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John: The Earlier Years

“I’m telling you… it CAN’T really be that big”

“You’ve never seen it Jamie! How the fuck can you know?”

“Well we don’t really get to see it during practice much, but from the bulge in his racing suit I’d say its not as big as they say”

“See… I heard he has to wear an extra tight suit to pack it all in so it doesn’t flop around while he’s competing”

“Yeah… don’t you remember freshman year when the suit pinched his ball and he had to quit in the middle of his 500?”

“That’s true, I don’t know… how could it be THAT big? The biggest I’ve ever seen was Roger and that was only like a little under 5”…”

“Well then you are sorely deprived anyway Jamester… and why don’t you just ask him… you talk to him in Japanese class like every day aren’t you all buddy buddy?”

“Actually we do talk about that kind of stuff a lot. He made me feel a lot better when I was worried that my boobs were getting too big”

“Oh yeah right, like you were actually worried about that?”

“I was! Cause I didn’t want to go buy DD bras and was worried about the D ones hurting… but he made me feel better, he’s a real sweetheart actually”

“Well then if he’s such an understanding sweetheart why don’t you just find out? I tell you what, I think all of us would like to see sweet innocent little Jamie go into the locker room after practice and just FIND OUT already.”

“Wait… you mean the guys locker room?”

“Well duh… you won’t be finding out in ours… besides, you know he always goes in to shower and change after the rest of the team, it must be because he’s embarrassed of SOMETHING”

“You retard, its because he takes extra laps cause he’s in ridiculous shape.”

“Whatever, you’re the closest with him and the rest of us need to know, besides you might even like it.”

“I don’t know, I would be kind of scared if he’s near as big as I heard. Remember when he was dating Melissa Jenkins and after they dated for like 3 months she came to school on crutches but without any apparent injury to her legs?”

“Oh come on, you were the one who thought “He can’t possibly be that big” what have you got to lose? Besides, everyone knew Melissa had some surgery or something and needed crutches, although no one could ever get her to talk about his size”

“Why are we even bothering, she’s never going to do it. She’s still pining over her first boyfriend Roger and his tiny little dick, she’s not interested in what a real man like John could do to her”

“Wtf are we talking about DOING TO ME? I thought this had to do with finding out if he’s hung?”

“Well it is but you gotta see it hard right? You don’t think he’s just going to leave it like that do you?”

“John’s too nice to fucking rape me Nicole.”

“I didn’t say he’s going to RAPE you you moron, but your going to have to do something for him for his troubles.”

“So maybe I’ll go down on him or something, I always liked doing that with Roger”

“Yeah but Roger was tiny girl… I don’t think you can handle John, besides your too chicken, you won’t do it”

“Oh I won’t won’t I? Fuck that… the guys team is out of the locker room now anyway and John’s heading back. I’ll follow him, watch me. Seriously… I’ll do it”

“Oh please Jamiegirl you are terrified and you’ll never do it, I don’t know why we’re even having this conversation.”

It was true, Jamie was slightly terrified. She’d heard the rumors about John just like the rest of the school, but unfortunately no one really knew well because his ex Melissa had never told anyone about his size and so most of the school was curious.

The only reason this had become such a big issue at all was because during a pep rally the guys swim team had decided to run out with nothing but their racing suits on, and it became apparent to everyone that there was something very “special” about John, but he hadn’t really been forthcoming about it. He showered separately from the rest of the swim team although the guys on the swim team never really seemed to talk about it. Having swum in red suits the past 2 years, the girls had taken to calling him “big red” at swim meets. Unfortunately no one really knew though and no one ever got a really good look. John wore about 7 swim suits during practice for extra drag which didn’t show much, and only took off his warm up pants at meets for about the 30 seconds or so before a race started, so it was a mystery to a lot of curious girls.

Jamie did sit right next to John during Japanese class every day and they were actually rather chummy. They’d discussed relationships and what not, and John had been very kind to Jamie and discussed her body image issues with her, assuring her that she was beautiful. They had never really discussed sex however, and Jamie had never really been curious about it. However, after joining the girls swim team she heard more and more talk of the great “big red” and her thoughts of her friend started to shift.

