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My Life as a Teenage Stud: Part 2

I parted her legs, my sticky fingers caressing her soft thighs as my muscular chest brushed against her erect nipples. I leaned down and licked her sensitive aureoles, swirling my tongue over them and flicking it against her nipples. Lucy was just as stacked as her mom and as I licked her tits I thought how good it would be to have my power tool nestled in the folds of her cleavage. I sat up and moved along her stomach, drawing my balls along her warm belly. Lucy got the idea and with both hands lifted her fun bags up and around my cock. The feeling of it was exquisite as she rubbed her globes against my still sticky shaft. The sheer length of it gave her an opportunity to resume orally worshiping me and her tongue darted out.

The lubrication of her mom’s cunt juices and my own spunk allowed me to slide my slippery cock between her warm whoppers with ease as I rubbed her nipples with my thumbs. That voluminous mouth was open in slack delight, throwing kisses at the onrushing helmet, smacking away at the beads of precum and leaving strings of honey between her lips and my cum-slit.The pleasure that Lucy was getting from this was obvious, and my manual assault on her breasts, combined with the awesome sight of my over sized cock sliding between her gorgeous breasts was bringing the young cock hound to the brink of orgasm.

“Timmy you beast! This massive meat goes so well with my massive mams. I can’t believe I’ve got such a hung stud ready to fuck me and all I’m doing is giving him the biggest tit wank I’ve ever given anybody. PLEASE fuck me Timmy! I need as much of that big dong of yours in my pussy now.”

As her guest, I was only too happy to oblige. I pulled my cock from the warm embrace of her melons and as it dripped precum onto her flat belly guided it down her body until the flared crimson head was resting at her pussy lips. This chick had wanted my raging hard on in her tight teenage vagina and that was exactly what she was going to get. I put my hands on her knees and eased them apart until the opening of her vagina was as wide as I could make it. Slowly I slid into her, until the head was securely in. Her cunt lips stretched to accommodate my immense girth and she grimaced.

“You’re… so big,” she gasped as I slipped inch after inch of wrist thick cock into her. She was tight, but not as tight as some of Kate’s other friends that I had screwed; those girls probably hadn’t seen much more than a 6” dick in their lives, let alone fucked one.

As her mom had easily taken a foot of my man meat I was desperate to see how much Lucy could fit. Normally I had to wriggle my way into most girls, especially ones from school, but since Lucy and Natalie were experienced with big cocks I had slipped right into both of them. She accepted more than most girls and I finally bumped against the head of her womb at 10 inches.

“Looks like that’s all that you’re going to get Lucy. Not as much as your mom, but it’s a good effort.” I smiled as I quickened my pace, pulling out until only the head and a few inches were left inside, then slamming back in as far as I could go. Through this method I reckon I must have been able to fit another inch into her, driving her wild with lust. My thrusts were so deep that my big swinging tennis ball sized testicles slapped against her tight ass every time I drove my cock into her. Her huge tits were jiggling wildly with every stroke I gave her, and as they did so they threw ribbons of my jizz on the carpet.

“That’s it Timmy! Fuck me harder! Fuck me as hard as you’ve ever fucked any girl! You’ve got ten inches of your horse cock using up all of my pussy and it’s driving my tits wild.” She looked up at me, between her heaving tits. “That looks so hot. If you could see your cock pile driving into me the way I can Timmy, you’d be about to come.” And with that she began screaming as her orgasm hit her, powered into her by 15 3/4 inches of rock hard cock.

“I… am… cumming!” I shouted back at her as I was overcome with my own orgasm. I shot deep inside her, pouring my seed into her steaming box.

“Give me a big load Timmy! Come for me Timmy, Come all over me!” she pleaded, and I did my best. When I pulled my spasming cock out of her, her pussy was overflowing with my hot man goo and a thick foot long streamer arced from my cum slit over her head, splashing her hair as it landed on her carpet. Giant wads of what would be the thickest batch of the night splattered all over Lucy Sellers. It was at this point that her mom, who we had almost forgotten about in the midst of our joint orgasms reappeared, grabbing my gushing shaft with both hands and directing it at her face.

