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Little Brother No More

I knocked, the door opened and Dave stood there, grinning at me.

“Hey buddy… holy shit, you’re almost as tall as me now!”

I stepped up off the front step and into the hallway and shook his hand.

“Jeeze, you are taller than me.”

My brother Dave was smiling, and so was I because my height was only my first of three surprises I had in store for him.


Dave and I have never really bonded as brothers. Our six-year age gap had been too large an obstacle and, truth be told, he had pretty much been an ass to me during my entire childhood. With him living out of town while he was away at University, I had hardly seen him at all the past two and a half years, and with our parents visiting family in Italy for the holidays, I had jumped at his party invitation. I know that he had invited me at my parents’ request but there was no doubt in my mind that part of him was looking forward to having his twerpy 18 year old brother to kick around for a few days in front of his University friends.

Little did he realize that I was no longer the little kid he had left when he had started school.

I walked into his living room and there were already a few people there, hanging out and pre-drinking before the party. My eyes immediately landed on Jennifer, and for good reason. Or should I say, reasons. She was perfect: five foot six, fit, tanned, arms lean and muscular, thick hair tied back in a ponytail, the brightest smile and the most perfect tits I have ever seen. Way more than a handful, and I have big hands. There was a stirring in my boxers as I made my dick flop into a more comfortable position and I waved to the general crowd as Dave introduced me.

Jennifer smiled at me when Dave got around to introducing her.

“I thought you said your little brother was coming to the party?” she said. “He’s taller than you.”

Dave smiled and said nothing.

“Yeah, I’ve hit a bit of a growth spurt lately. It was only a matter of time before I caught up to him.”

Confidence. It was something Dave hadn’t seen in me before, hadn’t been expecting. He walked past me and told me to follow him down the hall to the room I’d be staying in. Jennifer’s eyes lingered as I walked past.

“See you in a bit,” she said.

“You bet.”

After we entered the bedroom Dave closed the door behind me.

“Just so you know, not that I need to tell you this, but I’ll be making my move with Jennifer tonight, so anything you can do to stay out of the way of that, do it? You understand?”

I nodded and, I have to say it, it was at that moment that I knew this was going to be the best party I had ever been to.


After I had changed and gotten myself a drink from the kitchen, I came back out to the living room. A few more people had arrived, there were maybe a dozen of us there at that point, and Jennifer was on the couch next to Dave, and he couldn’t take his eyes off her.

“It looks like you’ve got some more catching up to do,” she said to me, indicating my drink with her eyes.

All I knew at that moment was that I wanted her, and not only that, I wanted to take her away from Dave, but I had to be patient. I had come here to do a few things, and I’d have to work the conversations and situations perfectly in order to get them done.

I sat next to her on the couch, with Dave on the other side of her, and everyone made small talk for a bit. As the conversation flowed around the room and people split off into their own topics, Dave got up to get us more drinks and I turned to Jenn and commented on how fit she looked and asked her if she worked out.

“I do. I bike, run… a little weight training.”

I touched her arm. Bare, tight, strong.

“I can tell,“ I said. “You look pretty tough.”

“Check it out,” she said, and leaned forward on the couch and flexed her bicep in front of me, her perfect breasts sticking out firmly. She smelled fantastic.

I felt the hard little egg that was her muscle and, while doing so, used my elbow to usher the growing bulge in my jeans into a less obvious position. Sensing my opportunity, I played it up just as Dave came back into the room.

“Dave, your friend Jenn here is pretty tough. I think she could kick my ass.”

He smiled.

“Yup, probably.”

He handed Jenn her drink, looked at me and said, “Yours is in the kitchen.”

“Okay, I can take a hint,” I said, laughing. I got up off the couch and, just before leaving the room I said, “She could probably kick your ass too, at least she probably could in an arm wrestle.”

I left the room but my words had their desired effect as everyone else suddenly got into the idea and by the time I had come back from the kitchen Dave and Jenn were facing each other at the coffee table, ready to square off.

