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Humiliated by her ex boyfriend

My wife has always told me that I have the tiniest and most unmanliest cock that she has ever seen or played with and that all her ex boyfriends were very much bigger and had cocks that were far more manlier than mine. She told that The guy she was with before we got together had the biggest and most manliest cock of them all and that it measured in at a very good 10 inches and that it was perfectly proportioned for a cock that size.

I actually had known the guy for a number of years and was quite friendly whenever we bumped into one another at the local pub etc. My wife told me that he was quite a big show off and that he was super confident around women and that he loved being the center of attention whenever in a crowd.

I asked her if she thought he would be cool if I asked him to join us one night at ours for some adult fun as the thought of seeing her having fun and pleasuring his big manly cock was very exciting and a big turn on for me. She said that he would almost certainly love to do that as he would never waste an opportunity to be fully naked in front of others so they could see his very big and very manly cock. The next time I saw him was about a month later at the pub and I purposely stood next to him at the bar as I knew he would speak to me to be polite which he did and we got chatting.

I steered the conversation around to him and my wife having a relationship before we met and I purposely said that ‘my wife always tells me about how big your cock was and that she’d never forget it’ he seemed a little embarrassed by this and was lost for words. I then told him that I thought my wife would love the chance of having fun with it again if we were all in agreement. He asked me how I felt about it and I told him that I was very cool with it as long as we could count on his discretion over the matter to which he replied that we could absolutely rely on him to say nothing to anyone.

About 10 minutes later my wife joined me in the pub and I told her that he was up for it with us and that I was going to chat some more with him and arrange a time and place for our meet and asked her if she was cool with sitting with myself and her ex boyfriend whilst we discussed it and she said that she was cool with that and didn’t have a problem with it so she got a drink and joined us at the table. During the conversation my wife suggested that we should do it that night on the way home in the local park and I agreed with her about that and her ex boyfriend was also up for that.

Shortly afterwards we all left and headed towards the park, as we were walking together my wife said to me tell Aaron what you are wearing underneath your jacket and jeans as she knows that I always wear a  pink suspender belt and pink thong with pink fishnet stockings along with a pink frilly bra whenever we go out as I love to stop somewhere on the way home and walk around in just my pink lingerie. After I had told him what I was wearing he asked why I wear that and my wife told him that my cock is so tiny and unmanly it’s more feminine than masculine and it should always be dressed in pink underwear.

He seemed be cool with that and carried on as normal, once we reached the park we walked over to the playground as it was in the most secluded part of the park, once we were there my wife asked me if I would like to see her get his cock out and put it in her mouth and suck it to which I replied yes definitely. She said ok, but I would have to undress first until I was only wearing my pink lingerie which I immediately did.

I took the pink thong off that I was wearing so my tiny cock was on full display in front of him and anyone else that might be watching, as my wife knelt down in front of him and undid his jeans pulling them down along with his boxers revealing his very big very manly cock. I felt myself becoming very sexually excited and turned on by it and especially so as his manly cock unmanned and humiliated me in front of my wife which I found to be a massive humiliation turn on.

She carried on sucking him until he came and filled her mouth with his sperm and she swallowed every drop of it. We then got dressed and made our way home, we have had several more meets with him since then and we have both very much enjoyed every one of them

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  1. nsfwadmin says:

    Just had to make a small couple of edits to remove the naked picture. Also helped with the paragraph spacing 🙂 Good story otherwise. Hope to see more from you!

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