A long stream of cum flowed from my cock into her eager mouth, but some blasts splattered her lovely face. Lucy sat up and joined her mother at my still geysering helmet as more jizz spewed from it. I fed her my cock head and she took several blasts straight down her throat before pulling back again and resuming fire on her face. When I had finished, after a series of at least 20 blasts, what I felt must have been a personal record for a second orgasm of the night, Lucy’s face was covered in my thick cum while Natalie peered out from a crisscross of ribbons of cum. Lucy’s hair was plastered with it and hung lankly. No sections of either woman’s breasts survived unscathed.

Natalie, still clasping my freshly-flushed pipe, took me into her mouth once more and slurped the last remnants of my ejaculation from my swollen, tender glans, clearing my piss-tube of the juice that remained inside as though she had dipped a straw down there and was going for the dregs. She took my prick out of her maw and looked up at me.

“Wow Timmy.” Natalie said. “You really are a one man bukkake machine!”

“Yeah Timmy,” Lucy joined in,” You just, like, totally drenched mom and I in your cum. It’s all over my tits and my face and even in my hair. That’s going to take a lot of washing to come out. You really do put the Stud in Study Buddy”

“Don’t complain now Lucy,” her mom replied. “I think that once we get you cleaned up, you’re going to need a good hard fucking.”

I laughed.” But Natalie, I just gave her a good hard fucking.”

“Silly Timmy” replied Lucy, blowing bubbles through the cum that coated her lips. “Everybody knows that nobody fucks you like a momma.”

Natalie walked over to the bed and her hefty tits jiggled as she moved. It was an awesome sight as this stacked mommy, still covered in her own pussy juices and the jizz of a hung stud who had just fucked her daughter picked up the dildo. It was so big that she couldn’t get her hands around it properly, and though this would have been enough for most women, girls who have had my 15″ in dong can never be truly happy with less. I watched in fascination as she slipped the harness on and stood up, proudly sporting her own foot long erection.

“I know that I’m not as hung as you are Timmy, but at least I can imagine what it would be like to have such a huge dick as yours,” she purred, running her fingers down its length.

“Mommy’s dick is great Timmy. She fucks me deeper than any man I ever had. Until today that is” Lucy laughed. “And she knows exactly how to please a woman. And when mom fucks me, it’s the best feeling in the world.”

I understood her perfectly; it always felt better when my horse cock was sliding into my sexy mom’s hot cunt. No matter how hot any of the nurses or cheerleaders I fucked were, none of them could compare to my super buxom mom. Natalie lay back on the bed as Lucy joined her. “Suck mommy’s tits clean for her dear” Natalie suggested, and Lucy obliged eagerly. Lucy put as much effort into licking my jizz of her mom’s tits as she had done in licking my dripping cock and within a few minutes Natalie’s knockers were clean of my spunk, but covered in Lucy’s saliva. “Good girl Lucy baby” cooed Natalie as she wrapped her hands around her daughter’s shoulders, bringing her closer until the two women’s massive racks were touching.

“Mommy has a special present for her special girl.” The two shared a deep probing kiss that drew pleasured moans from both of their throats as I stood on the sidelines, enchanted at these two busty beauties. The rolled about on the bed for a while, their two luscious bodies intertwined in a mass of sex.

It ended with Lucy on her back, her legs spread wide as Natalie knelt over her, her 12 inch “dick” in her hand. Gently she eased it into her daughter’s hot cunt, drawing gasps of ecstasy from Lucy as her mom’s dildo deeper and deeper into her.

“As I’m sure you know Timmy,” Natalie said as she put the entire length into her daughter, “Lucy is a hell of a ride.” With that she pulled out an inch, and then stroked her cock back in another inch. This continued, inch by inch, until she was up to six inch strokes, where she picked up the pace. It really turned me on to see these women engaging in such a sexy display of lesbian incest even though I wasn’t involved. I watched for a while, stroking my erection, which was by now up to its full 15″ length and as hard as a block of granite. Natalie’s hefty tits were swinging impressively, and she held on to them as she drove her cock harder into Lucy’s pussy.

Unattended, I took matters into my own hands.