Jamie was did not have the traditional swimmers build and mostly joined the team for exercise. She was 5’3” but not overly heavy, about 120lbs, she did however have very large DD breasts that she was extremely self conscious of. Her overall petite stature though was a bit of a concern for her if she were ever going to take on the legendary John. Only one girl in their high school ever had taken him on (or so it was presumed) and so no one could really say. Jamie had experienced a lot of pain in even working up to sex with her first boyfriend Roger, so she knew if the rumors were even close to true that what she was about to do would be a challenge indeed.

John finished his last lap at the other end of the pool from the chatting girls as he often did and sprung out of the water with the ease of a penguin hopping up onto ice. John was at home in the water and loved swimming. He was particularly fond of it because it really let him hide his “assets”. John was extremely self conscious about being endowed as he was. Having never received any sort of praise for it and it causing serious complications with his first girlfriend had put a major dent in his self esteem. To complicate matters further, John had been told by his doctor that his current growth spurt seemed to be “making up for lost time” and looked as if it wouldn’t stop for several years. This really concerned him as he’d already been feeling like he would like his penis to have stopped some time ago.

Wearing several drag suits while practicing helped to obscure his significant bulge and the water typically hid the view from other people while practicing. He still liked to minimize visible time above the surface and as such always got out of the water after doing extra laps and at the other end of the pool. This seemed to rouse some suspicion but no one really questioned him on it.

“Why didn’t I just leave my damn warm up pants on during that pep rally?” He would often ask himself. In truth at the time he just didn’t want everyone in the school to think that he was afraid of showing a really TINY bulge to the crowd, and wanted to be proud of what he had. The unfortunate side effect of this unhumble act was starting a chain reaction of rumors and mutterings about “big red” throughout the school. He had never been asked about it straight up, and he had made his ex Melissa promise never to tell anyone about it.

Melissa was a beautiful girl John had met as a freshman. As two somewhat awkward nerdy people are won’t to do, they took their sweet time in exploring EVERYTHING as a couple. It was a month into their relationship when they first kissed, two months till a bra ever came off and a full year and a half before pants were removed. Having never been exposed to a penis before Melissa didn’t really know what to expect, but she knew when she saw it that she wasn’t expecting JOHN. John was eager to reciprocate everything Melissa would ever do for him, and went down on her for several months before she ever made an attempt at John. The result wasn’t pretty… teeth, bleeding, a sore jaw and in the end more cum than Melissa could handle. For the remainder of their relationship John was treated to mostly handjobs with the occasional oral treat, until they decided to take the big virgin disposal plunge together.

Melissa was very scared as she abhorred pain above most other things. She did love John though and John loved her or so they thought at their tender young ages. The decision was made and much research was done. Melissa went on birth control for a month, John tried out several varieties of condoms until he found some that seemed to fit and a date was set for their second anniversary. The day came, and went… Melissa was too scared and John was too nice a guy to pressure her. Two weeks later it finally happened, sort of. About 2 hours and only 2” of penetration later, the deed was done and they decided to stop even though neither got anything out of it but some messy sheets.

Three weeks and the discovery of lube later they finally managed to have wonderful full penetration. As long as they could have sex every day and used lots of lube it was wonderful. The problem being as both of them were still in high school, they only got the opportunity to be alone together that long once every two weeks or so. The unfortunate situation being that Melissa seemed to “revirginize” within that period every time, and thus every time meant pain. This also meant emotional pain for John as nothing saddened him more than hurting his love.

Six months after their first sexual experience with each other, they had begun to drift apart emotionally. Melissa always persisted that his cock had nothing to do with it, but something in her tone always told John that it was there in the back of her head. She just didn’t want someone as big as John. She didn’t want to have to “deal” with sex, she wanted it to be easy and fun, and John just couldn’t provide that for her. This was at least what John thought she meant, and thus his insecurities about his penis grew. His willingness to show a bulge in public faded, and the hiding of it during swim practice became more hardcore. John was simply afraid that no girl would ever like what he had in his pants.

This was pretty far from his mind now though as he climbed out of the pool. John hadn’t been with anyone since he broke up with Melissa several months earlier and thus his penis and the lack of love for it hadn’t been on his mind that much. Toweling off a bit and heading for the locker room he never noticed the gaggle of girls still wading in the shallow end practically pushing his friend Jamie out of the pool and up onto the deck to follow after him, until she called out to him.

“Hey John! Wait up big guy!”

He turned surprised to find her trotting along the tiled floor towards him.

“Hey Jamiegirl… you’d better be careful the tile is slipper…”

A few feet away from him Jamie slipped on the tile and went sliding straight into his gentle grasp where he prevented her from taking a header on the floor. Her breasts rubbed against his chest in the process.

