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Losing our virginity [M] [F] [Long]

This is the story of how me and my girlfriend lost our virginity together. I’ll start with descriptions. I’m 6’2”, Caucasian, brown hair and a cute if not really that handsome face. I am fairly well built, I’m no weightlifting champion but I take good care of my body. We shall refer to me as C. My girlfriend is 5’6”, Chinese, black hair, and an insanely cute face. She shall be referred to as M. I’ll get the descriptions of the fun bits later on, or you can skip down as I’ve marked where the fun begins.

M and I went to the same high school together (High school is for grades 8-12 where I live) but never really talked much until grade 10. I noticed that M often smiled at me. I thought she was insanely cute, but never had to courage to talk to her, until one day. We instantly hit off and the chemistry between us was something out of a cheesy rom com. We shared so many interests and hobbies, opinions and hates, we became friend’s right of way. We talked a lot during our classes and at lunch during grade 10, but we never really met outside of class.

Grade 11 is where the fun began. Near the start of the year I finally got the courage to ask her out. She teased me that it will be like a date, but I could tell that she was only half joking. We went to a play together, it was boring, but we cuddled and I think we both just liked the excuses to be able to touch each other a bit. M and I had our first kiss later on in the year. I took her out for ice-cream and once we were finished, I made the move. She was an amazing kisser, and it was a long make-out session with full tongue. I drove her home some after and we kissed once more before she got out. Once I got home I realised that my penis was absolutely oozing with pre-cum. Later on, M told me she was on the verge of orgasm from that first kiss, and masturbated as soon as she was home while thinking about me. We continued to see each other throughout grade 11 and the summer. We didn’t do much else other than kiss though, I would have to wait for that.


Our relationship only grew throughout Grade 12. M and I had our first real sexual experience one day at my house when my family was gone. We were in my room, just making out when it suddenly started to get more passionate than normal. She pulled away and asked if I wanted to see what she looked like naked. I nodded so hard I was worried I might give myself a concussion. She then began to take off her shirt, then her pants. My cock was rock hard at this point and I could tell she knew it. She asked if I could get naked with her and she began to un-clip her bra. I unbuckled my belt and took off my pants, and when I looked up I was stunned. She had these amazing c-cup breast that looked better than anything in porn. I continued to take off my clothes as she removed her underwear. It was amazing to see a vagina in real life for the first time. She saw my cock for the first time, it’s nothing impressive at 6”, but it does its job well. M then lay down on my bed and said she wanted to masturbate with her. She started rubbing her pussy and moaning. She was just so fucking cute, I barley lasted 5 seconds going as slowly as I could. I cupped my other hand around the head of my cock to catch my cum but she quickly protested saying she wanted my cum all over her. Well if I wasn’t already at orgasm, I was now. I shot what must have been 6 ropes of hot cum over her as she screamed and her whole body contracted in what was undoubtedly a massive orgasm herself.  M then took a finger and scoped up some of my cum, and tasted it. She then quickly began to get the rest of it and eat it.

“I really like the taste” M said

I was in heaven, this girl was so kinky and cute, and she clearly liked me back. I was in love.

M was very reluctant to try anything new for quite a while however. We would masturbate together about once a week or so, and she loved getting a mouthful of my jizz. She wouldn’t actually touch me however, or let me touch her. She was so stressed out about graduation and her grades. She was and still is far more intelligent than me, and needed good grades to get into the programs she wanted. In June, at the end of the year, M got her letting of acceptance into her university of choice with a massive scholarship. I too had gotten into another university (both of ours were in our city) with a smaller, but still sizeable scholarship. We were so happy for each other. I asked if she wanted to try “something new” to celebrate. She said she wanted to, but we needed time alone. My family was home almost all the time, and it was a similar situation with her. However, our grad party was coming up, and we all had tent far away from every other tent. We made the plan, which would be the night we would lose our virginity together.


And so the night came. M, I, and friend had experienced an amazing evening. It was about 2 AM and we were both tired, but we had both stayed away from the alcohol. As we entered the tent M kissed me, hard. We cuddled and made out for a bit, before M directed me to her breasts, and I got to really fondle then for the first time. Then the clothes started coming off. It was dark in the tent, but I have always had excellent night vision.

