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Louisiana Lessons Part Four

Being a light sleeper, I was aware of Gray sneaking out of our bedroom in the early hours of the morning. Going across to Lee Anne’s room I guessed. Going to fuck my sixteen year old cousin with that large handsome cock again, I mused. I must have dosed off again for I awoke with someone in my room. Half asleep I thought it was Gary coming back but when I turned over there was a young black maid in full French maid’s costume holding a tray of coffee.

Was this an erotic dream influenced by my stay in Plantation House in the southern state of Louisiana? Was this every white man’s dream to have a beautiful ebony girl serving you so early in the morning?

“Good morning Masta, sorry if I woke you. Would you like some coffee?” she asked. Without realising, I was lying naked on my back on the bed with my “morning glory” erection on full display. I blushed and tried to cover up.

“Sorry, have I interrupted your morning exercises?” she grinned “Don’t worry as a morning maid I have seen many erect penises but never, if I may say, such a small cock on such a big man!”

She put the tray down on the bedside table and moved close to my side. Her black hand casually grazed across my bare chest causing my very aroused penis to jolt.

“Would you mind if I had a closer look and feel? It’s always a thrill to hold a stiff cock no matter how small” she said “Specially a white boy’s cock.”

With that she curled her slender young black fingers around my small erect cock and began gently, but expertly masturbating my morning erection. I had never had a black girl or boy for that matter wank my small white cock before. Apart from the entrenched racial taboo, the sensual visual stimulus of the black skinned fingers wrapped around my pale white skinned cock contrasted erotically. With this sort of intimacy I thought I should engage in casual conversation.

“What is your name?”I asked. “And how old are you?”

“Dixie.” she said not losing a stroke “Sixteen years old just like your cousin Lee Anne, but I do look a lot younger don’t you think?”

She wore a black granny cap trimmed with white lace. Likewise her blouse was black with white lace trim. It was one of those off both shoulder blouses that can be worn as low as possible showing off her teen ebony breasts to best advantage. The short frilly mini shirt was also trimmed with lace. I did not get to see her shoes for at that point she had kicked them off and taken the liberty to throw her skirted leg over my naked body.

“Would you mind if I fucked your little white cock?” She said impaling herself on my endowment.

“You don’t even have panties on!” I exclaimed in disbelief as she started riding up and down cowgirl style on my erection.

“None of the servants that work for your Aunt Delia are allowed to wear any underwear whether they work indoors or outdoors.” she said in between strokes “Missus Delia says we have to be ready for action at any time of the day. Isn’t that handy” she said. It was the first time I had had sex or been fucked by an ebony girl. She sat facing me trotting up and down on my pelvis. Her curt teen breasts bobbed up and down in time. I reached up and pulled the elastic blouse front down exposing her firm ebony tits. I was fascinated by their colour, from a pale coffee brown at the chest darkening up the breast until the nipples were a black brown. Dixie’s little nipples were a temptation so I took one in each hand and fondled and twisted them to full erection. You could feel the electric sensual signal transfer from nipple to vagina as she increased her grip and riding tempo. The muscles in her vagina clutched at my small offering and with every upward stroke she pulled my cock to extreme, a painful yet gratifying experience. Despite my small size in her cunt she made it feel as if it was a very tight fit pinching and holding and stretching until….. with an almighty groan I came in Dixie’s black cunt shooting my creamy white cum deep into her vagina.

“Wow that’s quite a load from such a small white cock” she gasped then lowering her hands she grabbed my balls. “What you lack in length and breadth in the cock department, you certainly make up for it in the testicle department” she said echoing aunt Delia’s sentiments.

Still with a very tight grip on my flagging cock she allowed my shrivelled penis to slip out.

Getting off the bed she went to the bedside table and asked if I was ready for a cup of coffee now.

“Yes please.”

Dixie poured the black coffee into the cup then asked “Would you like cream in your coffee Masta?” Her blouse was still tucked beneath those exotic brown breasts.

“Yes please.”

With that she put the cup of coffee between her splayed legs, relaxed her cunt muscles and released my copious cum into the freshly poured coffee. It floated on the surface, translucent and creamy with that distinct salty chlorine smell. Dixie stirred it with her finger then licked her brown finger.

“Tastes good to me” she said. “Would you like the same morning coffee service tomorrow morning?” she asked.

“Yes Please.”

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