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House Guest

Jenna says to Jackson while eating lunch, “Tonight, I will tie you up and make you eat my pussy until your tongue is numb and the sheets are drenched with my cum. After all, it is the only way I can get pleasure from you anymore.”

Jackson smiled, “That is fine because I loved it when you push my head between your legs and force me to eat you.”

“That is not all,” Jenna said with a smile. “Tonight you will fuck me with another man’s dick. You will guide him into my pussy and watch as he enters my wetness, you will fuck me hard and set the pace to my liking with the other man’s dick. You will scream repeatedly asking, if I like to be fucked by someone else.”

Jackson smiled and thought he liked the idea of getting out the big black dildo from their toy chest and strapping it on to fuck her. His dick was hard within his pants and he lowered his right hand below the table so he could stroke his enlarge hard cock. The smallest glides of his hand along the stretched material made him set his back teeth and raise his head toward the ceiling. He opened his eyes to find the people in the booth across from there table staring at him. He then realized that their conversation had not been in a whisper. The tables around them must have heard since all the men at the table had knowing looks of lust and pleasure. He turned his attention back to his lovely Jenna who was licking a fork with great pleasure from the cheesecake and whipped cream topping. Defiantly a lucky man.

That night Jenna did tie Jackson up and as an extra bonus she blindfolded him. She sat on his face and like promised made him eat her pussy until his tongue had long gone numb.

“Are you ready to fuck me with someone else’s dick?” Jenna teased while climbing off.

“Yeah! Ooh yeaaah!” Jackson replied.

Jenna removed the blind fold and Jackson looked up from the bed to see, Deon, a very large black man who worked for him as a maintenance man, standing behind her completely naked with his large dick standing up to be played with. Jackson looked into his Jenna’s eyes and saw complete excitement and longing. They had talked about a third in the bedroom but he thought it would be a women, not a man. Jackson wondered what Jenna thought they were going to do with this man. She had told him that he would fuck her with his cock, but was that all. Jackson gave Jenna a questioning look. This man was not only black, they knew him, and he was an employee.

Jenna untied Jackson and pulled at the rope around his neck leading him to stand behind the Deon. Jackson drew in a deep breath and questions began swirling in his mind, surely she did not think he would take Deon from behind. Jackson looked down at the firmly muscle black ass in front of him. The thought of wanting to touch it shook him to the core. Before he could draw a step back Jenna spoke.

“You will stand behind him and watch. You are not allowed to talk or touch either of us.” Jenna said before going to knees in front of Deon and deepthroating his large ebony cock. Jenna moaned deep in her throat as she took his cock deeper than she ever took Jackson’s tiny 6 inch cock.

“Oh yeah, Baby. Suck my cock.” Deon said who now had a hand full of Jenna’s hair force fucking her mouth.

He could only watch as Jenna moved faster and deeper with until she stopped and yelled, “cum on my face!”

Jenna jerked the large black cock with her hand as her lips circled and teased the large head until cum began shooting out. She drew back several inches so the white creams lands on her lips and nose. Jenna drew back onto her knees and looked up at Jackson licking the dipping of cum off her lips and smiled at him.

“Come here and lick this off. I want you to taste how good he is.” she said to Jackson tugging at the rope to pull him closer to her allowing him to bend down and lick the dripping cum off her face.

“You will never taste that good or fuck my mouth as good.” Jenna said as she firmly squeezed Jackson’s balls, pulling them downward. Jenna pulled until Jackson was on his knees in front of her. Jenna reached for the hand of Deon and pulled him over to stand by her beautifully naked kneeling form.

“You will clean him off and get him ready to fuck me.” She said with serious blue eyes before rocking back on her feet and standing.

Jackson was in shock. He had never been with a man. He had never considered being with a man. He was in no shape or form gay. He looked at the long and thick black cock in front of his face and wondered if it would even fit in his mouth. Thinking about Jenna deepthroating it, made him wonder if she was watching. He turned his head to the side to see behind him just as a snap sounded and the heat from the leather flogger licked his back. The thought of sucking off Deon, his maintenance man, should have made his dick limp however with the bite of another strike from his Jenna’s flogger his dick impossibly grew painfully harder.