My brother is a big guy, but he is more fat than muscle. And, despite her sexy-as-hell arms and the distraction of that fantastic cleavage, he finished her off quickly, much to the dismay of everyone in the room. He didn’t even flirt and play around with her, just went in for the kill and proved himself the man. Why did I, the younger brother, feel like I needed to show him so much about women?

Jenn looked at me and seemed to read my mind.

“You should pick on someone your own size,” she said, mocking hurt. “Let’s see how you do against your little brother.”

Dave looked at me and laughed.

“You want a piece?”

After all of the headlocks, all of the dropkicks, the shoving, the punches, the rugburns of my youth… and after working out steadily since starting high school… hell yes I wanted a piece and the timing was ripe for my second surprise. Everything was working out perfectly and my poor, predictable brother was getting in deeper every step of the way.

“Ha… are you kidding me, you’d kill me. I could give it a shot, but you’ve got six years on me.”

I was reminding him and I was reminding everyone.

“You still got the guns?” I asked.

“You want to see them?”

God he wanted Jenn so bad he thought beating me at an arm wrestle would impress her, and I was happy to see he hadn’t changed much since leaving home and looked for any opportunity to show off his muscles. Some of his friends whispered behind his back but he didn’t hear them.

“Sure Dave, let’s see them…”

He was already taking off his sweater and when he was down to his T-shirt he flexed and… well, his guns were more thick, strong bits of fat rather than anything toned, but he flexed them for everyone anyway. I had him right where I wanted him.

“You know,” I said, “I’ve been working out too.”

I took off my sweater and stood there in my tight white T-shirt I had worn especially for this occasion, the same brand of shirt a senior at school, Jason, wore in the weight room; it was Jason who had shown me that if you wear the shirt a size too small, and snipped the elastic and a bit of fabric under the arm just right with a pair of scissors…

“I’ve actually gotten some guns of my own…”

His eyes were already wide at my size, which until now had been hidden under my sweater, and they grew wider as I flexed my left bicep as hard as I could and, just as Jason had shown me, the shirt sleeve tore as my bicep bulged through.

His friends all started talking at once… “Holy Shit” “The kid came to play” “Five bucks on the kid”… I just looked at my shirt sleeve and pretended to be sad that it had torn.

“Shit,” I said. “This fucking happens all the time.”

I looked over at Jenn and she couldn’t take her eyes off me. Surprise number two was going very well so far.

Now, I have to say, I am not grossly huge or anything. I actually thought I probably had the same size arms as my brother, but I’m definitely more toned and because I’m slimmer I look more muscular. Plus, that shirt sleeve trick is pretty fucking convincing. Still, none of this was any guarantee I could take him in an arm wrestle. I honestly didn’t know how that part would play out.

As it turns out I had little to worry about.

Dave was silent as we locked arms at the coffee table. His right arm stiffened and my right bicep bulged and it was clear to everyone there that I actually was a little bigger than him.

A voice from behind him said, “Little brother my ass…”

A friend of his was our ref and as soon as he let go of our hands my brother gave me all he had and, to my surprise as much as everyone else’s, I didn’t budge an inch. I was actually not even struggling; I just held him there. Dave was trying to smile his way through it but his teeth were clenching and I could tell he was giving his all and I was calmly, easily, completely kicking his ass.

My moment had arrived and I wanted to milk it for all it was worth. As he struggled with all his might I turned to Jenn.

“Tell me when,” I said to her.

“When what?”

“I can finish this at any time, you just give me the word.”

She looked at Dave, who was turning bright red, then at me. I hadn’t even broken a sweat.

“He’s turning pretty red, maybe you should show him some mercy…”

And BOOM, before the words were even out of her mouth I slammed Dave’s hand down on the coffee table with ease. The living room erupted and I flexed my right arm in victory, tearing that sleeve as well.

