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“Little Andy’s BIG Summer” 9

Andy awoke the next morning in an enviable position. Blake was resting comfortably next to him on his side. One arm was draped over Andy in an almost protective fashion and his face was nestled against the back of his neck. He could feel Blake’s breaths coming in a soft relaxed rhythm. Felt comforting. Blake felt for all the world like some enormous, sexy beast there to watch over and protect him. Slowly and carefully, as to not awaken Blake, he rolled over in bed beneath the covers to face him. His face was peaceful, and a tiny smile pulled whimsically at the corners of his mouth. As he admired the god in his bed, he reached up, and stroked Blake’s cheek with the back of his hand. Blake sighed contentedly in his sleep, and the smile widened a bit. Andy ran his fingers through his thick, soft hair, brushing a few strands away from his forehead. Blake stirred slightly in his slumber, putting his arm over him again, and his leg over Andy’s. Andy couldn’t remember a time in his life when he’d been happier. He allowed his hands to wander downward, feeling the thick cords of muscle in his neck. He ran his hands over Blake’s chest. The feel of the soft smooth skin stretched over firm over enlarged muscle gave him goosebumps as always. He gently stroked Blake’s arm, running his fingers along the deep lines of definition as he went. He slipped his hand under the covers, caressing the perfect symmetry of his rippling abs. Normally, to Andy, a guy as massively built as Blake wasn’t nearly as beautiful to behold. However, Blake was different. lines of musculature weren’t as angular as a bodybuilder. Rather, they were more curved, and flowing, like a well rendered sketch of masculinity. His body was a marvelous combination of speed, strength, and agility. Blake quite visibly worked himself for size and definition to the point where his muscles were packed. As if so overdeveloped that they fought for room in his body. All of it complimented by his tiny waist, hips, and ass.

Andy’s wandering hands caused Blake to stretch and roll over onto his back, seeming to invite a more in depth exploration. The comforter lay flat over Blake’s body, and down toward his hips was an unmistakeable lump showing even through the thick cover. After they had finished playing the night before, they’d shared an affectionate shower at the bathhouse, and returned to the cabin. Afterward, instead of the square cuts he usually slept in, Blake had donned another pair of speedoes simply to please Andy. Thinking of this now, Andt slowly pulled the covers down, baring Blake’s fabulous form. He slid his hand down over Blake’s torso, creeping slowly to the waistband of the speedo. They were a bright, metallic red, making his large dick appear larger, despite being currently flaccid. The fabric was stretched by the immaculate size of his penis and genitals, and Andy licked his lips at the sight. Gently, he petted the beast, waondering at its massive girth while soft. The head was gigantic, and showed quite visibly through the cloth. Andy stroked the length of it with his fingertip, from the bast to the head causing the head to stir ever so slightly. He watched entranced, as it began to respond to this stimulation. It began to thicken and elongate, the head swelling and becoming more pronounced now. Andy, making a feeble attempt to contain it, reached a hand in and packed it firmly into place . He put both hands over it, but the lump grew larger still, and began to stick out on either side of his cupped hands.

Andy could feel it begin to harden as it grew, and removed his hands to watch in fascination as it enlarged. The way he’d packed it in had caused the head to point straight out upward from Blake’s body. And growing still larger, it was beginning to push the waistband away from his body. It continued to grow, getting bigger, and Bigger, and BIGGER. The fabric of the speedo was holding it in, momentarily, and Blake shifted uncomfortably as his massive member’s confines began to prove too small for it… Tiny wrinkles of stress appeared along the seam at each hip, and he could once again hear the sound of the fabric elasticizing beyond any intended state. It was growing rapidly now, and showing no sign of stopping as the shaft and head continued to increase in length and thickness. Andy reached into the tented speedo, and began stroking it. It throbbed wildly in his hand, swelling bigger with each throb. Precum seeped through the speedo as it grew bigger, and its head bulged. It began to bend, slightly under the restraint of the speedo, but only straightened again with immense size and strength as Andy heard threads giving way to Blake’s enormous erection. To Andy’s amazement, he realized that it was actually growing bigger than before, showing that Blake was capable of controlling it when conscious! Finally, the seams of the speedo tore violently, and Blake’s cock exploded forth.

It was so long, and so thick, and so bloated that it looked as if it were going to explode. The head was almost the size of a tennis ball, and the veins in it stood out . Andy experimentally pushed it down against his eight-pack abs, and it extended up past his belly button. Andy put both hands around it, and began moving them up and down. The precum dribbled down over the head and shaft, lubricating his efforts, and Blake began to stir. He moaned in his sleep as Andy jerked him off, and he proceeded to go a bit faster. He could easily feel the cum tube swell as his dick began to involuntarily pulsate. It took Andy fifteen minutes, but Blake finally cummed, the liquid spewing from his cock like a volcano. It flooded out of him uncontrollably in spurts. And his back arched slightly. Andy was amazed that how he could possibly sleep through such a thing, but was still glad that he was. It had given him a nice look at how BIG Blake really was. Andy retrieved a towel from the back of a chair, and wiped the semen from his face. He then proceeded to clean it from Blake’s chest, stomach, and legs. He wiped Blake’s shaft clean, and got off the bed.

He looked over at Blake for a moment. A look of absolute bliss was on his face, and he shifted in his sleep to a more relaxed position. Andy pulled on a pair of gym shirts, and Blake’s bathrobe. He slipped on a pair of sandals, and headed out the door. It was very early yet, and not even the coucilors would be up yet. He decided that he’d leave his beautiful man sllep for a bit while he went and got breakfast…

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