“Lick it clean.” Jenna commanded.

With deep doubt he inched his lips closer the increasingly large cock. He had already tasted the saltiness of this Deon’s seed so it was not too big of a surprise when he licked his lips he found them to be salty. Slowly he used his tongue to gently lick the cock in short strokes from the base to the head then slowly along the ridge of the head. He was using his own desires and pleasure as a guide for Deon. He thought that most men would like the same thing. He raised his left hand had slowly began circling motions with the man’s balls. Deon jerked with pleasure.

“Take it all into your mouth.” Jenna commanded with the sting of the flogger along his butt.

He continued short gently licks from the base to the head again and slowly put the large black head into his lips stopping at the ridge of the head sucking slowly then drawing back slowing not allowing the head to leave his lips. I have a dick in my mouth he thought and began to release the head. Before he backed all the way to release the whole head, he ran his tongue along the small slit of the cock. As if anticipating his withdraw, a hand pulled at his hair and pushed his head forward.

The large black cock slide into his mouth with his tongue gliding along the think vein on the underside. The hand in his hair pulled hard backward, his lips instantly sucking in. The hand pushed his head forward not stopping until the long cock was fully seated into his mouth. He swallowed as the head of the cock reached the back of his throat and the gag reflex began. He continued to tell himself to swallow as the hand forcefully guided his head back and forth and deeper. He drew his lips and cheeks in tight and moved his tongue, all was met with pleasing moans from Deon.

The flogger bite at his back as Jenna started making her demands. “Deeper! Fuck his mouth like you did mine. Show him how much better you are, and how good it feels.”

He took a deep breath and moaned around the large cock as his own cum spilled to the floor. He came harder than all the fucks he had in his life without anyone touching. His head was pulled away from the cock in his mouth, and His balls searing with the pain of release.

“I’m not going to last much longer.” Deon said to Jenna.

Jenna moved behind Jackson and drew up the rope still attached to his neck. “It’s time.”

Jenna walked Jackson over to the bed and once again guided him to lie on the bed. His legs were off the bed and his head was in middle.

“I have changed my mind; you won’t fuck me with Deon’s cock. He does a fine job himself. I have another job for you.” Jenna said.

Jackson’s heart raced at the thought of what was to come. They had already pushed the boundaries further than they ever dreamed or even talked about. His cock began to harden and rise in anticipation and drew Jenna’s eyes.

“You came.” she said in disbelief. “I didn’t give you permission.”

Jenna rose over him with her knee pressing on his balls, grinding them into the mattress. His aching cock elongated and hardened which had never happen to him so quickly after getting off moment before. Jackson moaned with pleasure and felt electric pulses run down his body into his cock. Jenna’s hand began a fast tight rhythm on his cock as her knee continued to grind his balls. The pain and pleasure touched and was about to explode from him yet again. Jenna stopped her hand and he groaned for the need to release. Jenna rolled forward more on her knee sending lighting through his balls to the head of his cock.

“You cum when I command. Not before or after.” She said with her lips millimeters away from his ear. “Understand?”

Shaking his head was the only response Jackson could give. His toes were painful curled as he tried to control his burning need to explode on Jenna’s beautiful flat stomach. Jenna looked into his eyes with wickedness as she moved higher up his body. She straddled his face as she did early in the evening, however this time he was not bound and blindfolded. The mattress dipped as Deon straddled him on the mattress and moved up his body. Jackson’s already racing heart pounding harder in his chest, and his ball set an increasing heated fire within as Deon’s balls slapped him in face.

“Lick my pussy. Get it ready for Deon’s big cock,” Jenna said.

Jackson drew in a breath and silently willed himself not to cum as Jenna had commanded. He licked his salty lips and bent his head to find her dripping wet pussy. With one lick of her clit she moaned and arched. Deon pulled her ass cheeks apart for him.