I downed my drink, said I needed another one, and got up and went to the kitchen, leaving Dave to defend himself to his friends.


“Your shirt tearing was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen,” Jenn said as she came up behind me as I poured my drink. We were alone in the kitchen.

“Can I feel your muscles?”

Time to turn on the nice guy bit.

“My brother really digs you, you know?” I said.

“I know.”

“I had to show him up like that, he put me through hell when I was a kid; it’s just nice to be on the other side of things for once.”

She reached her hand up to my arm as I finished pouring my drink.

“Just flex one last time then, I just have to feel it…”

I obliged and she caught her breath as my bicep pushed it’s way out of her grip; she stretched her thumb and fingers as far as she could but could not reach around the top of the muscle.

“How old are you again?”

“18 and a half.”

“Jesus. You’re bigger than a lot of the guys at my gym.”

“I’m bigger than a lot of the guys at my gym too.”

We stood there and looked at each other for a good few seconds before she seemed to catch herself and where she was. Voices were coming down the hallway.

“I’ve got my eye on you, “ she said, and headed back towards the living room, passing Dave as he came towards me.

“What the hell was that?” he whispered hoarsely to me.

“Dave, I’m sorry, I really am…”

“You fucking humiliated me…”

“Dave, I didn’t mean to… well, I kind of did, but not in any hugely bad way… just wanted to show you that your kid brother has grown up a bit, that he’s a bit tougher now. It’s a big thing for me to beat you at an arm wrestle. You know I’ve always looked up to the guns.”

My brother, I should point out at this juncture, in case it hasn’t been made screamingly apparent, is not the brightest guy in the world, and playing to his ego can smooth just about anything over.

“What? Really?”

No Dave, but for the purposes of tonight…

“Yeah… I didn’t mean to embarrass you in front of Jenn, and in fact, she was just in here talking about you.”

“About me? I thought maybe you were…”

“Me? Are you kidding? I’m 18 and she’s a fucking goddess… so what if I win a stupid arm wrestle against my big brother, she’s not looking my way anytime soon… I actually think she might like you.”

Oh, I am so going to Hell.

Dave smiled to himself and I could see him forgiving me in his mind. He looked at me and gave me a light punch to my shoulder.

“You’re pretty strong kid, good on you for working out… I’ve slacked off since coming here… too much partying and beer…”

He said this while pouring himself another drink.

“I wish I still had the muscle tone you have.”

Dave, you have never had the muscle tone I have, but I’ll let it slide. I’ve still got one more fish to fry tonight.


Ten p.m. Forty people were in the house by this time, all in various stages of drunk. I had been laying low for a few hours so as to give Dave some time to work his way back over to Jenn and to get over the arm wrestling. She tried to catch my eyes when Dave wasn’t looking, but I was coyly ignoring her. I had been chatting up a few of his other friends, got into a great conversation about online gaming with a few guys, but always kept Jenn in my radar and, when I knew she was looking, I’d scratch the back of my head and make sure to flex as hard as possible while doing so.

I am a fantastic flirt, if I do say so myself.

Finally, just after ten, I caught her eye and excused myself from my conversation and walked out into the backyard. It was chilly out but with so many people inside the house was getting warm and I actually welcomed the chill. Noises filtered through the hedges from the streets as partiers made the rounds in Dave’s neighbourhood.

It was no surprise to me when Jenn came out a few minutes later.

“Hey,” she said.

I turned around to talk to her and saw that she was not wearing any sweater, she still just had on the same white blouse she had been wearing inside and the cold was making her nipples obvious through the material. She shivered and crossed her arms, those gorgeous arms, as she walked towards me.

“Cold out here, eh little brother?”

“Please don’t call me that. It’s… weird…”

“Sorry, I just think it’s funny… you know, Dave being Dave he’s still calling you that in there, and emphasizing the word “little” despite, well, you know, you being the bigger guy…”

And there it was, the opening I had been waiting for.