I choked my erection with hands too trained to be clumsy despite their size. XL gloves fit me just right, and I can get a lot of flesh, mine or another’s into their clutch and hold on firm without bruising. Employing the standard 10″ strokes that I preferred, I noted with dismay that got no response from the women who were engrossed in their own sexual adventures. Jacking with my right, my left felt out my jewels, heightening my arousal.

Lucy and Natalie ignored me.

Not even the phenomenon of myself-suck techniques would have gotten a rise out them, or so I thought. The world’s only 16″ cock within easy reach and a proven stud to wield it, both waiting within wanking-distance, but totally wasted.

“Roll her over!” I ordered Natalie, who looked at me in surprise. I hadn’t intended it to come out as harshly as it did, but my balls were ready to burst with the lack of action and I urgently needed release. Mrs. Sellers reluctantly pulled out and turned Lucy over onto her knees and elbows. As soon as Lucy was steadied Natalie slipped her cock back in and resumed fucking her daughter doggy style. I knelt up on the bed next to Lucy and brought my dong to her face. It brushed against her cheek, leaving a trail of precum on her smooth skin, but with one hand I guided it into her waiting mouth. Even with her mom’s hard fucking Lucy still had the wherewithal to give me an excellent blowjob, running her tongue all around my glans and taking a good amount of my cock into her warm mouth. Even better, from where I was kneeling I could see Natalie behind her, her fat tits bouncing with each stroke of her foot long dong into her daughter’s cunt.

“I’ve never double teamed a girl before Mrs. Sellers. It’s fucking amazing to watch you two go at it.”

“It’s called roasting Tim; it’s when the girl is spit roasted by two guys dicks. I loved it when I was younger, and it looks like Lucy’s loving it now. She and I love fucking each other Tim. Sometimes we invite other guys around, but they don’t really get it. And none of them come even close to being as much a stud as you are Tim.”

Lucy looked up at me and beamed, before the first wave of orgasms swept over her. I took my cock out of Lucy’s mouth as her whole body spasmed as her pussy wrapped itself tightly around the dildo that her mom kept driving into her. “Oh. OH! OOOOOOH YES!” screamed Lucy as the full force of her orgasm hit. “Don’t stop mommy! Keep going!” I watched in ball-boiling excitement; Natalie gathered her strength as if to shoulder a stuck door, but shot from her hips alone in a series of stupendous thrusts before the two of them collapsed in a shagged-to-delirium heap on the bed. Natalie had obviously not been holding back one little bit and had given Lucy the hardest and deepest dildo fuck that she was capable of.

They sat there, breathing heavily, for several minutes until finally Natalie sat up. She took off the strap on, which was covered in the sheen of Lucy’s pussy juices and sat next to me. “I’m sorry if you felt left out Timmy,” she purred, stroking my chest.

“Don’t worry Natalie; I have a plan for the next round.” I leant over and whispered in her ear, and her face lit up. The two of us roused Lucy by sucking greedily on her erect nipples until she moaned and writhed on the bed.

“My turn now honey. Get that on” said Natalie, handing Lucy the strap on.

In a few moments the scene was reversed, with Natalie on her back with her left knee up at her shoulder level and Lucy pumping her mom’s gaping with the strap on dildo. I knelt next to them, as Natalie lapped up my bloated cock head, coaxing precum out of it. At one point I forced as much of it as she would let me down her throat and took it out all wet, sloppy and well lubricated. Perfect.

I kissed Natalie goodbye, and moved round to behind Lucy. I watched her flex her hips with each stroke into her mom and marveled at her ass. Gently I pushed her forward so she was on top of her mom with their four enormous tits pressed skin tight and her curvy ass cheeks wiggled in the air. I placed my cock head at the tip of her anus and felt her back onto it. I knew then that Lucy would really dig being fucked up the ass by my monster.

I loved anal sex but unfortunately for me, it was hard to find girls that would do it; Kate and Angela still refused and Mrs. Harrison was too scared that I would tear her to pieces. Having seen her with the dildo, I had figured that Lucy would be more daring, and I was right. With one hand on her shoulders I guided my XXL cocktip to her back passageway. I was well lubed, but there was no way I would fit it into her. I stuck my index finger up her ass, and worked it around her innards. The shock of it forced her to tighten up around my finger, but I kept it up, coaxing sighs from her as she slowed her fucking to a gentle canter.