“See! Gotta be careful,” he told her with a grin.

The girls were laughing now at watching his exchange.

“Sorry, I know we’re not supposed to run out here but I didn’t want to miss you before you hit the locker room”

“Miss me? Whats up? Do you need to talk about something?”

John was kind of nervous at this point, as the brief contact with Jamie’s breasts had begun a stirring in his swim suit which was thankfully masked by all the extra drag suits at this point. He had had a crush on Jamie for months.

“Actually I do… but its kind of private, do you mind if we hit the guys locker room? I know its empty now and I don’t want the girls to hear”

“Yeah it should be fine, not like there are any coaches left around to yell, come on in I guess”

So John turned to walk into the locker room and Jamie dutifully followed, the girls in the pool still in shock and awe that she was going to do it. They waited a few moments after they disappeared through the door and then all hopped out of the water to go press their ears against it.

“So whats up Jamie? Gotta admit it must be pretty important to follow me into the guys changing room right?”

“Well I wouldn’t really say its important, but it’s a pretty big issue”

“Well shoot, you know you can talk to me about anything.”

“Its not about my boobs this time you’ll be happy to know”

“Why would that make me happy? I do so enjoy talking about them”

“Haha, actually John, its about you this time”

Saying this seemed to be the catalyst for both of them to get flushed and their teenage sex drives to start to click into motion. Jamie had already been excited, but upon uttering this her face turned red and her nipples slowly began to harden.

John had a pretty good idea what was about to be asked based on the circumstances that had led up to this point.

“Oh… what about me?” he said with a slight quiver in his voice.

Both of them were looking into each other’s eyes at this point, and though on the surface it was all very lascivious there was something undeniably romantic about the stares they were giving each other.

Jamie took another step towards him and without taking her eyes off of his just pointed to his crotch with a single finger “I want to know about that”.

“Why on earth would you want to know about that” he said following an audible gulp.

Jamie came to a sudden realization that she had been so comfortable talking to John about issues as personal as her breasts for so long because she really had a pretty profound crush on him. Which also explained her nervousness and yet willingness to do what she was about to now.

“Because its attatched to YOU you dummy”

“You mean its not because of the rumors you’ve heard or things you’ve seen during practice?”

“Ok well… I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t part of it… are the rumors true?”

“I don’t know what the rumors say really… no one tells them to me”

“One says you fucked Melissa so hard she needed crutches”

“Haha… that I can attest is not true… she just had a wart removed from her foot”

“Ew… that’s much less sexy”

“Tell me about it. What else do they say?”

“That you know… you’re HUGE”

“I guess that’s in the eye of the beholder isn’t it?”

They had been staring in to each others eyes and stalking about like predators and suddenly John made the move and embraced Jamie and kissed her deeply and passionately, pressing her against one of the locker doors which created an audible bang.

They were making out furiously already as if this moment had been months in the making, which in a manner of speaking it had been. John felt the familiar welling up of blood in his pelvis, sliding down into his most impressive appendage, he was nervous once again. It was possible that it would terrify her, but then again, she was approaching him about it, so maybe it wouldn’t be that bad after all. John felt the worn through material of his practice suits begin to stretch around his folded up cock. He had never had a full erection in this get up, and wasn’t quite sure how it would support it.

Jamie could feel the beginnings of John’s erection pressing into her stomach and realized from first contact that there was no way John wouldn’t be bigger than she had expected. In fact he felt bigger right now, mostly soft than Roger had ever felt to her. Maybe this really was more than she bargained for.

Jamie reached down and gingerly removed the outer 5 practice suits that John was wearing, leaving only a single paper thin layer of nylon straining to hold his coiled and rapidly hardening member.

John was emboldened and driven to slight animalism by Jamie’s actions and he reached down between the straps of her suit right above her breasts, grasped the suit in both fists and tore it straight open from top to crotch. Jamie’s swollen and surprisingly perky DD breasts burst forth into the cold air and her nipples screamed into rock hardness. John slid his hands down to caress them and gently pinch her nipples as he began kissing her neck passionately.

John reached up with one hand and gently pulled down at the back of Jamie’s hair and slid up to her ear and whispered “They’re more perfect than I had ever imagined”. Until this point, Jamie had in the midst of the most passionate amazing making out of her life nearly forgotten about her mission and John’s cock completely. The mention of him imagining her breasts reminded her of how much she had imagined his cock as a perfect normal 6.5” or so. Upon looking down however, she was greeted with a sight that literally made her gasp for air and took her breath away.