“Yeah, well I might have beaten him in an arm wrestle but he’s probably still the bigger brother in other ways, you know…”

Her eyes were playful and they darted down to my crotch as I purposely rested my thumbs in my belt loops.

“No, I don’t know, what do you mean?”

That was it, I had done my job… I had planted the seed, she would have to take this the rest of the way herself if it was going to work at all.

“No, just, you know… older and stuff… hey, we better get inside, it’s starting to get really cold out and you’ll freeze.”

“You want to keep me warm?”

“Nah… I don’t want to get in the way of my big brother.”

I smiled and went past her and inside.

I went looking for Dave, knowing Jenn would be following me, and found him in the basement with a few of his friends sitting around an old record player. Hendrix played weakly out of some old speakers, almost drowned out by the party noise above. I grabbed a beer out of somebody’s cooler and sat down, Jenn came in a few minutes later.

“Dave, there you are… how’s it going?” She went and sat down on the floor in front of his chair and leaned her arm up on his leg. He looked at me and flashed me a smile, not realizing she was doing the same.

“I’m good… we’re just listening to some old records Jamie brought over.”

Jamie waved a stoned hand at her. She smiled at him faintly.

“Dave, I’m bored, we need to kick this up a notch.” Her fingers tickled the inside of his thigh and he moved in his chair a bit. “We should get some people together down here and play truth or dare,” she said, flashing me another smile.

Really, Jenn? Truth or dare? All of my planning and careful work and it was going to come down to something as cliché as truth or dare? No, I wasn’t going to let that happen.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to do anything to stop it.

“What’s wrong?” she asked Dave, as he squirmed in his chair.

“Nothing,” he said, “Can you just move your arm for a minute?”

Suddenly Jamie howled, “Dave’s got a boner, that’s what’s wrong!”

Dave laughed as all eyes went to his crotch and the slight bulge that was forming. To his credit, he played it cooler than I would have thought him capable of.

“Ha… nice try Jamie, but believe me, when I get a boner, it’s a heck of a lot more noticeable than this.”

All eyes were on Dave and no-one noticed me adjust myself and move my dick straight up in my jeans, pointing towards my belt, hiding my own growing member as best I could.

“Really, Dave?” Jenn was interested. “Your brother was actually just telling me about that.”

“He was?” Dave looked at me, perplexed.

This was just too perfect.

“Well, the issue of big brother/little brother came up and I was just saying that even though I’m… taller… now you were probably still the bigger brother in other ways. Jenn obviously mistook what I was saying.”

Jenn smiled a devlish smile.

“Oh, this is good,” she said and turned to Dave. “So, are you?”

“Am I what?”

“Are you the bigger brother?”

Dave looked at me and I nodded slightly, stopping just before Jenn looked at me. His muscles weren’t the only thing he used to show off when we were growing up and he knew I knew he had a decent sized dick. Once again, his ego took over.

“Yeah, the kid has done some growing up for sure but it’ll be a while before he catches me in that department.”

Jenn looked at Dave, then looked at me. The other guys were busy with their records and their bongs and she said it in words more perfect than I could have ever hoped.

“You want to make it interesting and find out?”


Back up in the kitchen, outside the room I was staying in, Jenn laid out the terms.

“I’ll be the sole judge. You guys will come into the room one at a time and I will measure you both the same way so as to be fair. The bigger of the two of you gets to go on a date with me.”

“I don’t know about this,” I said. “He’s six years older than me.”

That shtick never gets old for me.

“Come on,” Dave said. “Let’s have a little fun — I’ll even go first.”

He grabbed Jenn’s hand and they went into the bedroom while I stayed out in the hall. One of Dave’s friends—the guy I had been talking video games with—walked by and asked what was up.

So I told him.

“No way!” he said, and I shushed him, telling him to keep it quiet. He was laughing.

“Dave is a glutton for punishment,” he whispered. “Tell me you got him beat.”

“Honestly,” I lied. “I don’t know.”