“More Timmy, I want more,” she whispered. I pulled my hand out and took my shaft in my hand. As gently as I could I eased it into her, with my bulging crown parting her tiny anus. It was a tight fit, and a struggle to get such a big cock into such a little asshole. I pulled out half an inch, then forward again, repeating until I had all of my crimson head up Lucy’s ass. I flexed in and out of her slowly, and this in turn made her flex in and out of her mom. I was effectively boning two women at once, and Lucy Sellers had become my own personal fuck toy.

With my right hand I reached around her body and teased her nipple, bringing a gasp from Lucy. I pushed in further, and pressed an extra half inch, then an inch up her cute ass. With this she cried out, partly from the pain but also from the intense pleasure. It spurred her on even more, and she increased the rhythm of her stroking. She also relaxed her ass muscles, allowing me to slide a bit more cock into her. I knew then that my domination of Lucy was complete, and that she would be a total slave to my massive dick.

Unfortunately, the incredible tightness of Lucy’s tunnel was too much for me and even though she had since relaxed, I knew I was going to blow an enormous load up her ass very soon. The realization came at the worst possible time; Lucy’s own orgasm was approaching, and her anal passage had tensed so much that it was like a vice, and my cock was stuck. With one hand she carelessly reached behind and down to take a hold of one of my over sized seed makers, probably struggling to comprehend the severity of the situation; she was about to get a massive blast of hot cum up her ass!

I wrapped my hand around my shaft, squeezing it in a vain attempt to stop myself, but it was inevitable. It was all or nothing now, so she gave her mom, now on the brink of her second orgasm of this three person fuck-chain, a series of deep hard strokes that drove the plastic penis into her up to the hilt.

And then I started cumming. I felt the first blast travel the length of my cock and shoot up the end of Lucy’s passage. A second blast followed, then a third. By now her innards must have been coated with my cum and I doubted that there was space for any more of it. Desperately I tried to pull out as I could feel the spunk bubbling up inside her as some trickled out her anus. I placed my giant hands on her hot ass and pulled, taking my sticky dong out of her wonderful ass. When I finally drew the spurting head from her ass cum was flowing freely out of her well fucked butt.

When my cock was freed it was able to spew out all the cum that had been kept back in my balls and shaft. A strand at least a foot long and as thick as a pencil arced clear across Lucy’s back and shoulders, landing partly on her mom’s face and hair but mainly over the pillows. The next set of cum blasts I decided to take pot luck with, and aimed my cum-cannon as high up as I could. Giant wads of my boy cream flew into the air, gracefully spinning, then hung in the air for what seemed like an age, before falling heavily on Lucy’s sweat sheened ass.

“Come here Timmy, give me some of that cream,” said Natalie, her voice shaky after the strenuous screwing that she had just experienced and holding out her arms for my embrace. I obliged, and hosed her tits completely with a solid stream of cum. I shot four powerful jets on her neck and chin while two landed across her face. By now most of her body was covered with my hot jizz, so I turned my attention to Lucy. Another six gushers pasted her tits before she took my cock in her hand and aimed it at her pretty face, covering it completely with the last of my orgasm. For the third time in the night I had succeeded in covering Lucy Sellers and Natalie in my cum; mother and daughter were now officially mine. Sorry Scott.

“Oh Timmy,” Natalie sighed, “I can’t believe you can keep doing that. How do you manage to shoot so much, every time?”

“I’m just lucky I guess. I’m lucky to be blessed with such a big cock and balls, but even more blessed to be surrounded by beautiful, buxom women who will suck my giant cock and fuck me whenever I present it to them. And I’m very lucky to have you two horny babes here right now.”

“Oh no Timmy,” Lucy protested, stroking my greasy schlong, “we’re the lucky ones. We’re the ones who have been blessed with your huge, hung horse cock and your bulky balls. And we love you for it; you’ve made us feel like such women.”

“I haven’t been fucked this hard since I was a teenager,” joined in her mom.

