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How my mom started my foot fetish

So ever since I was a little kid I would always massage my moms feet and I loved the smell of them it has this stinky stench that I feel in love with.

My mom has a size 7 foot in US. So let’s get to the story. So I was around 15 at the time and I knew I had a foot fetish so I started to talk to my moms friend let’s call her sharron and I told her she had suck pretty feet and that I would love to massage them and she said okay. It was a friday I was gonna go over there Saturday, so Friday went by really quick and Saturday morning came and my mom drive me over there wondering why I was going over and I said to help her move some furniture and she said ok. So I walked in and nobody was home yet and my mom left about 7 hours later she gets home from work and she says “I could really use that foot massage now “ I said sure . Here’s a description of what she looks like she is a tan burenette milf with a size 6 foot. So I started massaging her foot and the smell hit me and I feel in love it was so stinky I loved it so I decided to grow a pair and smell her feet. So I went in slowly and smelled her feet and she asked what am I doing I said I love your feet and they smell so good later I started to worship them and later I got home and my mom got a call from sharron saying the I was sucking her toes and licking her feet inerpropetly and I got grounded. So about 3 months later my mom asked for a foot massage after being on her feet so long and I said sure. So I grabbed a lotion bottle to put lotion on her feet the reason I did that was because since her feet would be wet she wouldn’t feel me licking and sucking her toes so I worshipped her feet for about a hour and after that I got a foot job because she couldn’t feel my you know what cause her feet were drenched in lotion that was one of my favorite days I had ever. Hope you enjoy.

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