It was a few minutes before the door opened up and Dave left the room with a huge smile on his face. He was slightly surprised that there were now four or five people gathered at the end of the hall but that didn’t phase him. “Good luck,” he said, and clapped me on my back.

I entered the room.

All the lights were off except for the lamp on the nightstand, and Jenn was sitting on the bed.

“Come and stand in front of me,” she said.

“How’d he do?” I asked.

“We’re about to find out.”

She bit her lip.

“Okay, let’s see it.”

I had been thinking in the hallway about anything I could to get my mind off of what was about to happen. I didn’t want to be fully hard when I first dropped my pants — I wanted to see her face as she watched it grow hard, but I had to act fast as she looked so damn good in the dim light, the shadows playing tag across her breasts with every move she made. I could feel myself still soft in my boxers, but a decent sized soft, and knew it was now or never.

I took off my shirt and then undid my belt and let my pants and boxers fall to the floor and stood in front of her.

Her hands shot up and covered her dropped jaw and there was a moment of silence before she simply said:

“Oh my god, you win.”

I know it seems silly now, but I honestly didn’t understand her at first.

“What do you mean “I win’?”

“I mean, you win.”

“But I’m still soft.”

“Is it going to get any smaller if you get hard?”

I laughed.

“No, of course not…”

“Then you win.”

It was taking a moment for it to sink in and she could tell, so she spelled it out for me.

“I was in here with your brother for five minutes watching him get hard, and you are bigger, right now, flaccid, than he got hard, and, I have to say it, he got pretty hard.”

That did it. I finally clued in and I could feel the blood start to rush to my dick.

“Well, it still gets a lot bigger.”

“How could it get a lot bigger…I mean, come on, how big is it now?”

She grabbed her measuring tape and before I could get much harder she had it stretched out and measured me at just under seven inches.

“Your brother… just to let you know, peaked at just a little under six inches, which… hunh, until now… was the biggest I had ever seen, but, holy shit… his is nothing compared to yours… and you’re so thick…”

I was starting to rise up now, getting thicker and longer. I continued the conversation as I did so.

“Six inches eh? Hell, I was that big two years ago. Jeeze, to think, at 16, I was already bigger than my 19 year old brother and never even knew.”

“Jesus.” She couldn’t take her eyes off my dick as it continued to swell and point straight up. “How big does it get?”

I smiled at her.

“That’s what we’re here to find out.”

“Can I touch it?”

“Of course.”

She reached her hand out and grasped my shaft and I felt a surge of growth at her touch. She rubbed her hand around the top of my dick, trying to get a good handle on it but unable to wrap her fingers all the way around it. I could feel myself getting harder and harder and I looked down at her, into that amazing cleavage, and watched as she held onto my dick as it reached its full potential.

Finally, as my dick pointed straight up, rock hard, my head resting above my navel, on my abs, I told her that was it, that that was as big as it got.

She let go of my dick and grabbed her tape measure.

“This is insane, I have never seen anything like this, this is fucking nuts.” She stretched the tape measure out, then giggled as she had to stretch it out some more.

“I have never seen anything like this — you are so fucking huge.”

I pushed my dick down so it stuck straight out and she grabbed it and held it, her hands smaller than mine, dwarfed by the size of my erection. She measured across the top.

“Not bad, eh?” I said as she held the measurement in place with her finger. She looked at the number.

“Holy fuck, you’re over ten and a half inches.”

“That sounds about right, and the scary thing is, I only hit ten inches in August; I may not even be done growing yet.”

She was silent for a moment as she let this sink in.

“And you’ve had girls take this much before?”

This was tricky… I didn’t want to go into too much detail about my summer as camp counsellor, the random adventures I had gotten into that had inspired me and had given me confidence in what nature had endowed me with. I decided to play it coy to keep her interested. Now was not the time to talk about other girls, no matter how good a story it made.

“I’ve had some try, yeah, but none have been able to take it all yet.”