“I think you should start with you having some fun, for me keeping you waiting so long” M said as she starting jerking off my cock. She then started sucking me off, and it felt amazing. During our masturbation adventures I had gotten better at lasting longer, but this was nothing like masturbation. She kept eye constant the entire time and it was so sexy. In a couple minuets I was on the edge.

“ohhh baby I’m close, I’m going to cum”

“Good” she said taking my dick out of her mouth just long enough to speak “Cum in my fucking mouth” That was all I needed and I pumped load after load into her mouth. She then pulled back, tiled up her head, and gargled my cum in her throat. M then tilted her head back down, slowed me all my cum, then closed her mouth and swallowed it all. She then quickly started to lick my dick clean, and honestly I was close to cumming again just from that.

“I hope you enjoyed that honey” M said “Now it’s time to return the favour”. She then turned herself around and showed her exposed and dripping wet pussy to me. I immediately dived in and started using everything I had read on the internet about how to eat a girl out. I stuck my head between her legs, used one hand to fondle a breath and play with the nipple, the other to massage her clit, and then used my mouth on her like I was starving. I could tell something was working by the way she was moaning louder and louder.

“OHHH FUCK THAT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD BABY, ohhhhhhh… fuck, eat me more, keep twisting my nippled, play with my clit, ohhh fuck I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum, I’m CUMMING!!” and with that I felt something warm splashing my face, and I realised she was squirting.  Her warm juices covered my face and when I sat up she laughed.

“Oh my god! I looks like I gave you a facial” We both had a good laugh on that one before she crawled over to me and started licking her juices off my face.

“I think there’s still something we have to do” I checked and found that I was rock hard again. I started reaching for my pants with the condom in them when she grabbed my hand and showed me her pill case.

“You didn’t think I’d make you wear a condom our very first time, did you”. Fuck I love this girl. We started with her on all fours and me behind her. I stuck my cock into her, and it felt even better than the blowjob. It was warm and fleshy, it’s hard to describe, and you really have to feel it yourself. I started moving my hips back and forth and I realised how perfect the fit was. It was tight, but bot uncomfortably so. We fucked like that for a bit before she said she wanted to ride me. So I lay on my back while she went cowgirl on me. We fucked that way for a bit until…

“Ohhhh fuck fuck fuck, I’m going to cum again” she started playing with her clit. This time I got a full view of her has she contracted on my dick and screamed. I was once again covered in her juices. She bent down a bit and licked a bit off my chest, but then she fell back and squeezed me.

“Finish this baby” she said as she kissed me and we began to fuck missionary. It felt amazing.

“Ohhh yes baby, fuck me! FUCK ME! Make me yours, I am your little slut and you can do whatever you want with me. Fill me with your seed, cum inside me and make me yours” God damn that girl knew how to turn me on. That little speech did the tick through and I quickly starting filling her pussy with my cum as I came. I pumped into her a few more time to make sure I got out as much cum as I could. I then pulled out and watched in awe as my cum started to spill out of her perfect little pussy. I then suddenly got the urge to do something crazy. I started to eat her out again, with all my cum still in her. I the understood why she liked eating it so much, it did taste good. Maybe it was the insane amount of fruit I ate.

“Ohh fuck baby, that is so fucking hot. Do you like the taste of your cum? I know I do” That removed any doubt that she found this weird. I then tried another crazy thing, I started tracing my index finger around her asshole. Her sudden moans of pleasure were all I need as I stuck my finger into her asshole.

“Ohh, a naughtly little boy, do you like playing with my asshole? Maybe later you could stick your massive cock in there and fuck my asshole. Remember I’m your little slut and you can do whatever you want to me.” At this point I was full on fingering her ass, playing with her clit, and eating her out.

“Fuck that feels good, keeping rubbing my clit, and don’t stop shoving your finger in my ass, oh… baby, how about a little of my contribution to your mouth of cum?” and with that she came once more, as I opened my mouth and she filled it with her juice. I then took one more gulp from her pussy to get more of my cum. I then crawled over to her and she opened her mouth wide. I drooled our mixture of cum right onto her face and into her moth. We then made our passionately and exchanged our mixture of cum. Finally we pulled away, looked at each other, smiled, swallowed, and then laughed. We fell asleep in seconds.

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