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Hitch Hiking & Cuckolding – Part 1

Sonia was just 24 and had married Dan two years earlier. They had planned a budget trip across Europe and to have some fun on the way. They enjoyed a great sex life as most young couples do. But their bedroom antics had steadily got more adventurous and they had even found themselves experiencing a threesome with another guy at a friend’s birthday party.

That experience had changed things in their relationship. Dan would think about it over and over again. Not out of jealousy for the way in which his young wife and clearly enjoyed the other guy’s cock. But because remembering the events of that night in his blow by blow account drove him wild. He visually recalled the view of her closing her eyes in pleasure as the stranger fucked her sweet tight pussy.

The scene never failed to turn Dan on. But he didn’t really know how it affected Sonia. She never really talked about it. Dan would bring it up, sometimes during sex. But she would always distract him and avoid any discussion.

They had been stood at the side of a motorway service station in Belgium for half an hour before the first ride pulled up to offer them a ride. Sonia had been standing whilst Dan sat on their shared rucksack and drank a can of coke. She wore her comfy jeans and a vest top. Her olive skin showing on her shapely arms and shoulders. Her long black hair was flowing down her back with only a cute alice band to keep it from falling across her attractive latin looks.

They both eagerly climbed up into the cabin of the truck. She sat in the rear, Dan sat in the passenger seat. The driver was from Holland and at first was hasty to get moving once they had joined him in his articulated truck, heading to Austria.

“Great you’re going in our direction then” Dan responded once the Driver, whose name was Kirk had explained his destination. But Dan got the impression Kirk wasn’t going to be a talkative chap.

The first hour passed with polite chit chat. The second found the three beginning to discuss matters of sex. “Have you been to Amsterdam?” Kirk asked. They had. Had they tried a hooker? Yes Dan had, with Sonia’s permission.

“Wow why did you let him do that?” Kirk enquired.

“Guilt I guess” Sonia responded.

“Guilt? why what the heck had you done?” He asked with eager excitment

“I’d fucked a guy and had really enjoyed it”. Dan assumed she was talking about their party threesome a year before. He nodded in acknowledgement but also to make sure Kirk knew he was aware of what she’d done.

“Wow, that’s pretty cool” the truck driver responded. “So did you get caught with this other guy?”

“No” she replied. Dan couldn’t help looking puzzled by her reply.

“We did it together as a threesome” he quickly interjected so as to clear up any confusion. Plus he didn’t want this stranger thinking he was some sort of whimp who can’t keep a beautiful wife happy enough.

“So why the guilt?” asked Kirk

“Because that wasn’t the only time that guy fucked me” Sonia declared. Dan looked straight ahead as the truck continued its way now entering into Germany. He kept his eyes on the road ahead as his head computed the information his wife had just told this complete stranger. He didn’t want to appear shocked and horrified, but he was.

“Wow, man, sorry I asked that must have been difficult for you?” kirk enquired, appearing to feel geniuinely regretful for having probed so personally into their lives. “We don’t have to talk about it any more, let’s change the subject” he concluded.

“No its okay, we’re very much over it and in actual fact I think it all did our relationship some good” Sonia said from the back of the cab. “Don’t you think so Babe?” she asked Dan as she lent forward to see his reaction. Dan still had his eyes transfixed on the road ahead and just couldn’t find the words to respond without sounding croaky or unsure. He so wanted to be sure. He so wanted to look the confident husband, secure in his ability to please his wife and have a healthy love life. But his first attempt just caused him to gulp with anticipation.

“Tell Kirk about how we talk about my time with Patrick whilst you and I are in bed, you know how it turns us both on just thinking about it. And because of that we have great sex” She urged Dan to speak up. But still he hesitated. He knew she was right, they had spoken about her time with that guy, Dan didn’t really recall his name. But he hadn’t realized she had continued to see him after their one off night of fun.

“Erm well I can see it does something for you Dan!” Kirk pointed out glancing across the cab from the driver’s seat to towards Dan’s visable erection causing his cargo pants shorts to form a tent.

