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High Schooler on the Toilet

Today I cut class and went to the bathroom. No one was there. Except, in the corner, some dude taking a dump. So I went over and peeked over the stall door to get an eyeful.

There was a hot, blond jock sitting on the toilet with his pants around his ankles. He had his letterman’s jacket on, but that was it. His muscular, hairy legs were spread out as he sat on the toilet bowl. I caught a glimpse of his dick. It was short, but really fat. It hung down, and I realized he wasn’t taking a dump; every five seconds, a splurt came from him, and I saw what was going n: the poor guy had to piss really bad, but couldn’t do it in one long stream. He has to literally blow piss outin spurts every few seconds. He wasn’t holding on, he was letting the little guy do its job freely. It hung downward in a curl. The nuts were low-hangers. His meat was circumcised, and when I saw him, he blew out piss right at that second. His relatively short package’s piss piss slit opened, and awhat could be described as a wad of piss came out. This hot boy was struggling bad to empty his bladder.

The second he saw me, he put his hands on his crotch. It was small enough that he could cover it up. The look on his face was priceless; he looked hurt and violated. It was quite a sight, this manly young jock totally defenseless and shielding his honor. His hands cupped his package to protect it from my eyes. I jumped over the divider and entered the stall.

I lowered my pants and exposed myself. My tool flashed in front of his face. He kicked me back. I took a tennis ball out of my pocket and threw it right at his package! BOING! It bounced off and he cowered in pain. Then I leaped on him and rubbed my cock all over his. His little jisms of piss spurted out still. I took his circumcised knob in my hand and whacked him to ejaculation. Then I pulled his pants off completely and put on his underwear. I burst. Then I left him lying there with cum-filled undies. I proudly left, having done my deed for the day.

Hell yeah I think it’s a cool story. I’m totally into humiliation, and I write about what gets me off. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. I actually did bust open a door and check out a defenseless dumping jock, but I didn’t molest him like in the story. Here’s another, and the first part IS true; the rest is what I wished happened:

I went to the boys bathroom for a piss today, and right when I was done a big, hot looking white senior came up to the urinal. To my delight, he was a weird angle and I could see his package in the mirror. To look in the mirror, I had to stand sideways, but luckily for me my weenie is crooked and hangs to the left, so I could piss sideways while I checked him out! He pulled out his hose and pushed.

The elongated weapon had a huge, circumcised pink head! He was trying hard, but no piss came out. He stood there for like two minutes with it just hanging out. Finally, he got a nice loud stream going. His jello was alive! Pleased with himself, his cut head happily whizzed away while he pushed it out off his bladder. I could still see it, and at this point I started to whack off to its reflection in the mirror. Finally he was done, and shook it off meatily. Drops flew around. He smiled contentedly and scratched his balls, his big head still hanging out of his fly and undies. I couldn’t take it anymore, I reached over and grabbed his wang and sac! It felt so good, it was soft and very red and I rubbed it where the shaft met the big circumcised head. With his cock in my hand, I stroked away fiercely. I felt up the poor dude’s whole package. His balls, his piss slit, and of course the big circumcision ridge on his massive pink head. Then I jizzed all over his bad boy and left him cum stained, and his once mighty cock shriveled up back into his body. He cowered in violation. Still, he beared the mark of a hot white boy: big floppy dick, really long glans, pink all over, and a white circumcision he beared his whole life. I defeated his pride the instant I violated his 18 year old manhood when I squeezed the pecker off!

And since this is my thread, and I just feel like saying it, here’s some random statements I get off on, which may or may not be true:

Dustin has a huge cock, and completely undoes his pants and lets his balls out to pee. He pisses manly and proudly, then rams his whopper up a cunt at night.

Ben has a really tiny dick. His pubes are hairy, but he has a little dribbly nub. He was wearing sweatpants and I saw a tiny little bump. Seeing him out of them confirmed he has a cute little prick that just lies there. He talked to me for ten minutes with it just poking out free in the air for me to gaze at its smallness.

Other Brian has a small and slender cock. His face is hot, so I’d just do him up the ass.

I want to finger Patrick’s bum soo bad. Then I pull off his shorts and yank his undoubtedly circumcised white penis.

At the ball game the hot teen felt violated when I stared at his cock the entire time he pissed. It was so big and white and the head was huge. When he was done I whipped it against the side of his leg to get the drops off. The eighteen year old boy next to me was uncircumcised. His piss was clear white and he didn’t pull back the skin. I hope he has fun facing life uncut. I reached down his pants and felt his ass. Then I took off all my clothes and exposed myself to him. He looked horrified and called me a donkey dick. Having never seen a circumcised boy, he touched my big head and then himself.

I want to fuck Shawn at my school so bad. I can just taste his big, white cock down my throat.

I was at a different school on Friday, and as such the bathrooms were different. To my surprise, the urinals were really and in a row with no dividers, so you could see everybody else’s stuff. There were four boys already there, and I happily took the urinal at the far right and unzipped.

They were all cute, white, and hung. They all had their cocks hanging out downwards from their unbuttoned pants. I noticed they were all circumcised. It’s strange, but it seems all teenaged white boys are circumcised and have big wangs. Anyway, they all pissed softly into their drains, aware their boy meat was on display and being watched by me. I stared at the dude next to me. He had an AC/DC shirt on, unbuttoned black pants, and a pale, large cock hanging out to the left from his pink boxers. He had thick black pubes, a supple dick head, and a white stream of piss. He filled up his urinal, then shook it off.

Today in the locker room, changing for PE, Matt put on his trademark extremely tight PE shorts. So his cock always bulges out, and he’s big. When playing sports, I notice no ridge on the bulge, which tells me he’s uncircumcised! After our game this afternoon, we went back to change. His body and his legs extremely sweaty, Matt was stretching in his same old, ragged tight PE shorts. He stretched his calves, then did the splits- and to his horror, the shorts ripped open at the seams. Still wearing them, he was squatted in a kneeling position with his muscular, pale ass hanging out the back facing my direction! The sight was too much for me, I couldn’t resist the urge. I ran over, grabbed his waist, and shoved my dick up his bare, muscular ass! The shorts were still on him but had torn completely in the back, you see, so his white ass was sitting there for the taking. I cummed up his ass almost immediately. Matt had to go to the hospital that night. He never fought back, he just started crying. I had violated him.

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