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Joy and the Casino Guys, Part 1

Joy and I often go out to the nightclubs and I get Joy to dress as sexy and revealing as she can legally get away with. This night was no different and Joy was dressed in a very short mini skirt with stiletto heels no panties and her blouse was nearly see through and she wore no bra. Her blouse buttoned up the front, but Joy had left all the buttons undone and had nearly tied it at her waist. This made the blouse come to a deep vee in the front and if she moved just right her tits could be seen.

When we arrived at the club Joy began drinking pretty heavy and was dancing with a lot of the guys in the club. I noticed that the more Joy drank the more she allowed the guys to get away with while dancing with her. Before long they were all feeling her up and putting their hands under her skirt to rub her ass and feel her pussy. The bartender had started dancing with Joy also and when it got close to closing he motioned to some guys and lead Joy into the bathroom and of course I followed.

My Best friend, Joy, fucked the bartender in the bathroom while about a dozen guys watched. Then while she was naked and in front of everyone there, she sucked off 5 different guys. Joy loves to suck a dick, she says the taste of cum in her mouth is like ambrosia. I let her do it, and why wouldn’t I? I love seeing her fucked hard and her sucking dicks and I wanted to watch!

The next day she didn’t remember much about what went on at the club, and I didn’t tell her all the details except she gotten fucked by the bartender in the bathroom in front of me and some other guys.

Joy wanted to go back really badly, and she’d been bugging me all month. It had been awhile since she’d had a dick outside of mine, and Joy was extremely disappointed that she was too drunk to remember being fucked that night.

So, I agreed to take her to meet up with the bartender again. Finally the night came and she looked like a sex kitten, in high heels, a black leather mini dress and a tight little blouse that hugged her perfect bra-less tits. She put my hand under her skirt (no panties), and showed me just how wet and slick her shaved pussy was, I’m so hot just thinking about being pantyless in a club where a bunch of men watched me get fucked, she whispered in my ear, I can’t wait to do it again.

My dick was hard!

Unfortunately, when we got there we found out that the bartender wasn’t working. Feeling disappointed, my Best friend ordered a Long Island Ice Tea, downed it then ordered another. I looked around and recognized a couple of faces from our sexcapades in the bathroom the previous month, but for the moment no one seemed to recognize Joy. I made a few jokes and engaged her in conversation which made her feel better. Half way through her second Long Island she asked if the two good looking guys sitting at the end of the bar (who seemed to be talking about her) had been in the bathroom. I recognized one of them as being there, and told her yes.

I think you need to go to the bathroom for about 5 minutes she suggested as she made eye contact with the guys and smiled. I asked her if she were sure and she looked at me smiling with a drunken lust, Don’t you worry I’ll be fine.

I took a deep breath and walked away but instead of going to the bathroom I walked around the dance floor and found a spot where I could see Joy at the bar across the club. The guys wasted no time and had already joined my Best friend. I watched for 5 minutes as they flirted and I could tell she was enjoying the attention because I could see her nipples were hard from across the club. Also during that time, I noticed by the way a few other people around the club were looking and talking about her that they must have recognized her.

When I went back and joined them, Joy introduced me as her friend from out of town. For the most part the three of them ignored me as they continued to flirt, and no one was talking about the previous Saturday. Then one of the guys, Tom, commented on her hard nipples, which led to compliments about her great tits and then her eyes and her legs and so on. She was eating it up, loving all the attention, and complimenting them back. Of course she had to stand up and show them her ass (in her skirt of course). Tom showed off his six pack abs and pierced nipple (which she licked), the other guy, Steve, showed off his tattoos, (one of which he had to pull his pants more than halfway down his ass to show). Joy made a point of caressing every tattoo.

