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“Little Andy’s BIG Summer” 7

Andy sat on the bed in anticipation. He couldn’t believe it, his hopes had been confirmed. Earlier today he’d finally gotten up the nerve to confess his true feelings for Blake to him. And he’d returned the sentiment. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d been this happy. His head was swimming in a pool of bliss. And speaking of swimming, he anxiously awaited Blake’s return. Blake always made him wait at their cabin while he made sure the coast was clear. And every fay brought something new and exciting. He had to admit, Blake really knew how to please a guy. As if on cue, Blake entered the cabin.

Andy took a moment to take in the sight. He was gorgeous, as usual. He had dressed in a "gay" style for this occasion. He was wearing a white nylon muscle shirt. His deep skin tone showed through the nylon, and every inch of his finely chiseled body showed through. His black jeans were snug, and hugged every curve of his lower body as though they were painted on. The alluring scent of cologne reached Andy as Blake turned a full circle for inspection. His nipples had become erect in the cool night air, and stuck out tantalizingly through the shiny, translucent fabric of the shirt. His bulging, well rounded chest seemed to stick out more than usual in the shirt as an inch of skin stuck out on either side by the arm holes. The tightness of the shirt accented each row of his rock hard abs and broad back. Despite the dark fabric of his jeans, every inch of muscle in his thighs bulged through with tempting definition. His package squeezed out from between his legs extending upward toward his belt. The sheer size of his shaft was plainly visible through the denim and caused the front of his jeans to curve outward in an almost obscene nature. The whole thing looked for all the world as if some beast was straining to free itself from a denim prison.Blake finished the turn, "Ya like?"

Andy could barely contain his enthusiasm as he blurted the word out, "Absolutely!"

They walked down the trail in the cool Summer night air. Andy snuck his arm around Blake’s narrow waist, as he put his arm around Andy’s shoulders. Andy leaned his head on Blake’s shoulder as he took in their surroundings. It was a clear night, and the moonlight cast everything in a soft blue glow. The fireflies were out like hundreds of stars twinkling among the trees and bushes around them. The early evening dew on all the foliage sparkled in the moonlight as they walked along. Andy was reminded of why he loved nature, and snuggled his head against Blake’s shoulder a bit more. Blake noticed this, and snugged his arm around Andy even more, slipping his hand down to stroke the right side of his chest.

Andy spoke up tentatively. "I thought we were goin’ swimming tonight, and you’re all dressed up. What’s the occasion…?"

Blake only smiled, "You’ll see."

They came to the clearing that entered onto the dock area, and Andy straightened taking in the sight. The dock had been laid out with numerous candles, all glowing romantically in the night. There was a basket, and blanket on the dock amidst the candles, and Andy looked up inquiringly at Blake.

"Well, since we each know how the other feels now, I thought I’d make tonight our unofficial first date." He took Andy by the hand, and led him coyly to the setup. Blake opened the basket as Andy sat down on one side of the blanket. He removed two wine flutes, and a bottle of sparkling cider, pouring a glass for each of them. Blake raised his glass in a toast manner, "To us…?"

Andy clinked his glass to Blake’s, "To us." They drank, and Blake produced two plates filled with various munchies.

Andy could only chuckle a bit at Blake’s romantic idea. "A feast. I’m impressed."

Blake looked at him, feining being insulted. "Hey, it’s the best I could do here." He picked upo a small slice of cheddar cheese from Andy’s plate and put it on a club cracker. He held it up to Andy, and he bit into it, sucking on Blake’s fingers before pulling his mouth away. He munched on the cracker as Blake began to speak.

Andy, I’ve been thinking. Ya know. We’re both done with school after this Summer. And I know you’re going to school at the same college as me…"

Andy swallowed, looking at Blake, uncertain where he was going with this. "And…?"

Blake spoke tentatively now. "And, I already have an apartment rented for the fall semester. It’s really big, and I need a roommate. I was wondering if you’d move in with me after camp?"

Andy looked at him for a moment, uncertain if he’d hered correctly. "You want me to live with you?"

Blake rubbed the back of his neck, looking sideways at Andy. He smiled, blushing a bit at his own forwardness. "Yeah…I was hoping…"

Andy lept across the blanket into Blake’s arms, and kissed him. Blake fell backward on the dock with the attack as Andy landed on top of him. They came up for air after about three minutes. Blake laughed, "I take it that’s a yes?"

Andy looked down into his eyes, "Of course I’ll move in with you." He kissed Blake again, and he felt Blake’s arms wrap around him. He pulled back, and looked at Blake for a second. "Ever notice we kiss a lot?"

"Is that bad."


Blake ran a finger down over Andy’s chest, "I know something else we can do here."

Andy took the hint. He got up off Blake, and began to undress as Blake did the same.

Even in the dim light, Blake could see that Andy had gained some color from being in the Summer sun. He was no longer the pale skinned boy of their first nights together. His body was thin, but nicely defined. Smooth, nearly hairless, and young. He stood in a pair of bicycle shorts and looked at Blake.

Blake slipped off the shirt, and it slid up over his body, unleashing his massive pecs. His smooth skin glistened in the moon’s silvery light as he undid his belt and pushed his pants down. Andy’s jaw dropped as he observed Blake’s swimwear. Blake was wearing nothing more than a speedo. He looked incredible. His muscles rippled in the moonlight. He caught Andy’s starew, and did a few poses, causing his muscles to leap to life as Andy drooled. The tiny speedo looked almost ridiculous on his body. It looked as though it could barely stretched around his legs. The front of the speedo was most noticeable. It was so bloated and swollen by his massive endowment that it appeared as if his cock would flop out at any moment. Blake slipped into the water, and beckoned for Andy to join him. Andy slipped into the water himself.

The water, surprisingly, wasn’t too cold. They swam about one another, playing and splashing in the water. Blake dipped beneath the water, disappearing. Andy looked around, but didn’t see him. Suddenly, he felt something come up between his legs. He rose quickly out of the water as Blake came up underneath him with Andy on his shoulders. And braced himself, and looked down as Blake laughed. Blake fell forward with Andy on his shoulders, and they both splashed into the water. They came up for air, and Blake grabbed Andy, encircling him in his arms. Andy looked into his eyes, then nestled his head into the center of Blake’s chest as he wrapped his arms around him. He felt the muscles in his chest. Warm, and firm, yet soft. He could hear Blake’s heart beating as he slipped a hand down to the front of his brimming speedo. He began to rub the tight bulge, feeling all the meat underneath the spandex. Andy felt it begin to stretch as Blake’s cock responded to his touch.

Blake let go, and moved away teasingly. "Oh no you don’t. Not here."

Andy smiled, "Where, then…?"

Blake swam to the dock, and got out. He lifted Andy out of the water, and picked him up. He cradled Andy in his arms, and carried him up the dock. Another interesting night was in store, Andy thought as Blake carried him back toward the path…

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