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Lucky Guy

It was a rainy weekend when I had my first real experience with my penis. I was hanging out at Josh’s place and his parents were out of the house.

We were bored and the sky was grey. There was nothing on television, but I kept flipping channels as if something good might appear.

Josh suddenly sprang off the couch and landed on his hands and knees in front of the television. “Jack! Jack! Go back!”

“What?” I was completely confused but started to flip over the channels I’d just skipped.

“There! Stop! Holy shit!”

It was awesome. It was a swimsuit competition of some sort, but I don’t remember the details. All I remember was beautiful women with large breasts wearing hardly anything at all. I think it blew my little mind.

Josh was glued to the screen and I crawled over to join him. My eyes must have been bulging as I stared at those bronzed, gleaming breasts.

I’m sure I had erections before that day, but suddenly my penis really meant something. Josh opened his pants and started to stroke himself.

“Josh?! What’re you doing?”

“Come on, man! Just look at them!”

My penis was so big it felt like it would explode out of my jeans if I didn’t do something. I sat there stupidly for a long moment, then pulled mine out.

I still feel embarrassed by that moment. Even though Josh already had his dick out, his was buried inside his pumping fist. Mine was totally different.

I couldn’t hide my dick in my hand. When I wrapped my hand around it I couldn’t even cover half of it. Compared to Josh, mine was like a third leg sticking out of my pants.

My cheeks were burning as I started to stroke it. I kept looking at Josh and hoping he wouldn’t notice.

“Holy shit, Jack!”

My hand froze. My dick was hot and jerking against my palm as my guts tightened in embarrassment.

“What the hell is that?! Put it away, man!”

I turned away so he wouldn’t see me blushing and scrambled to stuff it back into my pants. I sat there with my back to him for a long moment.

When I finally looked over my shoulder, Josh was still staring at me. He had closed his pants, but I noticed his penis was still hard.

I stood up awkwardly and sat on the couch. He joined me and we watched the breasts in silence for a while.

“So, ah, Jack…”

My throat tightened. I was hoping he would just drop it. There was silence for a long moment.

“I guess…I guess you’ve got a pretty big one, huh?”

“I guess so,” I muttered weakly.

“Well…I bet that’s nice.”

I said nothing.

“Have you ever…You know?”

“What?” I asked. I didn’t want an answer. I felt numb and my penis had shrunk.

“Come on. You know. Done it,” he said, pausing between each word, “with a girl?”


“Really?” said Josh, getting excited, “Neither have I. I thought maybe with a thing so big you might have.”

A moment of silence passed and I said nothing.

“Mine is pretty big too, you know. I bet pretty soon I’ll have done it with a ton of girls.”

When he got no response, he said, “Do you know how big yours is? Mine’s 8 inches.”

“What? You’ve measured it?”

“Of course! Haven’t you?”

“Of course not!”

“Don’t you want to know?”

“Well, uh. I guess so, but why?”

“Jeez, come on man. Don’t you know that girls love a guy with a big thing?”

“Really?” I was doubtful. “Tiffany wouldn’t care about that.”

“They all do!” Josh waved his hands in the air. “All of them. Trust me. If you’re as big as you looked, you’re one lucky guy!”

“How big’s it supposed to be?”

“Most guys are like 5 inches. I told you mine is 8 inches. You might be even bigger!”

“Wow, really?” Now I was getting excited again and my pants were feeling cramped. I’d had a crush on Tiffany for years.

“Hold on. I’ll go get a ruler.” Jack scrambled out of the room.

The television wasn’t showing swimsuits anymore, but I pictured Tiffany with her big breasts in a tiny bikini and stroked my thing through my pants.

“Okay, got it. Here.”

It was a usual 12-inch ruler. I quickly turned my back to Josh and opened my pants so that my dick was hidden between me and the wall.

“11 inches.”


“It’s not a lie!”

“Bullshit! You can’t fool me. I saw it. No way is it that big. That’s nuts!”

“Shut up. It’s true.”

“Come on. Show me.”

“Okay, fine.”

I turned and held the ruler up against my dick. Josh’s eyes bulged.

“Holy shit!”

I stuffed it back into my pants and gave the ruler back to Josh. “There. You happy?”

“Hey, I don’t want it. That touched your thing! You keep it!”

I sat down and tossed the ruler onto the table. There was silence for a long moment.

