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High Seas Lust Pt 3 An Original Story By David Flint

Copyright by David Flint

After Rebecca’s tryst on the deck,she returned to her cabin. By the time she had arrived,there was no sign as yet of Alison or Stacy.Rebecca took a shower and changed her clothes and she was joined by her cabin mates within minutes of her taking a chair and all freshened up,had started relaxing with TV. The door made a click and low pitched hum to indicate her friends were back. They entered noisily. Alison and Stacy were heavy in conversation as they entered the cabin and sat down on the beds,they were a bit closer with each other than they were with Rebecca so they were sharing one of the beds while Rebecca had the other .And Rebecca had long suspected that they were a bit more knowledgeable about each others bodies than they let on.
Alison-“Well,you shouldn’t have taken so much if you couldn’t handle losing that much.”
Stacy-“Oh shut up,who are you? My mother?”
Rebecca-“What happened? Someone lose more than they wanted?”
Alison-“THAT’S putting it mildly.”
Stacy-“It’s none of either of your’s business.It’s my money,and if I want to lose it all in a casino,that’s my business.” Alison looked over at Rebecca and putting her hand to her mouth to keep her comment just for Rebecca’s ears.
Alison-“That’s just what she did.”
Rebecca -“I’m sorry Stacy.But did you have fun? ”
Stacy-“Sort of.”
Rebecca-“Well,isn’t that what it’s about? Having fun?” Stacy just glowered at Rebecca.
Alison-“Well,she DID have fun at the casino bar.As long as she was losing,they didn’t mind putting her drinks ‘on the house’. ”
Stacy-“What I drink is my business,too.”
Alison-“Hey,I’m not judging.Neither of us are feeling any pain.”
Rebecca-“So BOTH of you were drinking?”
Stacy-“Yes,but as I said,it’s my business if drink or WHAT I drink.”
Rebecca-“Sure,Stacy. Whatever you say.” Rebecca started to think of how she had spent her time after they left when Alison started to open that can up.
Alison-“So Rebecca,what did you do while we were at the casino? Did you just stay here and watch TV?” Rebecca hated lying,so much so that she really couldn’t bring herself to speak falsely no matter how uncomfortable the truth might be.
Rebecca-“No. I want for a walk. The night is beautiful.The air warm,the ocean is idyllic at present.”
Alison-“And while you were walking,is that ALL you did?”
Rebecca-(feeling uneasy about answering)”No. There were other people walking. Can’t help but say hello here and there.”
Alison-“Is that ALL you did? Say hello? Did you see anyone interesting on your walk?”
Rebecca (looking down) nodded. Stacy perks up her interest in the conversation.
Alison-“And this interesting person,male or female?”
Rebecca-(quietly)”Male.” Alison and Stacy SQUEALED and whooped as they rose to move closer and sit together on the bed.
Stacy-“And this male,did you do anything more than say ‘HI’? ” Again Rebecca looked down and nodded.Again her friends whooped their approval.
Alison-“HELL girl,you can;t leave it at that! You saw someone,a guy,and you said more than ‘HI’. What did he look like?”
Rebecca-“You met him in the bar.”
Stacy-“THE GUY FROM THE BAR??? You saw the guy you fucked in the bar while you were walking?”
Rebecca-“Yes it did,OK??? I don;t know what the big deal is anyway.” She gathered up her knees in front of her and buried her face in them.
Alison-“It wouldn’t be such a big deal for me or Stacy here,but you seeing someone you fucked shortly after you did it.Did he have anything to say?”
Rebecca-“Mmm-Hmm,it said it was amazing!” Again Alison and Stacy SQUEALED their approval. It was like their shy baby girl was coming out of her shell.
Alison-“Ok,you went for a walk,you stopped to look at the water,there is your handsome stranger,and you said the water was beautiful,he said the sex with you was amazing.”
Rebecca-That about sums it up.” Alison and Stacy looked at each other and back at Rebecca with disbelief.
Alison-“I can understand why you hate lying so much.You’re absolutely TERRIBLE at it. ”
Rebecca (looking surprised at them)”What,why” Why are you saying I’m lying?”
Stacy-“OH,GIVE ME A BREAK!! I may have been born at night,but it wasn’t LAST night. Your HAIR Rebecca.It’s wet. You HAD to have come back after fucking your mystery man again and taken a shower to wash off the sweat and his cum” Rebecca looked at them with the horror of having been found out without even TRYING hard to explain any other way. Alison whispered to Stacy
Alison-“We’ve reached an important place in our relationship with our baby girl,Rebecca. The idea that she went for a walk and got some more cock makes me horny. You?” Stacy nodded her head in agreement.
Alison-“I say we initiate her into our sisterhood.” Again Stacy nodded in agreement. They rose together and approached Rebecca who eyed them warily.
Alison-“It’s time to take our relationship to a higher level baby girl.”
Rebecca-“Higher level?”
Stacy-(nodding)”Yes Rebecca. We need to make you ALL woman ,here…tonight.”
Rebecca-“ALL woman? I don’t understand.”