“Lick her ass,” he commanded Jackson.

Jenna panted at the command and arched with just the suggestion. Jackson moved his head again and licked the tight pink hole of her ass. She bucked at the touch and Deon moved his hands to her sides to keep her still above his lips.

Once her ass was dripping wet from herself and his lips, Deon commanded, “Eat her pussy. I’ll take care of that ass.”

Jackson moved his lips back to Jenna’s clit as Deon moved his fingers around her tight asshole with a loud gasp Jackson watched as Deon slipped a finger into Jenna’s ass.

“Oh God” Jenna yelled.

Deon moved closer to Jenna and put his huge black cock into her increasingly tight pussy.

“Guide his cock into place, Jackson,” she demanded, “watch it stretch me and fill me.”

Jackson moved his arms around Deon grabbing and squeezing the cock as Deon push her pussy back toward it. Jackson stopped the head right at the opening then pulled it back away from her. Jackson leaned his head up slightly and took the cock within his mouth tasting the new pre-cum within its slit. Moving his head back to the mattress he guided the huge cock into Jenna slowly at first until the large head stretched her open, then he drove Deon forward with a hard push sending Deon’s balls into his face.

“Lick her pussy.” Deon commanded as he fucked her pussy with his cock and her ass with his finger.

Feeling and watching his maintenance man fuck his wife while he was beneath them, was better than having his own cock do the action. Every stroke Deon took Jackson felt on his own cock. Jackson was going to cum; there was no holding back no matter how much he wanted to please Jenna. He clinched his hands into fist as he tried to hold off Cumming.

“Suck his balls!” Jenna commanded.

The release from Jackson’s cock was instant at her command. All control was lost. He did not think it was possible for actual cum to emerge but it did in heavy streams running down his body onto the bed as he took one large black ball into his mouth an sucked it into the back of his mouth with a moan.

Searing heat engulfed his own balls and he waited for his cock to decrease in hardness and size. As he changed balls and continued to suck and roll it in his mouth, he realized he was still hard and growing to explode. He opened his mouth wide and forced both balls into his warm wet mouth. Jackson heard a loud smack above him, and looked up to see Deon raise his hand and smack Jenna’s ass cheek.

“God, you fuck goooooood!” Deon said as he smacked her perfect ass again, making it rosier.

The pace intensified until Jenna was screaming and was weak shaking from head to toe. She fell forward gasping for breath, leaving Deon holding his cock in his hand. Deon continued to jerk his long dick in his hand, and then he looked down at Jackson. Jackson sucked harder on the man’s right ball then let it slip from his mouth as he stared up at the Deon with short excited breaths.

“Finish me.” Deon demanded as he took Jackson’s hand and placed it around his cock. “Suck my balls.”
Jackson began gliding his hand along the pussy wet cock and took Deon’s balls back in his mouth sucking and pulling them in and out.

“Get me off,” Deon commanded, “suck my balls.”

Jackson buried his face into Deon’s balls. His own cock was longing to be licked, sucked, or even touched. Jackson closed his eyes and imaged his cock and balls receiving the same effect he was giving.

He continued to glide his hand along the large black cock and suck Deon’s balls pulling them in and out swirling them along his tongue. Deon pulled his cock free and continue to pump it himself as Jackson watch.

“Open your mouth.” Deon commanded. “Jenna, watch while I cum in Jackson’s mouth and on his face.”

The cum heated Jackson’s mouth with a salty taste and his face was sticky with warmth. His own cum blew out of cock with his hips arching. Jackson was amazed at the fact that he swallowed all that was in mouth and licked his lips for more. Jackson tried to move his legs and arms both found it hard to do little more than turn his head to see his beautiful Jenna watching him under sleepily satisfied eyes. He smiled at her.

“You’ll never be able to fuck me as good as Deon. You don’t have the dick for it.” Jenna threw a pillow Jackson’s direction and lifted an eyebrow, “You can sleep on the floor. There is not enough room for you here.”

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