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“Little Andy’s BIG Summer” 11

They walked together up the hill at the north end of the lodge. Andy looked down at his hand in Blake’s. It looked small in comparison. He felt happy in the late afternoon. The day was closing to dusk, and the shy was streaked with reds, pinks, ambers, all hurled across a blue sky with a stunning brilliance. He looked up at Blake now, who smiled back down at him with the blindingly perfect smile.

Ya sure ya wanna do this?"

Andy shook his head enthusiastically. "Yes. As long as you’re there with me, I can do anything."

Blake’s heart felt like it swelled at Andy’s words, and his smile only broadened. He looked down at Andy. Andy was undeniably sexy to him. Average height, with semi-broad shoulders, a narrow waist, and cute as hell. He had even put real effort into dressing for a workout, wearing gym shorts, and a plain t-shirt. It was an odd look for him, however, not a bad one. He couldn’t wait to share this with Andy.

Andy looked over at Blake with admiration. He was wearing a sweatshirt, and matching sweatpants. Neither of which could quite hide his impressive body. He was anxious to do this, but slightly afraid. He’d never set foot in an actual gym. Preferring rather to use his weights at home to stay fit. He’d never had the desire to become huge. But observing the undeniably raw and sexual power of Blake’s beyond-manly body, he was beginning to wonder.

They came to the door, and Blake produced a key, unlocking it. He opened the door, and turned on the lights. As the fluorescent lights flickered to life, Andy’s eyes beheld a room full of gleaming metal. The room was permeated by the smell of a seldom used room. The air was musky, but dry. Wasn’t a bad smell. It was a combination of the smell of one of the camp’s cabins combined with the smell of

metal. Blake gave an exaggerated motion of his hand sweeping outward, "Voila!"

Andy, eager to impress his studly man spoke up quickly. "Where do we start?" He dropped his bag, and walked to a bar bolted to one wall, and running the length of the room. The entire wall it was attached to was a mirror. Andy began stretching, and Blake joined in, obviously impressed at Andy’s eagerness. They finished stretching, and Blake stood for a moment. To Andy’s pleasured surprise, Blake began stripping off his sweatsuit.

First, the shirt came off. underneath was a tank top that left nothing to the imagination. Blake’s chest jutted out from the base of his neck like a shelf. The shirt was clearly stretched and straining to contain his pecs as they were so enlarged that his nipples poked out on either side of the top at the armholes. The openings were in turn stretched to their maximum capacity by his lats which all but stuck out of them above his waist. His abs showed through the shirt individually like bricks, and seemed to ripple with every breath. Blake’s massive arms were bare, rippling and beautiful. Even unflexed, Andy knew he wouldn’t even be able to fit both of his hands around the wide girth of Blake’s upper arms. Blake continued to disrobe, removing his sweatpants. Having been treated to this spectacle before, Andy never tired of this sight. Slowy, noticing Andy’s examination, Blake teased his eyes by moving slowly. He hitched his thumbs into the waistband of the sweats, and quickly pulled them back up as they reached hip level. Andy’s face fell momentarily, and Blake grinned again. He slowly and deliberately slid the pants back down, torturing Andy playfully, and knowing full well that Andy was enjoying the show.

The waistband slid slowly down to his hips. And Andy noted for the first time just how small his hips were. Nearly petit for such a large man. The pants went lower, and revealed a pair of gym shorts not unlike Andy’s. However, they did not appear to be quite big enough for Blake. Looking more like bicycle shorts, they clung to every inch of Blake’s midsection and thighs. He allowed them to drop the rest of the way to his ankles. He stepped out of them, and straightened for Andy’s inspection. The shorts swelled out almost unnaturally from his hips around his thunderous thighs. They were visibly strained against mounding muscle beneath. Tiny familiar wrinkles pulled furiously at the seams on either side of the sorts as his legs moved. His two rounded buttocks jutted the back out, and the perfection of Blake’s ass was blindingly displayed. The front of the shorts were no different. Blake’s tool bulged out obscenely in front, along with his generously oversized balls. The head quite clearly rested against his left hip, giving the shorts the appearance of containing a large snake. Andy’s mind flashed back briefly to images of watching it grow, and eventually outgrow, similar confines.

Blake walked over, taking Andy by the hand, and led him to a set of free weights on the far side of the room. He instructed Andy to lay on the bench with his head beneath the bar in its brackets. "Here. We’re going to start with basics for you. How much can you bench?"

"I’m not sure."