Exhausted the three of us curled up together on the bed and I basked in the glory of fucking a well built mother and her daughter, an opportunity that most men would have jumped at. I kissed Natalie slowly and passionately, and then turned round to Lucy before the three of us went to sleep. Little did I know that this would not be the end of our adventures for the day.

I woke up I don’t know how later. I had my arms around Lucy as we lay on the bed in the spooning position, but my back was cold. It took a while for the thought to permeate the fog of my brain that Natalie had gone. I assumed that she must have gone for a shower to clean all my dried boy cream off of her luscious body. Lucy was still sleeping peacefully, but I decided that that couldn’t continue for long.

I lifted her top leg up and slipped my cock, which was now in morning glory mode, between her legs. I took her hand in mine and gently stroked my cock while with the other hand I rubbed her soft nipples. Lucy moaned as my caresses roused her.

She looked down at the shaft poking between her legs. “Mmmm, how long was I asleep Tim?” “I haven’t got a clue, but your mom’s gone for a shower. That means it’s just you and I in this bed.” She purred as she continued to slowly tug on my cock.

Watching my cock between her legs gave me inspiration as my mind flashed back to the time I lost my virginity, when I fucked my mom in our basement gym. Considering everything that has happened since, it seems like a lifetime ago; I can’t understand how I managed to get through the days without having hot women who wanted my cock. I wrapped my arms tightly around Lucy and lifted her off the bed with me. I stood up straight and, holding her by her cute ass, lifted her up so that our eyes met.

“Holy shit Timmy!” she shouted, “You’re so strong.”

“If you think that this is impressive, you’re going to die when you see my next trick,” I replied. It was too genuine to be called a “trick” really, but the novelty of it more than fit the bill. I bent my neck down so that I could lick her nipples, and ran my tongue slowly over her big areolas. For several minutes I gave Lucy’s beautiful tits the same oral attention that she had given my cock earlier. Then I moved my hand and gently fingered her slit. It was wet and warm and as I slid my finger into her she bucked and writhed in my hand.

“Oh yes Tim! Just there, just THEEEEEERE!” she screamed as I quickened my pace. Every so often I altered my speed, or direction, or strength of strokes, and just as her attention and pleasure waned, I managed to bring her back into the screaming orgasm stage.

After a while I decided that I needed some attention to, and that Lucy was ready for one last surprise from my monster cock. I slowly lowered her until she was sitting on my cock, then took my hands away. It took a second or two for her to comprehend what had happened; it was fun watching Lucy’s confusion give way to a stunned realization.

“Oh my fucking god Tim! Your cock can support my whole weight! Aieee!” she shouted as I flexed my muscles and lifted her by a few inches. Then I put her down, then up again. For almost a minute I lifted her up, and down again using only the strength of my cock. Not once in this bouncing game did Lucy Seller’s feet touch the ground.

“Oh baby, I can’t believe that not only is your cock the biggest I’ve seen, gives the best fuck I’ve ever had, fires more cum in one burst than most men manage in a whole night and can support my weight, but it can also lift me up. You’re the best Timmy.” I always love when women verbally worship my oversized cock. I know that I’m amazing, and I know that I’m the biggest and the best, but it never gets tired hearing it.

With a bedroom grunt I picked her up with my hands and moved her away from me. With just enough clearance, and with her legs splayed and pussy drooling, I brought her cunt to my crown. The bead of pre-cum dangling on the end was a good sign, but it and the cockhead it spewed from disappeared from view as Lucy’s body swallowed them up in a gulp. With a few quick thrusts I had Lucy Sellers impaled on my shaft, with at least 8 inches of my wrist thick cock inside her pussy and her legs not even touching the ground.

I flexed my cock again to demonstrate its superhuman strength and power. I grabbed her by the waist and proceeded to started thrusting in and out of her. While some teenage boys use their hands, pillows, vacuum cleaner hoses or other household items to jerk off with, I had a hot teenage cock lover with 40FF tits as my personal masturbation aid.

Lucy’s tits were wildly jiggling as I pounded her relentlessly. Her cries of orgasm had subsided into mere moans as the intensity of the pleasure overcame her. Whenever she seemed like she was slipping away, I reached down and gave her clit a little rub and she was back with me again.

