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Home Alone with the Sister In-Law

This is a true story about what happened to me and my sister in-law.

We were home alone, my brother was out at this point so we decided to watch a bit of tv. she was in her work clothes ( dark blue tight dress, white shirt and black pantyhose.) as she had just got off work, I was sat at the end of the couch and she was lead down. she put her feet up on my leg, now this girl was really hot and I was 16 (still a virgin) so the smallest of contact would have got me hard. I was trying so hard to concentrate on what we were watching so I wouldn’t get erect, as we kept watching her feet got closer and closer to my dick and I was trying so hard not to show any signs of me enjoying this it was so difficult not to get hard because I could feel the warmth coming off her foot.

She kept her foot close to my balls for about 20 minutes and then my eyes opened wide when I felt her feet on my cock and she was moving her feet around every so often and each time I could feel my dick getting harder and harder I was so scared because if I had got hard it would have poked her. I couldn’t do anything about it my cock was now uncontrollable I got hard and she felt it and she looked at me and smiled, I was relieved that she didn’t mind, I mean it’s only natural. she put her toes on the shaft of my cock (through my jeans) and wiggled them around and she giggled and said “don’t worry about it”, I smiled but said nothing, at that moment I thought I was going to blow my load, it was amazing.

She later on sat up and grabbed a blanket to put over her as she got the blanket she leaned across and unbuttoned my trousers, I looked at her with a confused look on my face and she smiled and said “sit back and relax” in a soft voice, I said “um ok?”, she giggled. she lead back down and put her feet on my cock through my boxers and this felt great! I was so hard and she liked it, my cock was so hard it popped through my boxers buttons and she felt my hard warm cock on her soft, sexy, warm feet, she looked at me with her jaw on the floor, I don’t know if she was mad or what but I was embarrassed but she looked at me smiled and said “you’re BIG”, I laughed and said “thanks”, she laughed and started rubbing my cock between her feet, it was so nice. The feel of her nylon covered feet against my cock was amazing! she quickly got off and got up and said “I’m going up stairs to change”, she run upstairs and five minutes in limbo later she came down in a grey night dress, it was so tight and shown off all her amazing curves (ass and tits).

This is what she changed into!

She walked over to my and at this point I put everything away but was still hard she got down and got my dick out again she climbed on me, I felt my cock slide into her tight pussy (she was only 19) her pussy was so wet and warm, she was full on riding my cock and because I was a virgin I lasted for about 5 minutes, she climbed off and looked at me as she walked away into the bathroom, I cleaned myself up and put my cock back in my pants.

We have never spoke about that day ever since, all I know is that she still looks at me sometimes in such away that it makes me hard, she looks at me to say, I want to fuck you so bad.

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