She grabbed my cock again in her hand and ran it down the entire length of my shaft, pushing it against her forearm. As her fingertips reached the base of my dick and the top of my balls my head rammed into the crook of her forearm and she looked up at me, amazed.

“You’re fucking longer than my forearm and, look at that…”

She gestured towards the base of my dick, where her arm was hiding, unseen, on the other side.

“… and you’re thicker than my wrist. This is insane. Jesus.”

She was sweating and glistening in the lamplight.

“I think it’s your turn to show me yours, now that I’ve shown you mine.”

She bit her lip and smiled coyly.

“Yeah, I guess that’s fair.”

She stood up in front of me and moved towards me, pressing herself against me, against my naked body, and my rock hard dick pushed against the bottom of her breasts. She reached down with both hands and pulled off her shirt and her breasts bounced firmly and then pressed up against me again. They looked even bigger now that they were out of the confines of her blouse.

“Jesus, you look pretty good yourself,” I said. “You have an amazing body.”

“Something we have in common,” she said, grabbing her breasts and leaning forward slightly, pushing them against both sides of my dick. Insane: between my giant dick, her huge breasts and our height difference, all we had to do was stand there and I was able to fuck her tits.

“I can relate, too,” she said. “I was an early bloomer and got these the summer before ninth grade.”

It was my turn.

“Jesus,” I said.


“You read my mind.”

She laughed.

“And seriously, you don’t go through high school with a body like this and not have an active sex life and I have never, ever seen anything like what you’ve got here.” She bent her neck down and kissed the top of my dick, which was poking up and out between her breasts.

“I’d like to try and take it all, too, all ten and a half inches,” she said, and stepped away and pulled off her pants and underwear, showing off a perfectly shaved landing strip of fuzz. I grabbed my cock in anticipation and stroked it; long, slow strokes, until she stepped forward, now fully naked and looking incredible, her abs clearly defined, even in the low light, and she put a hand on my arm to stop me from stroking.

“Here, let me.”

She grabbed my dick with both hands and slowly started moving them up and down, her breasts moving along with the motion of her arms. She bent down and started to put my head into her mouth but she couldn’t go down as far as she wanted in our current position.

“You want me to sit down?”

“That might work…”

I sat on the edge of the bed and she got down on her knees, but my dick was pointing too high for her to reach and it was too hard to bend forward for her to get a good hold of it.

“On second thought, maybe you better lie down,” she said.

I laid down and felt the heavy heat of my dick on my stomach, and she climbed on top and, grabbing my dick in both hands, she put it in her mouth.

I love watching girls as they give me head, and Jenn was no exception. Like almost every girl I’d been with… almost every girl… she was only able to get the first five inches or so in before not being able to take any more. I smiled as she tried, realizing that the length of my dick that wasn’t in her mouth was about the length of my brother’s entire dick, a thought that turned me on even more.

She slurped and sucked and finished off with a twist of the tongue and looked up at me, breathing heavy, her hand reaching down between her legs.

“I can’t take more than that in my mouth, and I am so wet right now… I want you inside me more than I have ever wanted anything. Do you have a condom?”

I told her I did and she moved as I jumped out of bed, my dick thwacking against my stomach as I did so. I found my bag and took out my condoms and slipped one on, and also took out a bottle of lubricant.

“We may need this.”

Jenn was still touching herself and showed me her wet pussy, glinting in the light from the lamp.

“We may not,” she said.

I jumped on top of her as she flopped onto her back and touched the tip of my penis to her pussy, pushing in gently to test how easily I would go in. She was tight — this was going to take a lot of gentle handling if it was going to work.

We played for over half an hour, pushing in, pulling out, stretching, lubricating, with her groaning and moaning in painful pleasure every step of the way. It seriously must have been at least 40 minutes of this and I still had a good two or three inches that just wouldn’t go in.

“Let’s flip over,” she said.

“I have a better idea.”

I rolled her over while still inside her, so she was on top, and then we swung around over the side of the bed.