Jamie literally gasped in shock and amazement with what she saw. She looked down to see John rapidly swelling in his suit. The material was stretched thin from too much use and was see through. John was folded and coiled into a strangely shaped bulge that was now expanding outward into Jamie’s stomach. She could see that there was far more length than she had anticipated but really couldn’t get a bead on how much due to it being all bundled as it was. John was now breathing rapidly and had a wild look in his eyes. Jamie started to pant when she looked down, nearly hyperventilating and suddenly realizing she had no idea what she was going to do with such a monster, however she wasn’t even seeing his “true” form.

Slightly exasperated and not knowing what else to say Jamie blurted out a question.

“Jesus Christ John how big is that thing!??”

John pulled his bulge away from Jamie’s stomach to give her a better look and knew what was imminent from the intense tightness of his suit.

“I think your about to see in a second”

Jamie’s eyes widened with the transformation that was going on, as John closed his eyes and rolled his head back, rapt with trying to control himself but knowing he was losing to the lust within himself. His cock was swelling quicker and quicker, the suit being pulled thinner and thinner. Jamie could now see the veins rising against the fabric and wondered how this felt for John.

With a grunt and a twitch of some unseen muscles a sudden surge burst into John’s cock and it leapt forth rending a hole in the front of the suit with a quick “brrrp” sound, falling down heavily in between his legs.

Jamie shrieked and recoiled loudly into the lockers behind her.

“Holy fucking shit… I can’t believe you just did that…”

“It was about time, I didn’t think I could have pulled the suit off over the top of it.”

“Have you done that before????”

“Only once or twice… sometimes I get kind of turned on by watching it grow”

“I can imagine… look at that fucking thing”

Jamie took John’s dangling meat in her hand and began to stroke it to John’s clear satisfaction. She took in every detail she could that wasn’t obscured by the shredded suit. Still growing she watched in fascination as she tried in vain to grasp her hand around it. The fat reddish head was beginning to point up towards her and John was now practically gushing precum all over her dainty hand. She squeezed as tightly as she could and began to stroke it back and forth bringing the final pulses of blood into it and helping John reach an exquisite hardness.

Jamie marveled at its magnificence. It was monstrous and in a way terrifying to her, but she couldn’t take her eyes off of it, something about this felt so right to her. A quick estimation concluded in her mind that he had to be at least an inch or so longer than a beer bottle, and judging from how much of her hand she couldn’t fit around it, at least as thick.

“John, I don’t know if I…” as she trailed off.

“Shhh… you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.”

“Oh believe me… I WANT to, I just don’t know if I can.”

“Want to what exactly?”

“You know… fuck you”

“Haha… believe me, we’re not going to be doing that today”

Kind of disappointed Jamie said, “Oh… well that’s good then, what do you want to do?”

“Whatever your else your comfortable with… I’d really like to taste you” he said with a sly grin.

“Oh my I like the sound of that”

John attempted to lean in to kiss Jamie again but was stopped abruptly by poking her in the stomach. As the couple laughed she reached down and continued to stroke him pulling him in closer to kiss him.

Fully lubricated now by the prodigious amounts of precum he was generating Jamie began to jerk him rapidly as he slid the tattered remains of her swimsuit down over her pelvic area to reveal a beautifully trimmed pussy.

“We probably shouldn’t be naked unless your on the pill… I make a bit of a mess sometimes”

“Don’t worry about that, I started on it when I was with Roger” were her muffled words between kisses to him cut off with a small moan as John reached between her legs to slide a finger along her dripping wet slit.

Sliding in one finger John was slightly disheartened to find that Jamie was fantastically tight on just that one and was afraid to chance slipping in a second for now so he just began to massage her clit and g spot while she jerked him furiously.

It wasn’t very long before Jamie was moaning from John’s expert finger work and she felt she was ridiculously close to cumming, something Roger had NEVER achieved with her at all, which she had to take care of herself frequently. John felt her quivering with anticipation of her orgasm and decided to take a chance, quickly he acquired some of her natural lube on a second finger and withdrew his first, sliding both home with the next stroke. A deep moan, almost a grunt was heard from Jamie as she slammed her head back rapidly grazing the lockers.