“Oh Dan, you silly fool, just admit it you loved the idea of me seeing Patrick again” Sonia exclaimed, herself now perched between the front seats so she could get a good look at what Kirk had noticed.

Dan quickly tried to cover over his erection with both his hands. He was red with shame and tried to cross his legs again to hide his bulging penis. He could feel his heart rate rising and desparately tried to catch his breath to begin to explain himself.

“I think a lot of guys love it don’t they. Having their wives sleep around. I know I’ve seen plenty of web porn about it” Kirk tried to console his passenger.

Sonia, feeling sorry for her husbands plight wrapped her arms around his shoulders and squeeze him whilst kissing his neck and ear. “I love you babe and it turns be on just as much. Even the thought of you getting turned on by it makes me horny” She said soothinly into his ear.

The three of them continued along their journey for another half hour before Kirk had to stop at a service station to rest due to driving regulations.

“You guys are welcome to chill out for a while and join me when I get started again or find another hitch, its up to you” He proposed.

“No we’ll wait, its been a long time on the road we could do with stretching our legs” Sonia replied. Dan couldn’t decided, he couldn’t think straight. His last thirty minutes in the truck had turned his life upside down. He had been exposed as a cuckold to a complete stranger by his wife before he even knew himself for sure.

“Right well I’m going to shower and get some food you guys can go to the cafe and wait for me there” Kirk declared. He knew he couldn’t leave strangers in his cab whilst he was gone.

Twenty minutes passed and Sonia and Dan had now discussed in private the situation. He was not too pleased to have been outed in that way. She kept allaying his protests with her ‘come on’ eyes and calculated strokes of her hand against his crouch. His semi erection was there to be toyed with constantly. How could she take his claims of victimhood seriously.

“Well let’s just enjoy your new freedom to enjoy what turns you on” She proclaimed. “What does that mean… you’re not going to fuck Kirk are you?” Dan urged her to confirm that wouldn’t be happening. “Well he is a bit too macho for me” She said teasingly.

Their time passed and all three got back into the cab. Kirk was now fresh and smelled great according to Sonia’s sensitive sense of smell.

“So you two sorted things out now?” Kirk, looking in his rear view mirror straight at Sonia in the back as he enquired.

“Oh yes, we all know what is what and what does what to whom!” she replied smiling.

“How do you feel about that then Dan?” Kirk asked.

He took a deep breath and turned to his wife “it feels pretty good actually” he found himself saying.

“Wow great” Kirk responded. “So if Sonia was to sleep with another guy it would turn you on right?” He said, the truck still stationary in the carpark as the three of them discussed the day’s revelations.

“I guess so” Dan admitted.

Kirked turned to face Sonia and gave her a wry smile “So pretty lady do you fancy making a Dutch man very happy?” he asked her directly. Sonia smiled in reply and turned to Dan. “What do you think Baby? Is it okay, just a quickie to celebrate?” She asked winking at him.

Both Kirk and Sonia waited for Dan’s reply. Again he was fearful of choking on his own words so he found himself just nodding in acceptance of his wife’s request to get fucked by this stranger.

“Best you go back to the cafe for a while then Dan my friend” Kirk said in what seemed to be an inpatient order. Dan flustered paused for a moment as he couldn’t believe this was about to happen right here right now.

“Go on baby, we won’t be long and I’ll tell you all about it when you get back” She said convincingly.

Dan turned to the cab door and opened it. Kirk threw him his own jacket “And you’d better use that to cover up your stiffy” he laughed. Sonia laughed as Dan climbed down from the cab, with the jacket to cover his embarrasment. He made his way across the car park, glancing back only once as he walked. He notice Sonia climbing over from the back of the cab to the front.

He found a table in the cafe over looking the carpark so he could watch from a distance. He saw her begin to kiss and embrace Kirk running her hands through his blond hair. He watched as Kirk caressed her cheek and seemingly her breasts. He gulped as he saw his young wife’s head go down out of sight to obviously start to undo Kirk’s jeans and reveal his cock.

Dan’s own cock was now rock hard and he felt his underwear beginning to get wet from his own excitment. He continued to watch…

to be continued…

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