“Hold onto my shoulders,” I told her, and she did so, her giant breasts pushing into the front of my neck. I lifted her up, easily, and her hands slid down my arms to my biceps, which were bulging at holding her complete weight. Then, stealing a move I had perfected the summer before, I grabbed her from underneath her legs and began to lift her up and down, managing her weight like I would a pair of dumbbells, sliding her up and down my dick, with each slide downwards gravity helping to push me in just that much further.

She was screaming with pleasure now, “Oh my God, oh my God, OH MY GOD, you are so fucking HUGE!”, and I began to lift her up and down faster, and suddenly water poured out of her and down my entire shaft, the infamous G-Spot orgasm for which I had recently become moderately famous for inducing. The lubrication only helped make things easier and I sat back down on the bed, holding her above my lap, and slowly lowered her down into a sitting position.

“Jesus, your fucking biceps, god you are the fucking man, you are THE FUCKING MAN!”

I laid down and swung her on top of me, my arms tired, and she started taking it from there. She had me completely inside her, something only two other girls had ever been able to do, and that had been when I had been smaller as well. She was moving back and forth on top of me and my hand was on her abs, looking… feeling… yup, there it is… this would freak her the fuck out.

I grabbed her hand and put it on her stomach, and every time she moved forwards we both felt it, my cock ramming her from inside. When she realized what she was feeling she took our hands away and looked down and, sure enough, every time she rammed forward a little bump appeared just up and to the left of her belly button.

“What the fuck?”

“That’s me… that’s me inside you…”

“Jesus, I swear I can feel you at the back of my throat…”

That did it, that image, I was coming and I was going to come hard. I grabbed her by her waist and started pushing and pulling her back and forth even harder and her breathing grew even more hitched as she let me move her back and forth. I would have to pull out before I came and I had to make sure she came again before I did. I knew the size of the load I was about to blow and knew the condom wouldn’t take it, that it would slide down my dick inside the condom, and I couldn’t risk any accidents… It had been a close call last summer…

Her tits were bouncing everywhere now and she was moaning, groaning, she was coming, her nails in my chest, her head tilted back, “Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, oh my God… oh oh OH OH OH!”

And she came, a shudder went through her that lasted ten seconds and she crumpled forward, on top of me, exhausted, her face in my shoulder, her arm across my chest, and my hardon raged on inside her, ready to blow any minute.

“God you’re fantastic, I said.”

“Guh… you… mmmph…” was all she could say in return.

I turned to my side a bit and started sliding out of her, slowly, and she gasped…

“I have to, I’m sorry… I’m about to blow and this condom won’t hold it in…”

She let me slide out of her, letting out a loud gasp as the ridge of my head escaped. She rolled over on her back, slowly, still recovering.

“I want you to come on me, on my tits.” She put her arms back and behind her head, flexing her arms, her lean muscles so damn sexy.

I whipped off my condom and, seriously, I know my dick, and I swear that it was the biggest I had ever seen it at that moment.

Seeing it again seemed to rejuvenate her as she reached forward for my dick and grabbed at it with both hands.

“I still can’t believe you’re this big… it’s like I’m in a dream or something.”

I held the base of my cock like a baseball bat, one hand on top of the other, and she worked the rest of it with both her hands and it felt so fucking good.

I came.

I came all over her fucking body. Because this is my story, and it’s hindsight and the smallest of phrases may sound like an exaggeration, believe me when I say she was completely covered in cum from her neck to her navel. My blast hit her square in the chest and it splashed and oozed all over her entire torso, the stream and subsequent bursts lasting a good 15 seconds.

I fell down onto the bed next to her, collapsed in a heap, and we both lay there, quiet, still, and after about 15 or 20 seconds of this silence, of us slowing down, we heard it.

We heard it and looked at each other and smiled.

Applause from just outside the bedroom door.