Alison-“Let me try to explain it to you like this. Did your mystery man kiss you like this?” With that,Alison kissed Rebecca full mouth,using her tongue to explore the interior of Rebecca’s. Stacy embraced Rebecca from behind and took hold of her beautifully shaped tits. Rebecca was caught by surprise by Alison’s kiss but the passion Alison was exuding was contagious,infecting Rebecca quickly and completely.It only took a moment for Rebecca to appreciate the passionate embrace and return it. Alison took special pleasure in the sweetness of Rebecca’s lips and pulled her up to her feet. Stacy took up residence at Rebecca’s neck,kissing and nibbling all of Rebecca’s inhibitions away. Alison broke her kiss and took Rebecca by the hand as they walked slowly to one of the beds.Stacy took Rebecca’s other hand and when she was laying down on the bed,Alison and Stacy climbed in next to her,front and back to begin the lesbian indoctrination. Rebecca laid on the bed with her eyes closed and Alison changed position to begin showing Rebecca the pleasure of eating pussy while Stacy resumed the kissing duties. Rebecca laid on her back with her legs spread so Alison could have free access to her sweetness between her legs. Stacy’s tongue was seemingly heading for Rebecca’s throat at the same time Alison’s was lapping up the sensual juices Rebecca’s passion were churning up . Stacy finally allowed a break from kissing Rebecca’s mouth to focus again on her neck and then down to her chest,her beautiful brown tits.Rebecca was moaning in earnest as Alison’s tongue reached as deeply into her pussy as she could.She also took each of Rebecca’s pussy lips into her mouth to lick and suck.Stacy could tell that Rebecca was freely embracing the idea of fucking another woman,so while Rebecca laid there with her hands on Alison’s head ,Stacy quickly disrobed and straddled Rebecca’s head. Rebecca could tell something had happened,somebody had moved.She sensed body heat on each side of her head .Rebecca opened her eyes to see Stacy’s pussy glistening with sexual juices and took her hands from Alison’s head to put them on Stacy’s hips and pull her pussy down for eating. Rebecca was feeling the ecstasy of both the sweetness of Stacy’s pussy and the euphoria of Alison’s EXCELLENT eating of her own pussy. Stacy did her own moaning as Rebecca’s inexperienced tongue did an excellent job of coaxing out an orgasm while Rebecca sent her orgasm into Alison’s waiting mouth. While Alison did like men,she had a special love for the soft love of a woman.So she was caught off guard only for an instant when Rebecca released in her mouth like a fire hose. First set of orgasms dealt with,Alison rose and changed position so that she could rub pussy lips against Rebecca’s and Stacy stayed on Rebecca’s face.Though Alison had changed position,Rebecca didn’t skip a beat with her licking of Stacy’s pussy.Once the grinding was going in earnest,Rebecca’s moans were heard even through the lips planted on her mouth. And Stacy along with Alison would have been doing their own moaning except they were kissing while they were feeling their pleasure. This part of the fucking would gone on for several minutes with another round of orgasms for all. When this next round left each woman breathless,they rested briefly before Stacy climbed on top of Rebecca to kiss her passionately and Alison changed her position to face the other crotches. As Stacy reclined on top or Rebecca ,Alison began licking their pussies and asses,starting with Rebecca’s on the bottom and licking all the way up to Stacy’s ass on top. And even with Stacy’s tongue firmly in her mouth,Rebecca still made sounds of pleasure escape as Alison was not only eating both their pussies but also rimming each ass as well. Rebecca’s eyes were closed just as Stacy’s were.Alison was only glancing at the treats she was enjoying so much and she was close to reaching fever pitch as both Stacy AND Rebecca were approaching yet another orgasm to be wracking their bodies upon exit into Alison’s waiting mouth.But as good as Alison was at eating pussy,she just couldn’t eat two pussies and two asses AND still catch all the orgasm to be received. With her face painted with sexual fluids,Alison rolled over on her back to catch her breath. Her chest heaving with deep breaths,her beautiful tits rising and falling with each of those breaths,she didn’t notice when Rebecca and Stacy came over to her and started licking her face clean.Once they had removed all the cum from Alison’s face,they went south to double team her pussy. Alison let out a gasp and arched her back as she accepted two tongues moving independently of each other,feasting on all the sweet liquid that started gushing out of Alison. With one tongue reaching every where it could inside her,another tantalizing stabbing at her clit and a pair of fingers managing to hit all her sensitive spots inside her so that she did her own eruption info a pair of mouths that had worked so hard,so efficiently to bring the orgasm on.Alison came HARD to the squeal of Stacy who had enjoyed Alison’s taste on more than one occasion. With Alison’s orgasm spent and all three women exhausted from the fucking,they just laid on the bed in a sprawled mass and fell asleep. Who knew what the next day would bring. Tonight was for resting!

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