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Job Interview

Jane primped and preened in the mirror. No matter how hard she tried she just could not be happy with the way she looked. This job interview was more important than any of the ones that she had been to recently, she simply could not screw this up.

Coming up on her 40th birthday Jane was anything but a spring chicken. Although she worked out regularly and ate carefully she felt like she was fighting a losing battle as her once perfectly flat and toned stomach started to gain a small belt of fat so common in middle aged women. She had never expected to be having to go to job interviews still at this point in her life but when her last job had laid her off she hadn’t known what to do. Although her husband’s job paid well it simply was not enough to support all of them on alone, and her kids would be in college soon. Still, even with all of that considered she was not sure how she felt about being a secretary… She had a masters after all… Still a job is a job.

She finished primping and concluded that she looked about as good as she was going to get. She frowned down at the ample cleavage her suit displayed, although she was trying for “professional” rather than “sexy” her enormous breasts refused to be anything other than enormous. She hoped the girls would be an asset to her getting hired rather than a hinderance…

I hope my boss is a man…” she thought to herself.

Gathering up her things she made a last check over her belongings, ensuring that she had extra resumes and a cover letter so she could nail this interview. Her checks done she gathered up her things and headed across town.


The business district was an imposing specimen of its kind, and the building where she had her interview towered over the others in the area.

Her face flushed with embarrassment and fatigue she rushed up the last flight of stairs, down a hall and opened the door to the office. Although she had left in plenty of time the combination of ill timed construction and her gps giving faulting directions resulted in her being 10 min late for her interview, which could almost feel slipping through her fingers…

A matronly looking receptionist glanced up from the paper back she was reading behind her desk and frowned at Jane.

“You are late.” She said prudely. Jane tried not to notice how the woman’s eyes lingered on the expanse of her exposed breasts, her mouth turning down at the corners in disapproval.

“I am sorry! I got lost…” Jane started to explain

“I don’t care, he is waiting for you in his office. Go down the hall and knock on the corner office door.” The woman commanded.

Jane sighed to herself, she was used to getting this kind of reaction from other women, especially women who were past their prime, or as in the case of the receptionist, was never attractive to start with. Still the automatic disapproval got old after awhile. She headed down the hallway and knocked on the indicated door.

“Come in…” a distracted sounding voice responded.

Jane stepped into the office and closed the door behind her. She was dumbstruck and almost rendered mute by the immensity of the office. Sitting in the corner of the building massive walls of glass reached up to meet at a vaulted ceiling, providing an excellent view of the city below. An imposing desk sat in one corner of the office while a small kitchen took up one wall.

“Mrs. Jane?” asked the voice from behind the desk.

“Yes, sorry about being late.” She apologized. She appraised the man, younger than herself by a good ten years he was either very good at his job or had very well connected parents to have risen to his loftey position so young in his life. Trim and fit he was rather unremarkable, his expensive looking suit doing little to create any kind of memorable impression.

“Please have a seat.” He said, he indicated a chair directly opposite his own.

Jane sat down, nervously smoothing her pants and adjusting her shirt. She glanced up to meet his eyes and discovered that they were locked on the rounded tops of her breasts, exposed to his gaze by the ill fitting business suit. She cleared her throat when he failed to cease his gaze. His eyes flicked up to her own coldly before glancing down at a piece of paper in front of him that she realized must be her resume.

“As you are rather late, how about we cut to the chase?” He asked her, his voice conveyed a fair helping of scorn and Jane thought she could taste the job slipping away from her.

“Yes Sir.” She said submissively, her heart raced, she really needed this job.

“Why should I hire you?” He asked.

“Uh…” Her brain stalled in surprise, she wasn’t used to so direct of a question, especially not as a first question.

“That’s a clever answer…” He said smugly

“I’m sorry, you should hire me because I am desperate.” she said

“Hows that?” He asked, true interest entering his voice for the first time since she had walked through the door.

“I said, because I am desperate. Not only am I over qualified for this job but I have a lot depending on my getting it. I have mouths at home to feed and I am willing to do anything. I will do the most degrading jobs in the office without complaint.” She said, she hung her head in shame but she had meant every word of it. She would empty garbage cans, hell she would cook him lunch if she had to.

“The most degrading jobs huh…” he said trailing off suggestively.

She looked up at his tone and saw that his eyes were locked on her breasts again. She flushed with a mixture of embarrassment and anger, but instead of covering herself she adjusted her shirt to reveal more of her flesh.

“Yes…” she said sadly.

“Do you suck cock?” he asked boldly

“Excuse me?” she asked in surprise, vague sexual harassment and his lecherous gaze on her body she was prepared to tolerate, but she had not been ready for such a bold question.

“I said, do you suck cock?” he asked again, their eyes met and he betrayed no sign of shame or embarrassment at his question.

“I am married, Sir.” she said, her face still red with shame. She considered getting up and storming out of the office, but… well… she really needed this job…

“That doesn’t really answer my question. I thought you wanted this job?” he said, a lecherous smile lighting up his face.

“Of course I do… But…” she said

“If you want this job, then you need to suck cock. You had better do it well too, because my last secretary could suck a golf ball through a garden hose.” he said firmly

“If I suck your cock then you will give me the job?” she said. She stared at the floor, unable to meet his gaze. All she could think about was her husband and her kids, but they were the reason she was doing this, so they could have a future.

“Well, it’s a start.” he said, she could tell from the smug tone in his voice that he could tell he had won.