“Seriously,” Jenn said as we were getting dressed, “I don’t mean to harp on this but you do realize the biggest I had ever had before this was about five inches?”

I laughed.

“You’re twice as big as anyone I have ever slept with, and my last boyfriend, nice guy but he was under four inches and not very good with what he had. You’re fucking two and a half times his size, and you just turned 18 — THAT’S the kicker.”

That did it — whenever I hear compliments about my size I start to get hard, and this time was no exception. Jenn caught me and my almost complete erection as I pulled up my boxers.

“Are you kidding me — you’re ready to go again?”

“Are you?”

“Ha… I won’t be having sex for weeks after what you’ve just done to me. I don’t think I could ever have sex with a small guy again after that!”

I pulled up my pants and reached for my shirt, still torn at the sleeves from the arm wrestling earlier in the night.

“Do me a favour, will you?” she asked, as she tied her hair back into her ponytail.

“What’s that?”

“If you’re not done yet and you keep growing, come and visit again, would you?”

I laughed to myself. After this, I didn’t think Dave would ever invite me back to stay with him, but I just smiled at her and said, “For sure.”

We opened the bedroom door to a round of cheers in the hallway. Jenn looked sheepish, but was clearly glowing and was obviously regretting nothing.

Jamie came to the front of the crowd and looked at us both.

“So, Jenn. Who won?”

We all burst into laughter, all except Dave who stumbled down the hall towards us, drunk out of his skull.

“Yeah Jenn, who won? What happened to me being “oooh, the biggest I’ve ever seen’? What the hell was that all about, what the…” he stumbled… “what the hell…?”

Jenn was calm but wasn’t sure what to say. I had to step in.

“Dave, she told me the same thing, that you were the biggest she had ever seen, and that says something man. It’s just that I was… you know… a bit bigger.”

“A BIT bigger,” Jamie laughed. “That’s not how it sounded from out here.”

“Well, whatever it sounded like,” I said, “we don’t need to go into details.”

Part of me was actually feeling a little guilty for everything I had done that night, but then, as usual, Dave stepped up and removed all guilt.

“No, I want to hear the fucking details… I want to know why the fuck my little brother is so fucking great… I want to know… how much bigger? Hey asshole, bitch, how much bigger?”

I looked at Jenn and she looked at me. I shrugged and, at the same time, we both said it:

“Four and a half inches.”

That got a reaction, and Dave called Jenn a bitch again so she shouted over them all: “And he is at least twice as thick as you, if not more. He’s longer than my fucking forearm and thicker than my wrist.”

She held up her arm and everyone, Dave included, was staring at it and mentally doing the calculations in silence. Dave stood up and walked over to me, stared me straight in the face and yelled at me.

“I call bullshit… there’s no fucking way… he’s fucking 18 years old and this is all a big fucking trick they’re pulling on me. I want to see it.”

“Dave,” Jenn said, “no you don’t. He’s bigger soft than you are hard.”

“Bullshit! I don’t believe it!” and with that, Dave undid his belt and dropped his pants and there it was, his hard dick, sticking straight out, looking much like it had when he had shown it off years earlier, before I had started growing myself, back when I thought he was so big and impressive.

“If you don’t show me it right now, I call bullshit.”

He was as stiff as he was going to get and I could feel myself slowly starting to get hard. Again, it was now or never. I dropped everything and there was a gasp from everyone as my seven inches of soft dick flopped down and hit me in the thigh. With so many people watching it took me even less time to get fully aroused and before Dave could even pull up his pants, something he was hastily trying to do, there I stood, with ten and a half inches of man hammer pointing straight up.

I felt for Jenn’s arm and she let me grab it, and I placed it next to my dick, dwarfing her forearm next to my gigantic meat.

“You know what Dave?” I said. “There’s your bullshit. There it is, right there.”

He was doing up his belt and making his way away from me down the hallway.

I called after him.

“And you know what the bitch of it is Dave? You know what the bitch of it is?! I’m not even done growing yet!”

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