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It Was Going to Happen, Me and Another Guy

It was going to happen, me and another guy. Something I wanted to try for some time. I was with loads of ladies for great sex even some friends with benefits which are really close to me. But with a guy I wanted to be open with. Things I wanted to know, how it felt. Been held by another man and them having their way with me. So I went on the hunt for one.

I’d never been with a guy, only done some online things with some, phone, cyber and cam stuff, which I enjoyed. Group sex which I did enjoy watching a number of horny guys naked around me but there attention was on someone else, my friend Claire who was in the middle, who I enjoyed watching her climax. Even better when I’d made her climax. Watching her in a group of guys made me think one thing. “I wish it was me.”

I didn’t want to go in to the deep end, I just wanted one guy for my first time. So meet a guy online who wanted to meet for no strings fun.

He booked a hotel, and wanted to meet at room 65. There he was waiting, where outside the room I stood. I knocked waited, then the door opened to a tall man with a shaved head, slim but had board shoulders. I was horny. And he noticed.

I walked in then he closed the door and with the sound of it closing. I said, “Okay, where do you want me?” He just looked at me held me by the hips and pulled me towards his. I felt his cock just above mine, he was very ready to have me.

“On the bed,” he said as he closed his eyes then kissed me on the lips. That sent a shiver down my body. He looked at me smiled, and then I grabbed the back of his head then kiss him back. Both our hands went exploring other each other’s body’s. He took a step back and then began to take his clothes of which I followed starting with my t-shirt which as I took that of he was in nothing but tight boxer shorts as he got hold of my jeans and took then off for me.

He started kissing me with his hand in my pants twirling my cock with his fingers. A thrill went around my body when the tips of his fingers was touching the end of my cock, Kissing me still as well both move over to the bed, he landed first on his back and I couldn’t help noticing his long thick cock standing tall inside his boxers. It must have been near 10 inches at least!

I moved other the top of him looking over his boxers, I started to move his boxers down. To see that cock of his, so long with not knowing what to do, then I just thought about what I have had done to me. So I started to kiss the bottom part of his cock, moving slowly up pressing my fingers down on his bell end.

Then I moved my lips around his bell end, inside my mouth licking his bell end. His hands moved over his hands over my head then began to push my head down, with his cock inside my mouth he start to push his cock inside me a little, his guy knows what he wants, and he’s getting it. He then held my head tighter with his hand then moved my head down with pushing his cock deeper inside my throat, he held it there, I could feel the pre cum, it tasted so good. He began to move my head up and down his cock, using me. He lifted my head and his cock came out of, looking really wet. He then moved around the back of me and I was on all fours, I knew what was coming.

I pants got pulled down with me on pushing my body down to the bed with my bottom sticking up facing him. He got some lube from the table in a tube, which he must of placed it round his cock but then, his fingers was rubbing around my hole I started to breathe deeply. It felt great, I was starting to relax and then his finger went inside me. Then two, moving then around inside me.

With two fingers coming out of me I knew that his cock would be next inside of me. Deep inside his cock went, I was loving it and he knew it, I was on the bed and he was standing up doing me doggy. Inside me hard and fast, the whole bed was shaking. Harder and harder his cocked was banging. Then I came.

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