“Okay, man,” he said at last, “You’ve got an awesome thing there. You’ve totally got to go for it with Tiffany.”

“Yeah, I guess so,” I muttered and my penis was rock hard again.

Tiffany and I had been friends since grade school. She’d always been pretty, but when her breasts started growing before the other girls I had an instant crush on her. Now that all the girls had breasts and hers were the nicest of all, she was awesome.

We didn’t have many classes together by that time, but we walked home along the same route. As soon as I could, I was walking home with her.

I had no idea how to begin, so I was relieved when she started talking.

“Me and some friends are having meetings on Wednesdays to plan the grad dance. You should join us.”

“Oh, that’s coming up pretty soon, isn’t it?” I was trying hard not to stare at the way her blue sweater was tight around the outlines of her breasts.

“Yeah, we’ve only got three weeks left to plan it. We need all the help we can get.”

“I guess there’s going to be a lot of kissing and stuff.”

Her blue eyes widened and she blushed. “Um, yeah, I guess so.”

“You ever…You know?”



“Well, uh…” She bit her lip and stared at the ground in front of her, “Not really.”

I looked up and down the alley and there was no one else in sight. “Maybe we should try it now, before the dance.”

“You want to kiss me?!” she gasped. Her cheeks were bright red.

“Is that okay?” I said nervously.


It felt like my throat had shrunk by half and my pants were about to explode. We stared at each other for a while.

I stepped forward and she stepped back, so I stopped. After a moment, she stepped up to me and put her hands on my shoulders.

Our lips trembled as we kissed. It was soft and quick, but I felt her breasts touch my chest. My heart could have burst.

“Uh, wow,” she said as she straightened her blond hair with her fingers and chewed on her lip.

My cheeks were burning for the rest of the walk. As soon as we separated, instead of going home I went straight to Josh’s house.

“Oh man, I did it!” I yelled as soon as I saw Josh.

“Whoa, are you serious?!”

“I kissed Tiffany!”

“No way!”

“It totally really happened! I can’t believe it!”

Josh had a knowing grin and watched me shake with excitement for a moment. “Okay, so how’re you gonna get her to do it for real?”


“You know what I mean. Sex! There’s no point in having a grade-A tool if you never use it!”

I had to stop and think about that for a bit.

“How could I ever get that to happen?”

“The first thing you’ve gotta do is spend as much time with her as you can.”

“She invited me to go to some dance-planning meetings with her.”

“Awesome. The next thing you need is to let her know how huge you are. If you ever get a chance to do it with any of her friends, go for it. That way she’ll hear about it. You need to get a reputation.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

Two days later, I was at the meeting room for the dance planning group. It was just me and four other people in a tiny meeting room at the back of the school.

“Jack, I’m so glad you made it!” said Tiffany, “We haven’t been getting anything done and we’re almost out of time!”

“Well, I’ll help if I can.”

“Thanks for coming. This is my sister Jenny. She’s already graduated but I talked her into helping us out.”

Jenny was awesome. She looked a lot like Tiffany but more mature, with the same beautiful blond hair and blue eyes. Jenny was wearing a t-shirt that made it obvious her breasts were large. I think they were even larger than Tiffany’s.

Jenny glared at me, but it made her look good. Her eyes were built for stern looks.

“This is Tom and Suzy,” said Tiffany as she pointed to the other boy and girl in the room.

Nothing happened at the meeting worth mentioning. I would have left if it weren’t for Tiffany. Jenny kept throwing glares at me.

When the meeting was over, Tiffany rushed off to her next class. I tried to follow her.

My feet caught on something and I went sprawling across the floor. When I looked up, Jenny, Tom, and Suzy were staring down at me. I think one of them tripped me.

I scrambled to my feet. Jenny shoved my shoulder into the lockers so hard that it hurt and she pinned me there.

“Stay away from my sister.”

Before I could speak, my nuts exploded in pain. Jenny’s knee sunk deep between my legs and all I managed to say sounded like a squeak.

I fell to the floor clutching my belly. Suzy was laughing wildly as the three walked away.

Most of my class was over by the time the ache in my nuts faded enough for me to walk, so I skipped the rest of it.

I waited for Tiffany to leave the school so that we could walk home together. When I saw that Jenny was with her, I hid behind a bush.

They walked all the way home together and I followed them from a block behind. I’m sure that Jenny didn’t see me.

