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I am a pure slut… One with money, but yet, I want to be a whore… My hubby and I agreed to try web camming… or rather I made him agree… So, I really am looking forward to the upcoming experiences.

So I shall tell you all a little story that happened to me a while ago as it directly led us to sharing this story on NSFW Stories.

I was sitting in a bar waiting for jim, we were to have an evening out and I was dressed to kill… Short leather skirt, heels… The works. Mobile rings, turns out he is going to be held up, FOR 2-FRIGGIN-HOURS… Would I be ok?

Hmmm! I am fuming… And kinda feeling really horny for some reason at the same time.

Ordered a large vodka and sat at the bar with legs crossed… Like a fly to honey the men were.. But I wasn’t that bothered,, just pissed off.

A very fit guy offered me a drink… Why not… Got chatting and he was really charming and sexy ( making this short). After only 5 mins he asked me to his room. I of course accepted. I think I was soaking through my clothes in anticipation of finally getting a good fucking.

What followed is the reason that hubby and I have decided to start web cam… With perhaps a view to meets in the future.

Basically he threw me onto the bed the second we were in the room. I felt his manly hands open my legs and then dived into my pussy… I think I climaxed in under 2 minutes.

I now wanted cock in my mouth, so I tore open his buttons and this enormous cock hit me… Fuck me! I was not expecting this big sausage, I’m in heaven! I sucked and licked that monster dick until I could feel the pulse rising.. Then I stopped.

He was really gagging for me and I wasn’t even close to deepthroating him. I stood up and walked across the room and sat on a chair facing him… Lifted my skirt and started to finger fuck myself. Not like a finger is much of a warm up for the large cock he was packing which was standing at full mass. He got up and I told him not to move until I gave permission.

There was something thrilling about being in charge of such a massive beast. Him being well-hung made it even more exciting.

He started to jerk off with both of his hands (almost showing off), and started to look like he was in pain… I went over  seductively and bent over in front of him, wiggling my behind.

“I want you to fuck me!”

Oh boy, did he fuck, hard as he could. The stretching feeling from his appendage was divine. He was filling every nook and cranny of my pussy and then some.

I started to feel his low-hanging big balls slapping against me, that’s when I realized I manged to get all of him in me. At that point we only lasted minutes before we were each shouting (me louder of course).

He grabbed my butt and pushed it hard against his pelvis making sure I got every last drop. I swear I could feel him all the way to my chest.

I got on my knees and took his still throbbing cock in my mouth and cleaned up the cum.

My phone then rang… It was jim.


I was still as horny as fuck and decided to take the bull by the horns… So I told hubby I would meet him in the hotel bar in 20 mins I met an old school friend.

So, I told the fit guy to get dressed, he was coming to meet my husband.. He kicked up a bit of a fuss… Until I explained my plan….

Fit guy and I walked into bar, me still in sexy leather skirt etc.. I introduced him as a guy from my home town.. Two of them were getting on like a house on fire.

I was as horny as fuck and decided there and then that my sex life was going to change… A lot.

That was the moment that I knew I had to let my filthy slut out to play.

I will finish this after my first cam session next sat.

Fuck me I am feeling so filthy now.

Roxy (love my new name).

One thought on “Initiation.

  1. James says:

    Very hot. I’d love to know what site and under what username you’ll be broadcasting your cam session.

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