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“Little Andy’s BIG Summer” 10

Andy was walking back to the cabin in the crisp morning air. He was humming a happy tune, and carrying a tray laiden with breakfast. Eggs, toast, bacon, strawberries, bagels, sausage, breakfast potatoes, milk, and orange juice. He’d gone all out for the occasion. It was a nice meal for two, and Andy felt happy. The sun was peeking over the mountains around the camp, and the birds were beginning to sing. A cool breeze wafted across the campground, sweeping around Andy, and sending a shiver over him as it hit the bare skin of his chest beneath Blake’s bathrobe. He could see a few deer in the mist as they looked around for intruders, and a family of racoons was making its way across the knoll to home. Andy came to the cabin, and set the tray down as he opened the door. He backed in, allowing the door to shut behind him, and walked toward the bed. Blake was laying on the bed, sprawled out in his sleep. He looked peaceful. He was Andy’s big hunk. Andy allowed his eyes to wander over Blake appreciatively before setting the tray down. He climbed onto the bed, and on top of Blake’s gigantic body. He climbed over his legs, and sat on top of his still semi-erect cock. Removing the robe, he leaned forward on Blake, pressing his skin against that of Blake’s stomach and chest.

Tenderly, he kissed Blake on the lips. He had the most perfect lips, smooth, moist, full, and dark. He kissed again, "Wake up…". He began kissing him all over the face, and running his fingers through his hair. Wake up, sleepy head." Blake’s eyes fluttered slowly open, and he looked at Andy. Instantly, as if a natural reflex, he wrapped his big arms around Andy on top of him.

"You’re up early."

"So were you."

"I know. I feel as though I was satisfied while I was asleep. I love that feeling."

"Well, I couldn’t waste it.",Andy said sheepishly. "Your poor speedo never stood a chance."

Blake smiled, you saw how big it really is, huh…?"

"Oooooh, yeah! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to settle for anything less. You’ve spoiled me for any other guy."

Blake moved, sitting up in bed whil keeping Andy’s ass squarely on top of his dick. Blake blushed. "Well, it’s a good thing there won’t ever need to be any other men, huh?"

Andy nuzzled him on the neck just below his ear, nibbling on his earlobe, "Mmm-hmm." He moved his mouth down to Blake’s chest. His words were muffled slightly from the depths of Blake’s masculine cleavage, "I made us breakfast. We should eat before it gets cold."

Blake looked over at the tray, the plates steaming with freshly prepared food. "Awww, how sweet." He hoisted the ray from the bedside table, allowing Andy to continue his exploration. The smell of the food made him hungry, and he gently pulled Andy up by his chin. Andy looked at him curiously. Damn! He was so cute. He didn’t think he could ever bring himself to deny Andy anything. He made Andy lay on his side next to him, as he put the tray over his own lap. He put one arm around Andy comfortingly as he laid his head on Blake’s chest. He stroked Blake’s eight-pack as Blake took the fork and served up some sunny-side-up egg. He looked down at Andy, "Open up." Andy opened his mouth, and Blake slid the fork in. He took a bit next, and they sat in comfortable silence as they ate.

Andy took a gulp of orange juice. "So, what’s on the agenda for today?"

Blake concidered as he munched on some toast. "Well, this afternoon after dinner, I thought ya might wanna come work out with me. I mean, we’re in the last week of camp. And we all have afternoons to ourselves. So, whaddya say?"

Andy resumed stroking Blke’s abs, and Blake’ stiffened them into a bulging, rockhard, ripple for emphasis. "Yeah, I’ll go with ya."

They each ate a bit more, then Blake set the tray aside. Blake bent his head down to Andy’s, and they kissed warmly. Andy tried snuggling a bit closer, but Blake simply lifted him to lay on top. Andy thrilled. Just the feel of Blake’s body was enough to inspire an erection. Andy reached down, and wriggled out of the shorts to lay naked on top of Blake as he snuggled in. Blake pulled the covers up to Andy’s shoulders. Blake spoke softly to Andy. "We can sleep for awhile yet. Just make yourself comfortable." Andy sank his head deep into the center of Blake’s chest. He could hear and feel Blake’s powerful heartbeat. He felt Blake’s hand snake down beneath the covers, and grasp his erection. He smiled, and sighed as Blake began jerking him off now. He slid his arms around Blake’s tiny waist as he drifted off back into a deep, pleasured sleep…

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