I stared at Tiffany’s house from a safe distance for a half hour. I had to talk to Tiffany without Jenny knowing, but I couldn’t think of a way.

Eventually I went down the alley behind Tiffany’s house to get a look at the back yard. There was a patio and a small aboveground swimming pool.

I stared over the wooden fence into the yard for several minutes, then ducked down when I heard someone coming out.

When I peeked over the fence again, I saw Tiffany wearing a blue bikini and climbing into the pool. My knees suddenly felt like jelly and I landed on my butt.

I heard the splash of Tiffany getting into the water. My dick was huge.

I took a few deep breaths, then I scrambled over the fence. It took me a moment because my balls were still sore, but I went as fast as I can. I don’t think anyone but Tiffany saw me.

“Jack?! What’re you doing here?” she gasped as she bobbed up out of the water.

Her hair was slicked back and her face was gleaming. She was awesomely beautiful with the surprised look in her eyes and her breasts looked huge in those triangle patches of blue.

I crouched down behind the wall of the pool so I couldn’t be seen from the house.

“I’m hiding from your sister,” I whispered.

“What?! Why?”

“She kicked me in the balls and told me to stay away from you.”

“Really?” gasped Tiffany, her eyes growing huge, her mouth hanging open just slightly.

I rose up from my crouch and kissed her. I pressed hard this time and her wet body shivered in my hands.

She moaned into my mouth and my pants could have burst open from the pressure. I wrapped my right hand around her left breast and squeezed it gently.

Tiffany kissed me like crazy and had her arms around me. Water splashed up from the pool and soaked me.

When I opened my eyes, I saw Jenny glaring at me through a window. My dick shrank.

“Holy shit!” I whispered and tried to work my way out of Tiffany’s arms.

“What is it?!”

“Your sister, she saw me!”

“Oh!” gasped Tiffany and spun around to look towards the house.

I was halfway through the gate and running at full speed when Tiffany called, “Don’t worry, Jack! I’ll talk to her!”

In all the years I spent at that school, I never noticed Tom and Suzy until the next day. Suddenly, they seemed to be in all my classes. They kept looking at me.

Josh sat next to me in English. Tiffany was sitting a few rows ahead, and Tom was behind me. Suzy was sitting a few desks to my right.

The lecture was boring and I kept looking at Tiffany’s butt in her tight jeans.

“How’re things going with Tiffany?” muttered Josh under the lecture as he gave me a nudge.

“Awesome,” I whispered, “I touched her tit. But her sister wants to kill me.”

“I didn’t know she’s got a sister.”

“She’s like a couple years older, I think.”

“Is she hot?”

“She’s amazing.”

“Wow. You’re so lucky! I told ya.”

I went back to watching Tiffany and my penis got a little harder with each minute. I heard Suzy giggling softly once my dick was hard enough to make an outline in my jeans, so I think she saw it.

The class soon ended and all the students filed out of the room. I followed Tiffany so that I could meet her in the crowded hallway.

As soon as I went through the doorway, someone grabbed me from behind. I felt a guy’s stuff shoved up against my butt and he wrapped his arms around mine so that I couldn’t pull free.

“Hey!” I yelled and struggled.

Suzy ran up to me and yanked open my pants, then shoved them down around my feet. Everything was out in the open. My balls were dangling and my hard dick was bouncing back and forth as I struggled.

Suzy disappeared as fast as she’d appeared, but the guy behind me kept holding me. Everyone in the hall was staring straight at my dick.

“Get off me!” I yelled and stamped my heel into the toes of the guy behind me.

He howled and ran off as I flopped onto my hands and knees.

“Oh, Jack!” gasped Tiffany. Her fists pressed against her mouth and her blue eyes were huge.

I covered my junk with one hand and struggled to pull up my pants with the other. I kept losing my balance and falling onto my knees.

There was laughing all around me. Tiffany suddenly turned and started running away.

“Tiffany, wait!”

I finally got my pants closed and ran after her. She was gone. I looked everywhere. She should have been at my next class, but she wasn’t there.

I couldn’t bare to show my face in class after what had happened, so I went home.

A few minutes after school let out, Josh was knocking on my door.

“Holy shit, man! I saw what happened. That was…” He sounded excited but couldn’t figure out what to say.

“Go away,” I grumbled through the closed door.