Soon she and Steve were dirty dancing ten feet away from us on the dance floor. Tom and I watched them dance and grind into each other. After a few songs Tom cut in. As they danced his hands kept disappearing under her short skirt. At first it was just a little but soon I was certain he knew she wasn’t wearing underwear. Joy allowed his hands to roam and she also allowed her skirt to ride up to the bottom of her ass, which, every time she spread her legs, resulted in great views of her pussy.

As soon as Tom lip locked with Joy, Steve joined in, sandwiching her between them. The guys slowly made their way to the middle of the dance floor and for the next hour they took turns dancing and making out with my Bestfriend. It was hot watching them; my dick was hard the entire time. They danced in every fuckable position they could get into with clothes on. At one point she had her hands against the wall and her ass push out (the same position she was in when being fuck by the bartender in the bathroom) and her skirt was pulled halfway up her ass, while tattoo guy was behind her slamming his crotch against her.

Joy was fully consumed in being their slut, and paid no attention to me whatsoever, but I didn’t care, the whole scene was hot and lots of people were paying as much attention to them as I was. When the three finally took a break from dancing they stayed at the opposite end of the club and talked to some people. Joy spotted me and pointed me out a couple of times. But when I gestured, asking if I should join her, she shook her head no.

I couldn’t wait any longer and had to take a leak, and because of the line it took me about ten minutes. When I got back I couldn’t find them anywhere and Joy’s jacket was gone. I even went out to the street and looked in our car but they were gone. I called her phone and heard it ringing in our car.

I waited for another hour in the car and really worried about her. When my phone rang it was her, I could hear music in the background, and I could tell she was still very drunk. She was OK and at a party. She gave me the address; it was about a 45 minute drive. Then she made me rock hard, By the way, I let the guys fuck me in the back seat while their friend drove, she whispered into the phone, it was really hot. I’ll tell you about it when you get here.

It took the entire 45 minutes to drive and I was rock hard all the way imagining my naked Best friend in the back seat fucking Tom and Steve. I arrived at a busy college party and I’m sure people thought I was a professor. I was definitely too old to be there (I’m 44, 2 years older than Joy who looks like she in in her early 30’s). I spent 10 minutes checking every room and asking around but she wasn’t there. I redialed the number she called my phone from and the phone in the house rang, so I knew I was in the right place. I waited in the car for another hour, (I was really out of place at that party) and eventually fell asleep.

I was awoken by a thud which turned out to be my very drunk Best friend falling over the hood of the car, three and a half hours after she left me at the bar. She was laughing and waving goodbye to Steve, who was standing at the door of the house. She giggled uncontrollably as I helped her get in; her hair was wet and she smelled clean like she’d just taken a shower. As soon as I started driving she pulled off her clothes to show me how her body was covered in bruises and red marks she got from, guys groping and feeling her up all night. My cock sprung to attention and I suddenly felt wide awake!

It turns out that both Tom and Steve were in the bathroom the night she fucked the bartender, and when they were dancing with her at the club they kept asking her to come back to their frat to put on a sex show for their buddies.

So, I asked her, if this is all happened at the club, why did you leave without me?

It would seem she said sternly, that I sucked off several other men that night. I figured they were joking trying to get me to go with them, because you, my protector, didn’t say anything about me sucking off a bunch of men. But, on the dance floor we asked 4 different men two questions. One, how many cocks I sucked? And two, we pointed you out and asked if you were there. After taking our non scientific poll, the conscientious was that I sucked off 6 guys, and you were there watching, the whole time.

She crammed several fingers into her pussy, I learned something about myself today, she said taking herself to the brink of orgasm, I’m one damn good cocksucker everybody says so, and all the guys left satisfied! She fingered herself to a quick orgasm. Man, I got so fucked in the car on the way to the party, baby, she whimpered and pulled on her very red nipples, Those guy can fuck and fuck and fuck and fuck. I bet you would have liked to have been the driver, who by the way, says I sucked him off the weekend before. He got to see Tom and Steve take turns fucking my ass while I sucked off the other. He kept saying I was hot.

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