"Well, then, we’ll start with five pounds on each end." Blake placed a five pound plate on either end of the bar, and fastened them in place. "I’ll spot you. I know you can do this much. But if at any time you feel you can’t do what I put on, I will help you."

With a minimum of effort, Andy lifted the bar from its bracket, and steadied it before lowering it to his chest. Instantly, his arms sprang to life, and the muscles in his arms stood out with the effort. Andy’s form was near flawless, and he easily did ten reps of the weight. listening to Blake’s comforting voice. "Don’t push yourself yet. Just do what you know you can do."

Andy finished, and replaced the bar in its bracket. A light sweat had appeared on his forehead as he sat up on the bench. "Okay, now what?"

"I add more weight. I’ll take it up to 15." Andy laid back down after a moment, and repeated the motions. This continued, Andy performing beautifully to Blake’s expectations. Each time the strain becoming greater, but Andy not faltering and giving 110%. The weight increased to near Andy’s own bodyweight, and he help up beautifully. Finally, at 100 lbs., Andy could only do 3 reps, and Blake helped him ease the bar back into position. Blake helped Andy off the bench with a hand, and hugged him affectionately.

"I’m proud of you Andy. You did very well. You’re in even better shape thatn I thought." He grabbed a towel, and slung it over his shoulder. "Hmmmm, you’re all sweaty. Here…" Without a word of warning, he grasped Andy’s shirt, and peeled the sweaty fabric from Andy’s torso. Under the fabric, Andy’s body had seemed to come alive. Veins showed through his chest and arms. He had puffed up a bit, appearing slightly bulkier as the exertion of adrenaline became apparent. Blake toweled Andy off soothingly. "Now, you spot me."

Blake moved to the wieght bar, and added quite a sum, nearly 200 lbs. . He lay down on the bench as Andy took his place uncertainly at the head of the bench. Blake looked up at Andy, taking a deep breath. Andy stood ready, and Blake effortlessly lifted the weight from the bracket. He began lowering and raising the bar rapidly. He breathed furiously, the muscles in his arms and chest burst with incredible strength. He continued, showing no sign of stopping, or even slowing down. Andy watched open mouthed. The muscles in his arms tightened, and the veins swelled with exertion. The sinews showed vividly through his skin, and Andy watched as his chest and arms became visibly larger. His shoulders followed suit, his delts and traps swelling as well. Andy watched amazed as the tanktop appeared to shrink around Blake’s torso, allowing his nips to show fully. As his meaty pecs swelled impossibly larger, more and more of Blake’s chest became visible above the neckline of the shirt. With each press of the weights, Blake’s entire upper body grow bigger. The bottom of his shirt began to pull up over his stomach, revealing his rippled abs. After pressing three sets of thirty, Blake replacd the weights. He sat up on the bench. His tank top was transparent with sweat, and his still swelling body was plainly visible through the flimsy fabric. He looked over his shoulder at ANdy, and motioned for him to sit on the bench in front of him.

Andy did so, and experimentally fingered the deep gorge in the center of Blake’s chest. Blake’s body was becoming inhumanly large now. Every cut of definition was deepening as his great muscles increased in girth. "Wow! I’ve heard of getting a pump before. But this is incredible!" Blake smiled, and did a crab flex. Instantly, his entire upper body leapt into life. Every sinew, and striation deepened or swelled. The shirt, unable to contain his incredible mass any longer, burst! Tearing down the center, it fell away. His pecs flopped out, almost in Andy’s face. He was breathing heavily, each breath bringing more incredible size. His pecs mounded up further, overlapping his collarbone as his delts rounded out. His biceps and triceps grew, increasing the width of his arms. His lats were swelling outward, forcing his arms away from his sides. Andy buried his face into Blake’s sweaty chest, and put his arms around Blake’s still narrow waist as he felt all the muscles grow bigger still. With a final burst of growth, Blake’s entire torso swelled to enormous proportions, threatening explosion.

Andy leaned back, taking it all in. Blake had grown to nearly three times his original size. He put his arms around Andy causing his pecs to bunch and bulk out against Andy’s smothered face. Andy nuzzled them affectionately, and Blake flexed again causing everything to bulge into steely rigidness. Andy could feel a hardness creeping steadily upward against his stomach. He drew back, looking down. Blake’s massive cock was hardening, stretching the already strained fabric of his shorts. Andy put his hand on the growing muscle, and felt it swell furiously in response. He looked up into Blake’s face to see that heartwarming grin. Blake laid down on the bench with Andy on top as Blake’s dick swelled rapidly underneath him. Unless he was going crazy, Blake’s huge member was getting even bigger than ver before…

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