“Hey man, that was rough, really. I’d hate it if that happened to me.”

“Leave me alone.”

“It’s okay! It’s not like you’ve got anything to be ashamed of, right? Your thing is awesome! Everyone’s talking about it.”

I smacked my forehead.

“So, you gonna come out and talk about it or what?”

“Not now.”

“Okay, fine. Yeah, get it. I probably wouldn’t want to talk either. But that was still awesome, man.”

I didn’t want to go to school the next day, but I couldn’t tell my parents why so I had to go. I just promised myself that I wouldn’t let anything like the day before happen again.

Tiffany wasn’t there and I felt bad all day. Everyone was staring at me and I wanted to cover my face.

I was looking forward to PE class because I knew that sports would make me feel better, but getting changed was going to be the worst.

When I got into the gym locker room, Tom was already finished changing into his gym shorts. He was leaning against my locker and grinning at me.

“You going to show us your little dick again, Jack?”

I shoved him aside and he laughed.

I yanked open my locker and grabbed my stuff. There was no lock on my locker just like all the others. Gym clothes aren’t worth stealing and I never thought that Tom might have messed with my stuff.

I glared at Tom for a long moment. I was as angry as I have ever been. I tried to tell him with my eyes that I’d put my fist in his face if he laughed again. I would have done it.

Turning my back on most of the room, I ripped off my clothes and pulled on my jockstrap as fast as I could. My shorts and t-shirt were yanked on and then it was over.

It felt great to get out of there and I took a deep breath of the fresh air. We were playing soccer that day and the grass smelt awesome. I was already forgetting my troubles.

As soon as we started playing, my jockstrap got hot and itchy. It was very annoying but I ignored it. Soccer was fun for me and I was deep into the game.

I had the ball in front of me and I was kicking it forward as I ran. The way was open to the goal and Tom was the only one who could stop me.

I pretended to go left and then shot the ball right. He kicked but missed the ball. His foot slammed straight into my jockstrap.

I fell back on my ass and grabbed my pants. My dick was so hot and itchy and now it was throbbing too. I groaned and rolled around as Tom took the ball and scored a goal on my net.

The teacher helped me up and asked if I was all right, but I said that I was fine. I was glaring at Tom again.

As soon as I got the ball, I went straight for him. The goal didn’t interest me anymore.

He was smirking at me and getting ready to steal the ball one more time. I shot it straight for him and then kicked him as hard as I could in his nuts.

His scream was so loud it made my ears hurt. He grabbed his junk and rolled around on the grass. There was blood coming through his shorts.

I think he wasn’t wearing a jockstrap and my cleats tore up his stuff. It wasn’t what I’d expected but I’m so glad it happened.

He was crying like a baby as the teacher helped him to the nurse’s office. That was the end of the class.

By the time I made it to the locker room, my dick itched so hard it was making me crazy. As soon as I could I tore off my jockstrap. It was such a relief.

I went straight into the showers and leaned against the tile wall so the warm water washed between my legs. I closed my eyes and tried not to scratch.

People were muttering around me. I opened my eyes and caught them staring at my dick again.

I covered my soft penis with both hands and got out of there. I went straight to my locker and grabbed my briefs.

When I was hurrying to pull them up I glanced down at my dick. It was bright red from tip to root. It was covered in rashes and blisters.

I think I screamed and suddenly all the other kids were out of the room. I grabbed my jockstrap and sniffed it. The smell was horrible; someone put something nasty in there that did this to me.

I threw it away and scrambled into my clothes. My stuffed burned as it rubbed against my briefs.

I skipped my last class and ran straight home. I was crying all the way.

As soon as I was home I filled the bathtub with warm water and stripped. The water felt awesome on my hot, itchy dick and I moaned.

Sitting there, I had a chance to examine myself. Every part of my penis hurt when I touched it, and my balls were just as bad. My nuts weren’t directly affected, but the skin of my sack was red and puffy.

I would usually masturbate thinking of Tiffany, but that night it wasn’t going to happen. The next day it was no better and I was glad that it was Saturday so that I didn’t have to go to school. I spent all weekend in bed and taking baths.

When Monday came my stuff was only a little better. Talking to my parents about my dick was not an option, so I had to go to school again.

Just when I was about to get to school, Jenny suddenly appeared and put her hand on my shoulder. I nearly jumped out of my skin.