“Ok…” she said trailing off brokenly.

She got up from her chair and started to come around the side of his desk.

“Hold up.” he stopped her.

She looked up at him in confusion, he had already won, what did he want now.

“You can’t suck my cock with all that clothing on, after all we would not want any cum to get on that pretty suit now would we?” he said.

Her face blazed again in shame as she started to remove her clothing. She carefully stripped out of each piece, folded them, and set them on her chair until she stood naked before him.

“Fuck you have some amazing tits.” he said in open admiration as he came around the desk to stand before her.

She shuddered as his hand caressed the flesh of her breasts, squeezing and kneading the flesh.

“Get on your knees slut, I want to fuck your tits.” he commanded

She obediently dropped to her knees in front of him as he stripped out of his pants. She gasped as he revealed an enormous cock, at least a foot or more in length. She knew what was expected of her, having performed this task for her husband many times before. She wrapped her breasts around his cock and started to pump them up and down. Each time her breasts fell she caught the tip of his cock as it emerged from her cleavage and took it into her mouth.

“You are good at that.” he moaned

She said nothing in response, continuing to let him fuck her enormous breasts. She was ashamed of the fact that her pussy was starting to get wet, the stimulation of his cock on her was just too much to ignore for long. She sped up the pace, desperate to get this over with. Although she dreaded the feeling of his cum all over her body she looked forward to this interview being over.

“Stand up.” He commanded

She started to stand and he pulled her to her feet. She was confused about why he was stopping her before he had cum.

“Lift your leg.” he commanded

Her face drained of color as she realized what he intended to do. Although she had always been well endowed, and thus had always attracted boys attention, she had only had sex with her husband, the furthest she had gotten before him being the time she let a teenage boyfriend play with her tits.

“No… please…” she said nervously

“Do you want this job or not?” he asked her

She hung her head in silent defeat and allowed him to lift her leg.

She gasped as his enormous cock thrust into her. She felt as if he would split her in half, as if there was not enough room to take it all in.

“Fuck it is so big!” she moaned half in pleasure and half in pain

He said nothing. He pulled her against him and started working his cock in and out of her tight little cunt. In a short time her thoughts of her husband and her kids disappeared as the pleasure of his cock thrusting into her replaced everything. Her husband was by no means poorly endowed but she had never felt a cock like this before. His hands roved over her body, pawing at her breasts while the other hand slipped between her outstretched legs to caress her clit.

All at once the world shook as she climaxed, something that she had never had happen during sex before. She had given up on orgasms during sex long ago, deciding that her husbands playful fumblings were just not up to the task of getting her off. She had at that time invested in a powerful vibrator to take matters into her own hands. Now this stranger had made her cum like it was nothing.

“I am cumming!” she moaned in ecstasy.

He grunted in exertion by way of response to her announcement. He paused and then lifted her off the ground, swiveled and then dropped her unceremoniously onto her back on the kitchen island.

Instinctively she spread her legs, uncharacteristically desperate to have his cock back in her. Sex had always been something of a chore in her life but this was different.

“Oh god, please fuck me!” she moaned

He thrust into her, his cock nearly hitting her cervix with every thrust. She could feel her cunt gripping his cock as he pumped into her. Her breasts swayed and bounced and she tried her best to raise her hips to meet every thrust he made. She could feel another orgasm building inside of her.

“harder!” she begged

“Harder, Sir!” he responded

“Please fuck me harder sir!” she begged. Her face burned in shame as she begged to be used like a wanton slut, but a primal need to be fucked had taken over her body. She rocked her hips and pushed against every thrust. She moaned like a dockyard slut, her cries bouncing off the vaulted ceiling.

“Fuck, I am cumming sir!” she moaned. Her body shook and convulsed as her orgasm rolled through her.

“I am getting close slut. I am going to pump you full of my cum.” he announced.

A grain of reason stole back into her head at his words.

“Please no! You are not wearing a condom.” she begged

“I don’t care, your pussy is mine now.” he said

“Please I will do anything!” she pleaded.

“You will agree to be mine?” he said. He continued thrusting into her with remarkable precision and she could tell that he was doing all that he could to hold back his cum.

“Yes! I will be yours! I will be your whore!” she pleaded

As if those were the very words that he had been waiting for he ripped his cock from her hole and sprayed her with his cum. Wave after wave of cum covered her tits and her stomach, splattering against her breasts in a rain of molten fluid fell upon her.

She sank back against the island, the enormity of what she had just said sank in. She felt like she had just made a deal with the devil. She knew she should be afraid, she knew she should feel guilty about cheating on her husband, but instead she just felt horny. Her husband was too nice to use her this way, and she realized that some part of her deep down, a part of her she had tried to pretend did not exist, wanted to be used. Wanted to be a whore.

“You are mine now, I have marked you.” he said after taking a moment to catch his breath.

“Yes sir…” she said submissively.

“You start on monday, 8:00 am, don’t be late this time.” he said

“Yes, sir.” she said. Her heart beat in excitement, she had the job! which meant that maybe he would fuck her again…

“You are dismissed.” he said. He dressed himself again and headed back to his desk without sparing her another look.

She gathered up her clothing, cleaning off his cum with her crumpled up pair of panties, which did a poor job of absorbing the thick cum that coated her breasts.

“Oh and slut?” he said as she finished getting dressed and prepared to leave.

“Yes sir?” she said

“From now on, no panties.” he commanded

“Yes sir!” she said.

This was going to be the start of something amazing.


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