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“Little Andy’s BIG Summer” 8

Andy reached down from Blake’s mighty embrace, and opened the door. He couldn’t help but giggle in anticipation. Blake carried him in, and laid him gently on the bed. Andy lay there, propped up on his elbows, watching Blake. Blake turned on his radio, and lowered the volume as to not wake anyone in nearby cabins. The cd player began churning out a lively dance rhythm, and Blake walked with a slight strut toward Andy, moving to the beat of the song. Andy recognized the song, it was a song by N’Synch. Blake came to the foot of the bed, and began moving to the music, swaying his hips in a seductive fashion. Andy gave him a bemused look, and Blake flashed him a blinding grin. Blake began dancing, now, his entire body moving in time with the beat as Andy watched, mesmerized. Blake slapped a hand on either thigh just above the knee, and slowly moved them up. Andy watched intently as they continued up over his thighs, crossing at his pelvis, moving over his abs, crossing again at his chest, and to his shoulders. Blake turned his head to the side, closing his eyes as if he were about to orgasm.

Andy, interest piqued, repositioned himself on the bed. As Blake performed, he moved to the foot of the bed on his stomach, and propped his head in his hands. Blake began moving more wildly now, caressing himself in different ways as his hips gyrated. He was like a stripper, but ten times better at it. Besides, no stripper had Blake’s kind of flair. Blake danced in a circle, while standing in place, his hips circling as he waved a hand in the air doing what Andy called the "Ried’em COwboy". It was one of his favorite moves. Andy was becoming inexplicably warmer each time Blake caught his eye. Andy got up on his knees, and put his hands on Blake’s thighs. Blake grabbed his hands, and moved them slowly up over his body while he danced. Andy could feel the powerful muscles working, and rippling beneath his taut skin which had become hot to the touch. Blake pulled Andy off the bed, and began dancing around him. He spoke to Andy as he danced, showing him how to move.

He took his arms in his hands, "Here, like this…", and moved Andy’s arms like those of a willing puppet. Andy stood, awkward for a few seconds, until Blake put his hands on Andy’s hips.

"Just feel the music, and move your hips to the beat."

Andy couldn’t quite get it until Blake shoved his hips into Andy’s ass. Andy began moving, listening to the music, and Blake’s heavy breathing.

"There ya go, you’re a natural…!" Blake wrapped his arms around Andy, and Andy put his hands on top of Blake’s, dancing in synch with him. Andy turned around to face Blake, and he picked Andy up. Andy wrapped his legs around Blake’s as he began pumping his hips into Andy’s pelvis. He could easily feel Blake’s enormous dick through the speedo as it pressed against his own. The song finally stopped, and Blake stood there holding him in his arms.

Blake took a few steps forward, and lay down on the bed with Andy underneath him. They looked into each other’s’ eyes, as they caught their breath. Andy spoke first. "That was…awesome!"

Blake brushed a wisp of Andy’s hair from his eyes, "Enjoyed that, huh?"

"Definitely. You never cease to amaze me."

The music switched to a funk-style song with a techno twist, and Blake slid his arms underneath Andy. Andy put his hands on Blake’s rippling chest, "You are so beautiful".

Blake flexed, and his balloon-like pecs sprang to rock hard life. Andy shivered and smiled as goosebumps ran over his entire body at the feel of the sheer enormous power of Blake’s body. Blake lowered himself entirely onto Andy, and wrapped his legs around Andy’s. He squeezed as tightly as possible without hurting him, and they kissed yet again. The kiss became heated as Blake began flexing his muscles one set at a time. Andy could feel Blake’s body pumping up from the repeated contractions and Blake’s embrace tightened. Blake rolled over, and Andy struggled out of his embrace. He looked at Blake. "Roll over…"

Blake blinked at this, "What…?"

"Roll over. I wanna do something for you, now."

Blake rolled over, dutifully, wondering what Andy had in mind.

Blake could feel Andy’s hands on the back of his legs. They started at his calves and slowly worked their way up the back of his thighs. They continued up to his hips, and grasped at the waistband of his speedo. Andy tugged with a giggle, and Blake accommodated, arching his midsection into the air. Andy struggled for a few minutes, trying to get the strained fabric down over Blake’s thighs. After a few tries, he pulled the skimpy fabric down, and over his ankles, discarding them to the floor. Blake waited, wondering, not feeling Andy move for a few moments. Finally, he felt Andy’s tender hands on his buttocks, and Andy leaned foreward. He gasped slightly as Andy gently pushed them apart and inserted his tongue.

Blake’s ass was tight. Firm, muscular, well rounded, but still small, it was the most perfect ass he’d ever seen. Let alone had the pleasure of touching. He heard Blake’s gasp of surprise as he’d inserted his tongue. Mentally, he smiled knowing that he probably hadn’t expected this. Andy could tell that he went to great lengths to keep clean as there wasn’t the slightest hint of anything undesirable. He probed with his tongue, extensively. If there was one thing he was proud of, it was his capable tongue. And he was now receiving testimony on his abilities as Blake began to moan. He sank his tobgue further into Blake’s ass, causing him to exclaim, "FUCK! Oh my GOD!" He was moving his tongue up and down along Blake’s crack, and he felt Blake’s body shudder. Blake was moaning loudly, now, and exclaiming, as his legs involuntarily stiffened over and over again. Blake arched his ass upward, as if trying to get more, and cried out in a pleasure as Andy went deeper. Andy plunged his tongue as far as he could, and he felt Blake’s entire body quake as he realized that he’d just caused him to cum. Well, now Blake knew he wasn’t the only one who could give in this situation…

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