – an ample five inches long and five inches thick. Last year, Jack had his greatest growth spurt to date, topping at a tall 6’1″ with a 7″x5.5″ penis.

Jack and Max had separate lives. Max was dragged by his teachers to attend symposia and research journals even harangued him for submissions at times. Jack did sports and had hot sex. They continued to be best friends, however, and the start-of-summer measurement was part of that friendship Max certainly thought he could do without.

Max remembered how he noticed how far ahead Jack was after taking a shower with him after gym class A few months ago. They had been comparing since they were eleven but it was only then when it occurred to him how catching up was hopeless. He remembered how they undressed that afternoon and noticing how hair had begun to climb up Jack’s navel and grow on his chest. Jack has even started to shave twice a day now. Max hardly had pubic hair himself.

Jack unzipped his pants and wadded them onto his bedroom floor. He did the same to his shirt, teasingly giving Max a full view of what he was missing. He took his meat with both hands and beat it a couple of times before it maxed in hardness and size.

“Y…you’ve grown!”

“I know. I bet I’m bigger than Jason now.”

“Nine and a half… by six and a half! Wow man. Just… wow.”

Max looked at Jack, burning with mixed envy and admiration. The downly hair he saw last year was now a thick mat of black fur over Jack’s pecs and six-pack abdomen. He was still lean but the definition in his muscles were uncanny. He was 6’3″ now, taller than last year, stronger than last year. He looked at his own hairless crotch and sighed.

“Cheer up, Max. You’d get yours soon. Besides, Jake promised to train you over the summer, right?”

Max tried to see how this was supposed to make him feel better and somehow, it did. For one thing, Mrs. Takagi, traumatized by Mr. Takagi’s tragic death during a literary convention hall bombing when Max was little, had finally relented to let Max go to Harford University over the summer to attend visual art and literature classes. This was primarily due to the fact that Jake Gleist, Jack’s eldest brother, was a student there. Mrs. Takagi and the Gleists had developed a trusting bond between themselves ever since Max and Jack met, allowing her to let her “little boy” go without worrying about him much. Of course, the fact that the Gleist brothers have secretly inducted little Max into their brotherly circle jerks and hentai porn may be a bit too risque for her strict rural Italian upbringing.

Secondly, Jake – after years of bargaining – had finally convinced Mrs. Takagi that Max was old enough to try (and in desperate need of) a little serious physical training (her trauma and paranoia was finally beginning to lift, thank goodness). The Gleist brothers (Jake, Jason and Jack who was the youngest) had been meaning to give Max a boost in the body department (Jack, after all, had the duty of defending him all the time) and this summer might be their chance.

“You think a little muscle would do me any good?”

“Sure. You’re already smart as heck. You don’t look shabby either. It’s really your body that needs work.”

“How ’bout my height? And my… err…”

“Max, relax already, will ya? You’re dad was supposed to be, like, 5’7″ and that’s not bad. You might even take from your mother and she’s 5’10”.”

“And she’s part African so I guess we have lots of tall people in my grandmother’s side of the family.”

“Plus, you know what they say about blacks, right?”

“Let’s not be racist now.”

“What, and you don’t want to be stereotyped with a big penis?”

“Stereotypes mean nothing if it’s really this big!”

“Good point.” Jack paused. “Wanna jack off?”

“I dunno. Jason said he was bringing porn later and I wanted to… uhm…”

“Oh, we’ll have plenty for later.”

Max shot Jack with a mean glance.

“Oh…uhm… I guess that’s… that’s just me.

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