“FUCK! I’m tighter than I remembered…”

“I’m sorry! I’ll stop…”

“NO! Are you kidding? Give me a sec I’ll adjust”

John slowed his stroking and gave Jamie a second to stretch to accommodate his two fingers and was very quickly right back where she had been, about to cum all over his hand.

John was so rapt with trying to make the object of his desires cum that he had nearly forgotten that she was fist fucking him herself but he was oblivious to his own pleasures at this point, his stamina would sustain him long enough.

Jamie panted and moaned, quivering above John’s hand and getting ready for the impending moment. She had dropped John’s cock entirely, forgetting about all but her own rapture and reached up with both hands and massaged precum into her breasts.

“John… I’m… gonna… sooo… cloooose!” she screamed at the top of her lungs, sending echoes through the empty locker room.

John looked up into her eyes and saw a kind of pleasured helplessness… Jamie knew she was totally putty in his hands now, and literally dripping all over them. Just as she was about to climax, John reached up with his free hand and grasped her neck, drawing her in to kiss her.

She screamed into his mouth with the power of her orgasms, many of them, more than she knew she was capable of. John clearly knew how to do more than just pound home with his enormous cock, something she had been briefly afraid of. She convulsed and slammed her shoulders repeatedly into the lockers, creating a muffled screaming/pounding noise which could be heard by anyone who cared to be listening, for quite a distance, luckily the building was now empty, or so they had presumed.

After what seemed like an eternity of orgasm, Jamie finally slumped over and leaned on John reaching down to pull away his hand from her extreme sensitivity.

“That was increadible… I didn’t know… that was possible,” she managed between pants.

John just gave her a knowing smile and with his eyes directed her attention down towards his swollen throbbing member. She was amazed that he was still as rock hard as before after all that time without stimulation and glistening with his own precum. With a sense of purpose she hadn’t felt in quite some time Jamie immediately dropped to her knees, which was easy as she wasn’t exactly stable to stand in the first place. Still slick from before she reached up and clasped both hands around his immense girth and began stroking rapidly. Slowly she brought her face up towards its huge head and stopped her pounding with her hands to give it a huge lollypop lick. John shuddered with the feeling, something he hadn’t felt in TOO long for his own comfort.

Jamie tried to engulf his head in her mouth and found it to be way more difficult than she thought. She covered her teeth with her lips and sucked as much in as she could manage, ultimately only taking about the first third of it. Her mouth was exquisitely tight to him however and John had no intention of drawing this out any longer than he could stand and let the amazing feelings she was generating begin to take over him.

“Jamie… I’m not gonna last very long”

“Mph… slurp… don’t hold out… my jaw hurts”

“Oh jeez I’m sorr…” and he tapered off as the feeling took him, it was almost time.

Jamie felt it too, she saw his huge balls tighten up and draw up towards his body, and his entire oversized dick seemed to swell even more, the skin stretching taut and getting shiny. It reddened and the veins seemed to bulge out obscenely more so than she thought possible on a human. A pulse started at the base and seemed to run almost lazily up to his head. John closed his eyes and grasped Jamie’s hair gently pulling her down onto him until her throat ached and she resisted. Pulling her mouth off to lick the underside from bottom to top she was greeted just as she reached the head by a thick dollop of precum that came rolling out onto her upper lip and run down to her chin, she knew he was cumming and squeezed with all her might, and pounded with as much force as she could muster. Another squirt of precum slid out and down onto her hands, dripping down her forearms like a sticky river and then John’s body tensed from head to toe, he withdrew backwards and roughly pulled Jamie’s mouth onto the head of his cock. With a final thrust forward into her throat he fired off a powerful blast of thick cum which splashed off of the back of Jamie’s throat and flooded her mouth. She quickly pulled off and coughed, the cum was running down her chin and dripping onto her breasts but she never stopped pumping him. Blast after blast shot out of John with the force of a super soaker and Jamie could do nothing but close her eyes tight and hold on for dear life. He was bucking like a bronco as his cum flew out onto her face, hair, breasts and even eventually dripped down the lockers as errant streams of his virility went flying.

When the torrent calmed down, John practically collapsed to the floor besides Jamie and she managed to clear enough out of her eyes and face to open them and look at him. He looked at her panting and smiled, and she smiled back, a big toothy grin that she couldn’t help and they both just began to laugh hysterically. There was something incredibly natural about their time together, and neither could wait to explore it more.

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