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“Little Andy’s BIG Summer” 6

Andy sat on the lodge’s deck, eating his lunch. Blake was a good cook, no question. And he made simple foods taste like gourmet. Andy’s mind wandered as he looked out over the woods at the bottom of the hill the lodge was seated on. He was oblivious to just about everything else but what was in his head. He was having trouble bringing himself to talk to Blake about this relationship. If, indeed, that was what it was. He didn’t want to push and scare him off. But, he was filled with doubts. And he just wished Blake could put them to rest. While they’be been in the kitchen making lunch, Blake had whispered in his ear about his plans for the two of them tonight. He planned on night swimming after dark. Andy was looking forward to it, but his happiness was overshadowed by guilt. Guilt over not being able to talk to Blake.

Andy was shaken from his intense line of thought as he felt someone tossle his hair. He looked up as Blake came and sat down across the table from him. "What’s up, Andy. Ya look as though you’re contemplating the mysteries of the Universe."

Andy looked at him, and began to try to talk but faltered.

"Blake, I…" He paused. "I mean, I hafta ask you…" Again, stammering.

"Well, what is it, Andy? You okay?" He looked down at his lunch suspiciously, and looked back to Andy with an uncertain expression. "It’s the sloppy joe, isn’t it? Man, I knew I used too much brown sugar."

Andy couldn’t keep the tears from his eyes at Blake’s irresistable charm as he got up and ran from the table. "I gotta go, I don’t feel so good." With that, he ran off toward the cabin area as Blake looked after him with an expression of bewilderment. Something was wrong, and it wasn’t lunch.

Andy didn’t know what was wrong with himself. He wasn’t prone to emotional outbursts like this. It just served to let him know that he had indeed fallen for Blake…and hard! He heard Blake outside, hollering for him. Oh god! What was he gonna think of Andy, sittin’ here cryin’ like a little kid. Quickly, he wiped his eyes, and willed himself to stop crying. The door opened, and Blake came in. he took one look at Andy, and immediately sat next to him on the bed, putting his arm around him comfortingly.

"Andy, what’s wrong?"


"Well, you’re crying. That tells me there’s something wrong."

Andy looked up at Blake. He looked deep into his eyes, searching. Should he ask? He didn’t know. Where would he begin? He sniffled slightly, before speaking. "Blake, I have to…tell you something. And, you might not like it…"

"Oh my god, what is it? Do you have to go home early? Did something happen with your family…?"

"No, no, nothing happened to my family.", he spoke weakly. "Blake, I wanna ask you something. Are you straight?"

Blake looked at him for a moment, stunned. As if Andy had just punched him in the gut." Well, I think I’ve made it pretty clear, Andy. I mean, these last few weeks with you have been great. I don’t know what would make you ask such a question."

Andy searched for an answer that wasn’t offensive. "You’re just…not the guy I thought you’d be when I met you. I’ve always had problems with guys like you…"

"Guys like me…?"

"Yes. Jocks."

"Oooooh, I see. You’re used to being picked on, and made fun of, right? And I didn’t turn out to be that way. And since you found out I’m gay…"

"I wanna know if this is just a ‘thing’ for you, Blake."

"A ‘thing’…?"

"Yes. Are you gonna forget me once camp is over…?"

Blake looked Andy hard in the eyes and asked a question, sensing that something was brewing under the surface. "Why do you ask?"

Andy paused for a long moment before answering. "Blake…I think I’m in love with you."

Blake sat there, even more stunned than before. They sat, looking at each other for what seemed an eternity. Blake smiled, suddenly. A small, sheepish smirk. And without any warning he leaned forward, catching Andy off guard, and kissed him. Blake enfolded Andy in his arms, and hugged him tightly. Andy was breathless as he returned the kiss, relaxing in his arms. Blake leaned forward to the point where he was laying on top of Andy. Andy luxuriated in the feel of his over-muscled body pressing down on him. Blake wrapped his legs around Andy’s, and intensified the kiss. He bagan kissing all over Andy’s face, and neck, adding between breathles whispers, "I…love…you…too."

This was a better answer than Andy could’ve ever dreamed. Blake removed both their shirts, and began covering Andy’s fine young torso with heated kisses. Andy asked breathlessly as he instinctively began rubbing his hands over Blake’s rippling back "Does…this mean…we’re a…couple, now…?"

Blake answered between kisses as he began to undo Andy’s belt from his denim shorts, "More than that…we’re partners." Andy wanted to cry again, but this time with the sheer joy that was overflowing his heart. He arched his back with a loud groan as he felt his erect cock slip into Blake’s accomodating mouth.

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