“How’re you feeling, Jack?”

“You did this to me!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, but if you come near my sister again, I’ll do a lot worse. Got it?”

A shiver shot through me and my throat closed up. I couldn’t speak so I just nodded.

Tiffany was back in school but she did not seem to want to talk to me. My penis was so sore that it didn’t get hard when I looked at her.

Tom was gone, but Suzy was staring at me from her desk. When I looked at her, she grinned hugely. She held up a pair of scissors and drew her finger across her throat.

When the first class was over I followed Tiffany down the hallway. Before I got a chance to talk to her, Suzy jumped into me and pinned me against the lockers.

She had her arm pressed across my chest and she was way strong for her size. Her grin was showing all her teeth and her green eyes had this crazy look in them.

I pushed her back but then I felt a sharp stab in my dick. I tried to scream but Suzy slapped her hand across my mouth.

My whole body was shaking. Suzy had a pair of scissors and she was pushing one blade into my pants.

“Tommy had a big dick too, ya know?” said Suzy cheerfully, “He was huge. Now he’s all broken up and in the hospital and it’s all your fault. Isn’t that right?”

“Please,” I tried to say. Her hand muffled it.

“Yeah, it is. That was a great move. Pretty clever!” She was twisting the scissors around. I could feel the blade scraping against my sore skin. “I’ve got orders to cut off your nuts if you talk to Tiffy again, but if Tommy doesn’t get better soon I’m going to cut off your dick just for fun.”

I was whimpering in pain and Suzy started to laugh wildly. She backed off and disappeared. I fell to my knees and grabbed my dick.

As soon as I could get to a bathroom and into a toilet stall, I opened my pants and pulled out my dick. It was still in one piece.

I sat on the toilet and put my face in my hands. I moaned. I decided that I was finally going to stay away from Tiffany.

I avoided her on Tuesday. It wasn’t hard to do. She could not even seem to look at me.

On Wednesday it was time for the meeting again, but I didn’t go. My dick was starting to get back to normal but it still itched enough to remind me of my priorities.

When I got home, Tiffany was waiting in my front yard.

“Hi, Jack,” she said nervously.

My penis suddenly got big again and my mouth got dry.

“I noticed you didn’t come to the meeting.” Her blue eyes looked everywhere but not at me. “Is everything okay?”

“No, it’s not! Your sister’s been torturing me!”

Tiffany went white and she stared at me. “She has?”

“If she sees me talking to you, she’s going to cut my nuts off!”

“But…but I told her to leave you alone!”

“Come on. Let’s go inside. I don’t want her to see us.”

I unlocked the door. When Tiffany was in I glanced up and down the street to make sure no one had seen us. The street was empty so I closed the door and sighed in relief.

“I can’t believe Jenny would do something like that! Are you alright?”

“Yeah, I’m okay. Just scared out of my mind, that’s all.”

Tiffany wrapped her arms around me and squeezed tight. “Oh, I’m so sorry! This is all my fault!”

My face was against her breasts and her sweater smelled great. My penis was huge.

She kissed my forehead. “When I get finished with Jenny she’ll be so sorry. She’s gone way too far!”

I hugged her and pushed my lips against her mouth. We kissed heavily by my front door and I ran my hands along her back as she pushed her breasts into my chest.

After a moment, she gasped for breath and whispered, “Are your parents home? Are we alone?”

“Don’t worry. They’re at work.”

“Can we go somewhere to…Um.”

“Let’s go to my room.”

We held hands as I lead her up the stairs to my bedroom.

She stood in my bedroom and her cheeks were red. She tugged at her sweater with both hands.

I hugged her tightly and kissed her with my huge stuff pressed against her belly. She shook in my arms and I lowered her onto my bed.

As I got myself on top of her, I kissed her lips and held her breast in my hand.

“I’m sorry I haven’t been talking to you,” she whispered as she hugged me, “After I saw you that way, I couldn’t look at you without thinking of that thing. I missed you so much.”

“I’m sorry about that.”

“Don’t be.” She kissed me hard for a long while. We sucked on each other and our mouths opened.

While we were both breathing heavily after the kiss, she whispered, “I want you to put it in me.”

My muscles got stiff as I suddenly felt a huge load of doubt. My dick wasn’t back to normal. It might not feel great, but I couldn’t say no.