Our fucking session was disturbed by the front door banging. “Mom! Lucy! I’m home!” It was Scott. If Lucy knew why I smiled when I heard his voice, she certainly didn’t show it. Now was my chance for ultimate victory; my chance to show Scott Sellers that I had fucked his mom and his sister, and sprayed each of their beautiful bodies with my cum. I had marked my territory. They were no longer his women; they were mine. I had proved that no pussy, or asshole was safe from the world’s largest teenage stud and his 16 inch penis.

Scott must have seen my books and papers on the table downstairs, the untouched cola too, maybe. I could hear him pad up the stairs.

“Mom? Lucy? Anybody here?” then another set of footsteps. Natalie, coming out of the bathroom. The footsteps stopped just outside the door. I slowed my tempo so that I could better hear the conversation.

“Hey Scott, how was Sally?” Natalie speaking

“You mean Selena, mom? She was fine. Say, how come you’re just out the shower, you go for a swim this afternoon?”

“Tell him!” I thought. Tell him that you’ve spent the afternoon with your daughter, worshipping the 15″ inch cock of the man whose sister you just betrayed.

“No Scott, I didn’t; the weather didn’t look very nice. I just stayed indoors and helped Lucy and Tim with their revision.”

My pelvis chugged, driving my instrument of revenge into her daughter, drawing forth rewarding grunts.

“Is Tim still around?” Scott asked. I could hear the nervousness in his voice.

“Well, I should hope so…Tim still has some heavy material to work with. Some more insertions and finishing touches–he’s in there cramming right now.”

That was it. That was my cue. I resumed the pounding of Lucy’s soaking pussy, driving my mammoth cock deeper and deeper into her cunt. Looking down, I estimated that she had almost a foot of cock in her. She responded by moaning, louder and louder. There was no way that Scott could fail to hear the noise in the corridor.

“Ah good, they’re up,” said Natalie. “They were asleep when I left them, but it sounds like they’re awake. If you’ll excuse me Scott, I’m sure that you can find something in the kitchen for dinner.” I saw the doorknob turn, and motioned myself so that I was side on to the door, and was guaranteed to be the first thing that Scott saw when it opened. I heard the sound of Natalie’s towel sliding off.

“Hang up this towel before you go, will you, Scott? I won’t be needing it. Tim? Have you got your contents prepared?”

What she really meant was, ‘Are you ready to give me another big batch of tasty boy-cream, you hung stud?’ but her line was a good tease for Scott.

I was bucking my hips wildly now, putting on the best show that I could for Scott. A long, sleek leg stepped through the door, followed by the dense crotch rug, tanned bazongas and the rest of the gorgeous Natalie Sellers. Behind her, Scott Sellers stood dumbfounded. The initial shock of seeing his mom naked (though I can’t imagine that it would have been unpleasant: Scott must have wanted to bone his mom as much as every other man who ever laid eyes on her) had been replaced by the shock of what was going on in that bedroom. I took my hands off Lucy’s shoulders, making it clear that it was my dick that was now supporting her weight. I stayed like that for a moment before Natalie put her arm around my waist.

“She’s had enough Tim. Don’t you think it’s time I had some more of that sixteen inch piece of meat that you call a cock?” She rolled her tongue around the words “sixteen inch” with extra sexy emphasis. I put Lucy down on the bed, then turned my attention back to Natalie. She had knelt down in front of me and took my greasy cock, covered in her daughter’s pussy juice, in her hand. Delicately she licked the length of it clean. I coughed.

At the same time we looked over to the doorway, where Scott still stood.

“Do you mind Scott?” I asked.

“Yeah, Timmy and I would like some privacy” Natalie said, with just a hint of an evil smile in her voice.

Natalie gave me a spurring slap on my toned and muscular butt. I walked over to the door, my enormous erection jutting out in front of me and waving with every step. With one hand I made to close the door, pausing for one last remark to Scott.

“If you’ll excuse me, I have your mom and your sister in there, just gagging for me to shoot a pint of cum over their beautiful tits and faces. And then I’m going to fuck them. Again. Consider your lesson learned Scott; don’t mess around with my women. And that includes these two.”

I closed the door over and thought about how grateful Kate would be.

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