I sat up and opened my jeans. She watched me and pushed her pants down her legs. Her legs were so smooth and beautiful. It felt like my dick doubled in size.

When I pulled my penis out of my underwear, she breathed sharply. It was still a little red, but I don’t think she’d seen enough dicks to notice.

“It’s my first time,” she whispered.

“Mine too.”

“Be careful.”

When my penis pressed against her thigh it felt amazingly good. Her skin was so smooth. I held her breasts through her sweater and gently squeezed them.

She felt wet when the tip of my dick pressed between her legs. She was warm and soothing.

I put one of my hands between her legs so I could find the right place to push in. She grabbed handfuls of sheets as I pushed around down there with my fingertips.

My dick started to slide forward and I pushed her open with my fingers, but the opening still seemed too small. I pushed a little harder and she groaned.

“Is this all right?” I asked nervously.

She squeezed her eyes shut and nodded.

I grabbed her breasts again and pushed a little harder. She moaned deeply and squirmed. I had to keep pushing harder and harder but I could feel myself going into her bit by bit. It was so slow that it ached.

Suddenly she was all around my dick. The top half of it was buried in her. It felt hot and moist and it squeezed me like my tight jeans. With a little push, I went deeper and she yelled softly.

“Oh, Jack,” she moaned and tore at my shirt.

My penis pulled out a few inches then pushed forward again, like it had a mind of its own. I couldn’t fight the urge to pump into her. My whole body was shaking.

There were noises outside my window but I ignore them. I thrust faster and every stroke was like electricity. I was tense all over and every time I pulled out I had to push in again.

It never went all the way in. I don’t think there was enough space inside her to fit my entire penis, but it felt so good that I didn’t care.

“Aha! Gotcha! I knew it!”

I looked up. Suzy was standing on top of a ladder and opening the window. There was a kitchen knife in her hand and a grin on her face.

Tiffany screamed and scrambled off my dick. She put her hands between her legs and ran backwards until her shoulders hit the far wall. I just stared stupidly with my dick hanging out.

“Oh you’re on so much trouble! I’ve wanted to do this for so long!”

She swung the knife at me and I screamed. I jumped back off the bed and fell on my ass with my hard dick sticking up into the air.

Before I could move she was on top of me, holding me down with her arm across my chest. Her knife shot towards my penis.

“No!” I grabbed her wrist and pushed it away. She grinned.

I shoved her back and grabbed her shoulder. I pushed my knee under her to lift her up. She was so strong that I couldn’t hold her knife back for long and the look in her eyes said she knew it.

I got my legs beneath me and stood up, shoving her backwards again. I was holding her wrists and she was squirming her arms around so that I couldn’t control her.

“Don’t be stupid.” She laughed. “You can’t fight me!”

She kneed me in the balls. The pain sent waves through my belly and my legs went weak. It was like my nuts were on fire.

I ran forward, holding her in front of me. Each step turned my knees to jelly.

She slammed against the ladder and I pushed her out the window. Her legs few up as she slid over the windowsill.

Suzy screamed and dropped her knife into the yard as she grabbed the ladder with both hands. Her legs kicked wildly in my room and her foot smacked into my jaw.

“Help me!”

I was too stunned to do anything. The ladder fell away from the wall and her legs disappeared. There was a loud clang as the ladder hit the back fence.

Tiffany ran to the window and covered her mouth. I followed her more slowly and nervously glanced into the yard.

Suzy was limping and holding onto the fence for support. She must have been badly hurt because she wouldn’t put any weight on her left foot. She was clutching her side and moaning painfully.

Through all that, my dick was still hard. My heart was racing and from the way she looked at me, Tiffany felt the same way.

We kissed and I rolled her onto my bed. I pulled off her sweater and there was no bra underneath. Her breasts were so smooth against my hands and they were awesomely beautiful.

“And then we did it.”

“Holy shit, man,” said Josh, “What a story! Guys with big dicks have all the luck.”

“Yeah, it was great.”

“So you finally did it with Tiffany. I knew you would. You can’t waste a thing like that. You two doing it every night now?”

“No way! That would be awesome, but I don’t want my parents to know I’m having sex. Anyway, I’m still worried about her sister. Tiffany said that her parents did some heavy punishing, but that might just make her hate me even more.”

“I wish I had a hot babe for an enemy. I wonder when I’ll start getting luck like yours!”

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